Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are Shopping for a Reality Show — Really!

Bristol Palin Levi Johnston US Weekly Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston not only recently reconciled during custody negotiations for their son Tripp, but also announced their engagement. In a truly backward fashion, they did not announce their engagement to their families, most notably Bristol Palin’s mother, Sarah Palin before news got out to the media; no, the couple went straight to the media first and hoped for the media’s fastest route to their family.

But the most-recent Bristol/Levi news is by far the most mind boggling. The newly-engaged couple is now shopping around for a full season reality television show.

I really wish I were kidding here, but I’m not. It’s been making the rounds in the media throughout the past few days and every time I see it pop up again, I can’t help but laugh. And then I shudder because you know some network out there is going to jump all over that mess.

The leading concept of the show is said to involve Bristol, Levi and their son Tripp and will focus on “parenting issues.” That is the only information available so far as to what we can expect to see if a network does give them the green light, but while an industry source close to the negotiations has revealed that there was interest in testing out a pilot, Bristol and Levi have their hearts set on getting a commitment for an entire series. The industry source also said that, “there aren’t a lot of options for them out there, and this is their best chance at making a decent amount of money.”

One must now ask themselves what a decent amount of money is. Bristol Palin currently receives upwards of $30,000 a speaking engagement where she preaches about abstinence and to me, that’s some pretty serious cash. Of course, I’m not the daughter of a politician-turned-celebrity so I’m not used to having that kind of money to begin with.

Sarah Palin’s own reality television show has already started filming and will be shown on TLC–Maybe she can pull some strings with the network for the couple’s reality show, but since she hasn’t even given Bristol and Levi her blessing on their engagement, I don’t see that happening.

Would you watch a Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston reality show?

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