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Stargirl: Theories on Why the Cosmic Staff Chose Courtney Whitmore

Late last spring The CW released the latest DC superhero offering when it unleashed Stargirl. Stargirl follows the adventures of high schooler Courtney Whitmore and her fellow classmates, who by day are ordinary teenagers, but by night are crusaders saving their town and the world from evildoers’ destruction.

Finding the Cosmic Staff

The title character is the creation of executive producer Geoff Johns. Stargirl is born the day Courtney Whitmore uncovers the cosmic staff in her stepdad’s still-packed moving boxes. What originally looks like a stage prop from some mythological story, like Lord of the Rings, comes to life before the young girl’s eyes. Lying dormant since the death of its first owner, Starman, nearly a decade before, it has been waiting for the right person to wield its awesome power once again.

In combination with her mad gymnast skills, Courtney is able to achieve great things with the cosmic staff. However, a question that haunts her throughout season one is why the cosmic staff chose her.

Is Starman Courtney Whitmore’s Father?

Courtney Whitmore doesn’t remember her biological father. She knows he didn’t come home one night when she was still very young. She has a small, faded photo she keeps of him in a locket. When she discovers Starman died the night her father disappeared, she comes to the conclusion that Starman is her long-lost father, now tragically deceased.

It makes sense that Starman would be Courtney Whitmore’s father. The story pieces together nicely, and other superheroes and villains in Stargirl’s circle inherited their parent’s talents.

Her stepdad, Pat Dugan, who knew and fought along Starman as Stripesy, doesn’t buy her theory and tells her it isn’t true. Courtney refuses to believe Pat and continues believing Starman is her father until one day father does return home, and he isn’t Starman. In fact, he isn’t much of anything. He’s simply returned to recover a gift he had given her that he later discovered had value.

Disappointed, Courtney Whitmore again finds herself asking why the cosmic staff chose her. Disappointed, she decides she can’t be special and tries to put the staff away for good. Thankfully, the staff wasn’t having any of that.

Is the Staff Equal Opportunity?

Why the staff chooses Courtney to be its Stargirl is a mystery that isn’t answered in season one. Whether it’s answered in season two, only the writers know. However, there could be many reasons the staff chose Courtney. It could be that Pat Dugan has been the only person the staff has seen in a decade and it didn’t want to choose another man. Courtney Whitmore comes along and the staff determines it’s only fair to this time choose a girl.

That theory doesn’t seem likely. After all, the cosmic staff isn’t that simple. Another question that isn’t answered in season one is where the cosmic staff even originates.

Did Courtney Find the Staff, or Did the Staff Find Courtney? 

It could be there’s more to know about the staff. After all, Courtney’s stepdad marrying her mom is a big coincidence in this whole puzzle. Or is it? Perhaps the cosmic staff actually found Courtney Whitmore and brought her stepdad and mom together for the sole purpose of creating the next superhero.

This would mean there is something special about Courtney Whitmore. It’s already been revealed that Starman isn’t her father, but could he be another relation? Obviously, Courtney has something in common with Staman, and the final episode of season one leaves viewers with a big clue.

The fact is, there is a reason the staff chose Courtney Whitmore to be the next greatest superhero. Fans will just have to wait and put together the small clues as they’re dropped in season two. If you haven’t yet watched Stargirl, the entire season one is available for your binging pleasure at The CW.

Tune into FX Networks’ New Period Drama ‘Taboo’ + Exclusive Diamond Giveaway

There are few things in life that I thoroughly enjoy more than settling in for a night of really great television. Whether I’m tuning into the latest episode of a show that I wait all week to see or binge-watching an entire series, making an event out of chilling out in front of the television brings me more joy than you could possibly imagine. Go ahead, call me out for being a giant couch potato. I admit it, I totally am. This January, FX Networks will premiere a new period drama that is sure to have us all cozying up on the couch in our comfiest PJs with our favorite snacks week after week.


Taboo is a gritty crime drama set in 1814 London. While London may be rich in culture and entertainment now, it was a far darker setting in the early 1800s. Poverty-stricken and overwhelmed with devastation, 19th century London was overcrowded and rampant with disease and early death. Trash filled the streets until it could be used as fertilizer. Most of the city’s residents during the time barely earned a living working in coal mines. Women and children as young as 5 also worked in the coal mines until at least 1842, when the first law was passed to prevent women and children under 10 from the mines. Many of us can’t imagine building our lives in such deplorable conditions. This is exactly why it is an ideal setting for such a dark series.

Tom Hardy stars as James Keziah Delaney, a man who has been to the ends of the earth and comes back irrevocably changed. Believed to be long dead, he returns home to London from Africa to inherit what is left of his father’s shipping empire and rebuild a life for himself. But his father’s legacy is a poisoned chalice, and with enemies lurking in every dark corner, James must navigate increasingly complex territories to avoid his own death sentenced. Encircled by conspiracy, murder, and betrayal, a dark family mystery unfolds in a combustible tale of love and treachery.

Conspiracy; murder; betrayal. Taboo certainly has all of the makings for a series that will captivate, entertain, and show us just how dangerous of a man James Keziah Delaney is to know.

Taboo premieres January 10 on FX Networks. Created by Steven Knight with Tom Hardy and Chips Hardy, Taboo is the third collaboration of Hardy and Knight following Locke and Peaky Blinders.

‘Taboo’ Exclusive Diamond Giveaway

To kick off the premiere of FX’s new original series, two lucky souls will be rewarded a secret collection of diamonds worth $3,000. Will you find your fortune? Enter the Taboo diamond giveaway for a chance to win. Winners will be chosen January 4 and January 11.

Are you looking forward to the premiere of Taboo?

Alex is Alive, Piper is in Trouble in ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4 Promo Photos

When we last saw the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary, we were left with two starkly different scenarios unfolding and some very important questions. While most of the inmates were enjoying a little taste of freedom splashing around in a nearby lake after running through a hole in the prison’s fencing, some serious chaos was ensuing elsewhere.

Orange Is the New Black doesn’t return to Netflix until June, but some very small hints have been released that honestly just leave us with more questions. Take a look at the recently-released Orange Is the New Black season 4 promo photos and let us know your predictions!

Alex is Alive

OITNB season 4 Alex

The last time we saw Alex, she had been left alone in the greenhouse and was cornered by one of Kubra’s henchmen who had just gotten a job at Litchfield as a guard so that he could (presumably) track Alex down and kill her. This picture has given us some hope that maybe Alex survived her attack and isn’t bleeding out on the greenhouse floor to be found later.

Pennsatucky and Big Boo are Still BFFs

OITNB season 4 Pennsatucky and Big Boo

The friendship that Pennsatucky and Big Boo have formed is one of the most unexpected friendships in Litchfield, but we kind of love them together.

Litchfield Gets Their Own Martha Stewart

OITNB season 4 Judy King

Judy King, star of the fictional cooking TV series, Judy King at Home, is arrested for tax evasion and, last we saw, had arrived at Litchfield to self-surrender. It looks like she is settled in here and striking up a friendship with Poussey.

Poor Sophia

OITNB season 4 Sophia

Sophia is still in solitary confinement. Ugh.

Kitchen Crew Power Struggle

OITNB season 4 kitchen crew

Red hasn’t won back control of the kitchen she once called her own… yet, anyway.

Don’t Spill the Beans

OITNB season 4 Suzanne

It looks like Taystee and Black Cindy are trying to keep Suzanne quiet about something. What kind of scheme could they have going on?

Inspection Time

OITNB season 4 inspection

Is Suzanne just being her normal, paranoid self, or could this inspection have something to do with what might have been happening with her, Taystee, and Black Cindy?

The Inmates Take a Stand

OITNB season 4

Something seems to have universally ruffled the feathers of everyone enough for them to take a stand together as one.

Piper is in Trouble

OITNB season 4 Piper

Piper has obviously pissed off the wrong person and might be getting branded for it. What is even happening here?

Orange Is the New Black season 4 begins streaming on Netflix June 17.

‘Emily Owens M.D.’ Pilot Review — Premieres October 16th on the CW

I received an advanced copy of the pilot episode of “Emily Owens M.D.” for review. No other compensation was received and opinions are my own.

Have you ever watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and thought to yourself: ‘This show would be so much better if every character had the emotional maturity of a pre-teen and defined themselves purely as the box they fit into in school?’ Yeah, neither have I, which is why I am very confused as to why the CW has decided to green light that exact premise.

Emily Owns M.D. is a new medical drama created by Jennie Snyder Urman, known for her work on Lipstick Jungle and the 2008 reboot of 90210. Urman was also the co-producer and sporadic writer on the last season of Gilmore Girls, which just so happens to be my favorite television show of all time.

The last season of Gilmore Girls is a sore spot for me, and for many other fans, not because it was the last season, but because it was by far the least compelling or entertaining season of the show’s seven years on television, also on the CW. It was actually kind of depressing to watch. Upon viewing Emily Owens M.D., it turns out that uncompelling and depressing just might be Urman’s shtick, since that is exactly how I would describe the pilot episode of this new series.

Emily Owens M.D. opens with Emily Owens, played by Mami Gummer (daughter of legendary actress Meryl Streep) standing across the street from Denver Memorial Hospital where she will soon begin her first day as a medical intern. She is at a fenced-in schoolyard where she proceeds to scream at and mock a teenage girl who calls her a loser. That was the first time I made a mental note of the the youngest age one could possible be sans being a prodigy or certified genius to be entering into a medical internship. I would refresh my memory of this age — 26, by the way — more than a dozen times throughout the hour-long episode.

Emily scores a residency in Denver for the opportunity to study under Dr. Gina Bandari, played by Necar Zadegan. Just her luck, her bitchy high school nemesis Cassandra (Aja Naomi King) is also a first-year at the hospital. The girl who had made Emily’s four years of high school miserable, including dubbing her with the nickname Pitts because of Emily’s propensity to sweat profusely under pressure, is bound to make life at Denver Memorial just as uncomfortable and embarrassing as high school.

But that isn’t the only thing being a doctor and a high school student have in common, according to Emily Owens. In fact, according to Emily and the group of residents she works alongside, Denver Memorial Hospital is just a second form of high school, and which box you fit into during those four years — a jock, a nerd, a bitchy high school nemesis — is the box you will occupy while attempting to succeed in your chosen profession. Surprise! No one has really grown up or matured at all, and that incredibly long college experience was completely forgotten about by everyone running around the hospital.

Emily Owens is a self-absorbed, awkward, and tragically insecure young woman who almost can’t believe she’s a grown up and expected to navigate her way around the real world. On her very first day of being an intern, instead of paying attention to what is being said during rounds while the team assesses the condition of a 12-year-old girl, Emily is staring at her friend Will (Justin Hartley) who she met while in medical school (the only notable thing that can be said about those years by anyone) and whom she has had a huge secret crush on. In a move that should surprise no one, considering the emotional maturity exhibited by these characters thus far, Emily practically becomes BFFs with her 12-year-old patient and they proceed to have very in-depth conversations about the boys they like and why neither of them can confess their feelings.

There is being whimsical and lighthearted, embracing one’s inner quirkiness, and then there is putting something on television that is so one-dimensional and tries so hard that it just falls flat on its face. That is precisely what Emily Owens M.D. does. It tried so hard to be witty and make Emily a relateable character that it left me confused as to who should be relating to her, a woman in her mid-20s who is coming into her own as an adult, or an awkward teenager convinced she will never be successful because of her inability to dress the right way, have the right shoes, or say the right things.