Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done. Shows Just How Easy Growing Beautiful Flowers Can Be

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rain boot plantersLast month, my partner and I moved into our first home. Not only is it my partner’s first single family home ever, having spent his whole life up to this point living in small apartments, and my first home since moving out of my family’s house as a teenager, but this is also the only time either of us has ever had a big yard. A wide, amazing open space that is ours, that we can do whatever we desire with. It took me no time at all to dream up a lush garden full of bright, beautiful colors. The only problem with making my imagined garden a reality is that I have absolutely no knowledge about gardening or really how to care for any type of plant at all. So you will understand my excitement when I was made aware of an awesome resource that stresses just how simple it can be to create a space full of life and color by planting flower bulbs.

“Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done.” is an educational effort that introduces potential, novice, and even avid gardeners to the low-maintenance, returning beauty of bulbs. The process is in the name–all you have to do is dig a hole, drop your bulb, and then cover it up. All done. Their website is full of helpful tips about getting started with bulbs; when and how to plant bulbs and the timeline for when they will flourish into beautiful flowers. They also have an image gallery full of different ideas for using bulbs around your home and outdoor spaces, like planting them inside rain boots, as seen in the picture in this post.

A little bit of whimsy has also been incorporated into the Dig Drop Done website in the form of videos depicting three women in different times in their lives, all unique with their own personalities that we can all find something to relate to. One of the women in the videos, Evelyn, imparts some wisdom on which types of bulbs to plant to keep pesky animals from destroying her yard, which is definitely something I will need to think about once I get this garden of mine underway since I live in a country setting and have my fair share of pesky animal traffic. Another woman, Marcy, explains that she has color-coded everything her kids have; toothbrushes, drinking glasses, the works, and how she even got her three kids tulip bulbs in their favorite colors to plant out in the garden, so when she looks at the tulips placed in vases around the house, she sees her kids in them. It’s a really cute video complete with child interruptions, and what mom can’t relate to that?

Dig, Drop, Done recently launched Curbside Chaos, a really fun contest for people whose yards are in desperate need of attention. The chosen yard will receive a $5,000 yard makeover with interior designer and HGTV host Taniya Nayak, who will give the winner tips on the best way to update your yard, and of course, how to incorporate bulbs into your surroundings. Pretty awesome, right?

Also on the Curbside Chaos website is a great Garden Guru tool, which I was really impressed with. By picking the area you live in from the map and choosing the month you want your flowers to bloom in. The tool chooses a selection of the perfect bulbs to plant and when depending on the amount of sunlight that your specific area receives.

Dig Drop Done hyacinths planting guide

With this tool, you will know what types of bulbs will have the most success in your yard, which is something I would have never even known I had to worry about.

visit www.digdropdone.com to learn more about how you can use bulbs in a variety of spaces in your home, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, to create a warm, friendly, inviting, and simply stunning space. Bulbs can also be used for creative gift-giving and as a great way to get your kids involved in an activity that will stay with them throughout their lives.

You can also help Dig, Drop, Done do good in communities all across the country. Every time you share their website on Twitter, they will donate $1.00 to Rebuilding Together, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization that works to preserve affordable home ownership and revitalize communities.

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