Breeze Comfort Breathable Bras Review

Breeze Comfort I have always had the worst time finding really great bras. Either the cups won’t fit completely or properly, the straps are constantly falling down my arms, or something pinches, itches, or doesn’t support me in the way that I desperately need it to. I have spent way too much money on bras throughout my adolescence and adulthood. I’m talking about hundreds of dollars every other year from the time I was 12 years old and the trend has continued into the present. In all, it has been 12 years of consistently becoming frustrated and irritated at the hands of bras, the very fickle articles of clothing that they are.

There is quite a difference between trying to find the perfect bra when you’re a 34B and practically every bra was made for you than when you’re a 36D, like myself, and the only bras that end up going the distance are beige or white and look like it was dropped from your great-grandmother’s laundry basket. To add insult to injury, the bras I have had the best experience with, that were already pretty ugly to begin with, also wear out in some very impressive timing, especially if I dance to wear it whilst doing any physical activity whatsoever. Lovely.

Imagine a bra that was made to withstand heat, perspiration and everything else you put your bras through and in return, you received air and circulation. Now imagine that it actually comes in your size! Well, then you have Breeze Comfort perforated padded bras.

I was recently able to receive two bras from Breeze Comfort; their basic perforated padded bra in powder pink and their pink and black Diva sports bra.

Breeze Comfort basic bra I was truly impressed by the quality and function of the basic perforated padded bra. First of all, it is by no means padded in the sense to enhance your bust or give that illusion. While it gives amazing support, with the help of an underwire that is extremely comfortable and double-banded adjustable shoulder straps that both ensure a perfect fit and do not slide down your arms at the most inopportune times, the padding of the bra is what makes Breeze Comfort bras stand out and perform differently than any other bra you own.

Breeze Comfort bras feature their own exclusive patented perforated bra pads that contain pores within that provide optimum breathability and comfort throughout the day. As your body heats up, the pores within the pads circulate that heat out and let cool, fresh air in to keep you completely dry and super, super comfortable all day long.

The Breeze Comfort basic perforated padded bra is one of the most comfortable and supportive bras I have ever been fortunate enough to have come across. It fits extremely well, it looks amazing since the pads and cups are seamless and aren’t visually distracting under your shirt, and the bra straps stay where they’re supposed to. While my excitement about this may seem odd to some of you, I am sure that any woman out there who has had such consistent trouble finding a bra that feels half as good as this one does can understand where this excitement is coming from.

Breeze Comfort Diva sports bra For as excited as I am about the basic bra in all of its well-made, comfortably-fitting glory, I am pretty much just as disappointed with the fit and feeling of the Diva sports bra.

I have always relied on sports bras when doing any sort of strenuous activity. I was extremely excited about receiving the Diva sports bra because at the time, I was going to the gym very regularly and really needed a fabulous sports bra. As soon as I first tried on this bra, I found that the halter style of this bra was just not going to work for me.

Breeze Comfort Diva sports bra back In my personal experiences, the worst characteristic for a top and especially a bra–a sports bra no less–for women who are voluptuously-developed is the halter. Frankly, my breasts are much too heavy to be contained in a bra that is specifically made to strain on your neck. This bra does not have the ability to be adjusted for a perfect fit other than this tie around the neck business.

This extremely frustrates me because if ever you need those awesome patented ventilated bra pads that keep you all cool, dry and comfortable, it is when you’re working out and need a sports bra the most.

While I am really not a fan of the halter-style sports bra, this is the only sports bra Breeze Comfort makes that features this style. Talk about picking out the one sports bra that couldn’t accommodate me.

All of Breeze Comfort‘s sports bras are $35.99 and their standard, basic perforated and padded bras range from $24.99 to $29.99.

I received the basic perforated padded bra and Diva sports bra for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you! It’s so hot in the summer in Texas, I’ve been looking for a more breathable bra. I think I’ll try out something from Breeze Comfort.

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