Book Review: Wild Words from Wild Women

It isn’t news that women are very opinionated people; the blogosphere alone speaks volumes about how women are demanding their voices be heard. I know, I run three of my own blogs because I have so many views and opinions that for years, people minimized or told me weren’t that important to get so worked up about. The feminist blogosphere alone gets an impressive amount of trolls; people who are just like those who used to tell me that my views and opinions weren’t that important, people who seem to get a great amount of pleasure from demeaning and talking down to women as well as men who identify as feminists or identify with feminist ideals. People like this prove that all women everywhere need to be born with or need to develop a thick skin very quickly just because they happen to be women.

In the movie Kissing Jessica Stein, there is a scene that talks about quotes; how that to truly finish your life successfully, you must come up with one great quote that has the ability to transcend time. Quotes like “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” is a quote that is still being used now by present politicians and people everywhere. That is an example of a quote that has stood the test of time, the only thing that is wrong with it is that it was spoken by a man, as most quotes that people remember off of the top of their heads are.

Wild Words from Wild Women is a book full of words of wisdom, courage, laughter and much more all said by women throughout history who have made a difference in one way or another in the world we live in today. The words these women share with the words are words based on their beliefs, opinions and personal views that most likely, they were told weren’t important or didn’t matter by people who either didn’t like what they heard or didn’t believe that a woman should have the right to open her mouth about. This book gives you a look into the minds of several women where you will find yourself nodding in agreement or even vocally expressing your support for the words these women have contributed to the world.

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