Boy “Meets” Girl: Dating in a Virtual World [Infographic]

The internet has changed the way we do pretty much everything; how we catch up with our friends, how we run our businesses, it made many of us realize we didn’t need to rely on the traditional workforce because we could in fact run our own businesses and we could do it from our living rooms, or in my case, from a kitchen table. It has changed how and what we share with each other, taking the act of sharing a picture or a story with a friend and transformed that into the ability to share something with the world. It has changed how we gather information and inspiration, how we motivate ourselves, and how we meet a potential significant other.

Instead of meeting someone at school, at work, or seeking out mixers and speed dating events, we now have the ability to find the person of our dreams (fingers crossed) online. In fact, about 10% of the 54 million single people in the United States use a dating service to find a significant other, or at the very least, a date for Saturday night.

Check out the following infographic for fascinating statistics and information on what people are really looking for in a partner, about how long people who meet online spend in a courtship before getting married vs people who met traditionally and face-to-face first, and also some bits of information both serious and hilarious on relationships, love, sex, and the internet.

Infographic: Dating in a Virtual World
Dating in a Virtual World by Free

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