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Tips for Women Recovering from Substance Use During the Holidays

If you are struggling to cope with or overcome substance abuse disorder, the holidays can be a very stressful time. For many people, the holiday season can be the most difficult time of the year, especially when dealing with stress, pressure, and celebrations that occur during this season. For people who are working to heal from addiction, the most important step is to make sure that you get the medical care and treatment that you need. You may need intensive inpatient treatment from qualified professionals at a xanax addiction rehab center or you may seek treatment from another medical care provider for your own personal struggling with chemical dependency and addictive behavior. Either way, getting help is the first step. Once you have made sure that you have the medical support that you need, from doctors, nurses, therapists, prescribers, and other healers, you can confidently move forward towards your own healing.

For many people, the hardest thing about staying sober during the holidays is dealing with all of the stress and anxiety that comes with it. This can be extra hard for women, who are often tasked with more of the responsibilities for holiday care, especially if they are planning celebrations with family members or are taking care of young children during the holidays. Unfortunately, many women turn to dangerous substances to help them to cope with the stress. They may not know about the dangers of anti anxiety medications and the extremely high potential for abuse that they have. No matter what your own addiction history is like, one of the most important things that you can do during the holidays is to find ways to deal with stress that are healthy and don’t involve any substance use.

Some of the best ways of coping with stress and staying sober during the holidays are also good for you and your body throughout the year. Meditation, which can be practiced by anyone at any time and in any place, helps people to regulate their emotions, find healthy ways to deal with stress, and manage their anxiety levels. Mindfulness, which is often linked to meditation and can be used alongside it, also helps people avoid getting sucked into a spiral of anxiety and depression by helping you to stay aware of reality and in control of yourself at all times.

Like meditation, yoga can also be used to manage stress, anxiety, and depression throughout the year, though they may be especially helpful during the holidays. Yoga comes with the additional benefit of helping to keep you flexible and fit. For people who have a history of substance abuse, taking good care of themselves should be a top priority. Yoga also helps people to learn to control their breathing, which can be useful when someone is experiencing acute anxiety like a panic attack.

When it comes to celebrating the holiday, it can be difficult for people to come up with new rituals and traditions that do not involve alcohol or chemical use. Luckily, with a little bit of thought, you can easily make substitutions for many of these traditions. For example, you can choose non-alcoholic champagne to make your toast on New Year’s Eve, and you can easily find non-alcoholic eggnog at your local grocery store to enjoy on Christmas or any other winter holiday. If you plan to go to any parties during the holidays, you may want to talk to the host or hostess about providing options that you can enjoy as well. Or, you can save yourself the trouble and simply bring your own non-alcoholic drinks to any party that you attend. In fact, if you do choose to do this, you may be surprised to find out how many other partygoers also want to avoid drinking at the party and join you in staying sober for the party. You may even meet new people who are in recovery and find some friends who share this with you!

Finally, make sure that you take time during this holiday season to take care of yourself. Women are often asked to take on too many projects, and during the holidays this can increase. If you don’t have time to volunteer, host your family, or shop for everyone, don’t do it. Don’t apologize for taking time to heal yourself, either. This year you can happily celebrate in sobriety.

Important Questions to Ask when Choosing the Right Rehab

There are several very good rehabs in Bowling Green KY. Choosing a rehab facility to get drug or alcohol treatment is a lot like buying a car. You will ask the car salesman many questions about the various features of the car. This will let you know what you will be getting for your money if you finally decide to buy that particular car. It is just as important for you to know as much as you can about a rehab facility before you give them money and you commit to going there. Here are a few of the most critical questions that you need to pose to any rehab facility you are seriously considering.

Can You Meet My Dietary Restrictions?

This is a very important question that many people do not think to ask. However, you need to keep in mind that you will need to stay in the rehab facility for as long as you are in treatment. This means you will not be allowed to go to the local grocery store to buy your own food. You will need to check with the rehab facility in advance to be certain they will be able to fulfill all of your dietary requirements. This is especially important if you are lactose intolerant, are allergic to certain food products like nuts, are a vegan, a vegetarian or diabetic. You should never assume that the rehab facility will have the capability of giving you all the foods you want. In some cases, they will need to order the food in advance so they will be able to have it ready when you arrive.

Are You in Good Standing with the Better Business Bureau?

You should always find out what the BBB rating of the rehab facility is before you agree to go there. Therefore, you should ask the person you speak to on the phone to tell you the facility’s BBB rating. The highest rating they offer is an A+. Do not settle for a rehab facility that has a rating lower than this. It is very important that you know how to find help for drug addiction. The best way to do this is to check yourself into a rehab facility that the BBB has praised.

What is the Schedule Like for Patients?

You should find out what the daily routine will be so there will not be any surprises later. Most rehab facilities will not have a problem divulging this to you. Do not assume that all rehab facilities will be basically the same. The rules you will need to follow while you are a patient can be very different. Is there a mandatory time that you will need to wake up and go to sleep? How many times will your friends or family be able to visit you during your stay at the rehab facility? How many meetings will I be required to speak to my counselor? These are all basic questions. You might have other questions based on your particular situation.

What Insurance Do You Accept?

There are many rehab facilities that will accept insurance. However, they might not accept the type of coverage that you currently have. This is why you need to verify everything far in advance. You should also find out the specific amount of money that your insurance will not cover. It is important that you have a firm understanding of exactly how much you will be responsible for paying. This will allow you to see which rehab facilities you will be able to afford if you are on a tight budget.

Will I Have Access to My Devices and an Internet Connection as a Patient?

One of the hardest things for people attending rehab is that they must give up their contact with the outside world. This is done to force the patients to focus on their addiction and not get distracted by other things going on outside the rehab. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be permitted to bring a phone or laptop with you.

What is Your Aftercare Program Like?

You will get help from your counselor after you have completed your treatment at the rehab facility. Each facility has a different aftercare program. Get the specifics of the aftercare programs offered by every drug and alcohol rehab facility that you talk to.

Why a Women’s Addiction Treatment Program May Serve You Better Than Co-Ed Treatment

When a woman makes the decision to seek treatment for addiction, choosing the right program is crucial. Did you know there are addiction treatment programs available specifically for women to get the help they need as they try to kick a bad habit and improve their way of life? These specific programs are often considered better than the co-ed treatment options because they tend to make women feel even more comfortable while giving them more opportunities to discuss the different kinds of things that are going on in their lives, especially if they have been sexually abused or have been victims of domestic violence at the hands of a man they were once dating.

Increased Comfort For All Women

When a woman willingly seeks help for her addiction because she is tired of being dependent on a specific substance and wants to go to a drug rehabilitation center to take control of the situation, she deserves to feel comfortable. If a woman does not feel comfortable while receiving treatment at a rehab center, she may not stick it out for as long as she needs to, and she could end up going right back to the life she was living before she made the decision to get the help she needed.

The womens drug and alcohol treatment program provides a safe and comfortable living space for all the different ladies who will come through the doors of the facility while admitting that they need some serious help because of their addictions. Each woman who makes such an important decision to receive help with recovery will be able to receive support from the other women at the facility who are going through similar situations and are looking to become sober for themselves as well as for any children they might have.

Women Can Open Up More

Some women may feel more comfortable to talk openly about the issues in their own lives when they are staying at a facility where men are not present. Some of these issues may include domestic violence they have endured while they were dating someone who controlled them, abused them, and possibly got them into drugs in the first place. Some of the ladies seeking help at the rehab center are mothers who want to get clean to improve their own lives while working on getting their children back, especially if family members have been taking care of their children due to their inability to be there for the kids because of the addiction.

While staying at a residential rehab for drugs and alcohol, it is always important for an addicted person to start discussing things that have contributed to the drug use over the years. There are many women who have used drugs because of the pain they have endured throughout their lives. Traumatic experiences often take such a toll on people, causing them to experience post-traumatic stress disorder without even realizing it or seeking proper help for it. By speaking out on some of these issues, the women at the rehab center can become one step closer to getting sober.

It Allows Women to Focus on Their Own Sobriety

When men are not present at the facility, each woman can focus on her own sobriety. Any woman who comes through the doors of the rehab center should be prepared to focus on improving her health, learning how to get involved in new and meaningful activities, and taking the necessary steps involved in getting sober and then staying sober.

An addiction treatment program designed specifically for women may be beneficial in a lot of different ways. Ladies struggling with addiction can find a comfortable place to find peace and safety while working on themselves and talking more about the things they have experienced throughout their lives that have caused them to become so dependent on substances for so long.

6 Ways Working Women Can Maintain Good Health

Many working women know just how easy it is for everything to take a backseat to their work. Many of us don’t spend the time we should taking care of our personal health, forsaking sleeping and eating properly or getting yearly physicals just so we can cram more work into our schedules. In the end, these practices will only come back to bite you. Instead of working yourself to the bone, try implementing some of these 6 ways you can improve your health.

Get Enough Sleep

There are many health benefits related to getting enough sleep every night. Sleep is your body’s time to refuel and repair any damages from the day ahead. If you’re able to get enough sleep, you could see a reduction in catching colds or other viruses, as well as other more serious health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Short-term benefits of getting restful sleep include increased concentration, the ability to think more clearly, and more stable emotions.

Pack Your Own Lunch

It can be tempting to eat out day after day, but all of that food will have an impact on your health and your wallet. Instead of hitting up a restaurant or the nearest fast food joint, try packing your own lunches instead. This way, you can get the exact amount of fruits and veggies you need. You can reduce sodium, sugar, or fat however you see fit. You can also easily avoid allergens this way since you’ll be doing all of the meal prep yourself.

Schedule Your Yearly Physical

It’s something many of us dread doing and put off year after year, but getting an annual physical is key to maintaining physical health. A physical will likely catch any health issues you may be having while they’re still in a manageable stage. That way, you can hop right into treatment and see what works for you. With innovative healthcare leadership like Harry Stylli out there constantly making improvements within the medical field, you can be sure that the treatments available these days are becoming more efficient all the time. You may not even be out of work for long if you need to leave at all.

Strike A Work-Life Balance

Having a good work-life balance is crucial to anyone who is part of the working world. Working too much can result in you being stressed out and miserable constantly. Working too little could result in you ending up without enough money to meet your basic needs. You need to be able to find that sweet spot between work and rest that allows you to make enough money while maintaining a balanced life. After all, you can’t enjoy the money you make if you’re too busy working 24/7 to even take a vacation.

Take Breaks Throughout The Day

Many of us “get into the zone,” where we work for long stretches of time completely uninterrupted. This isn’t a healthy practice at all. Not only does it keep people from eating and drinking regularly throughout the day as they should be, but it can also cause you to be sedentary for many hours at a time. This can lead to issues with joints and muscles. Sedentary lifestyles also have a long-term risk for issues like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Know Your Limits

You know yourself better than anyone. If you feel like your workload is starting to become unmanageable, get some help. If you find yourself feeling like you’re on the verge of a stress meltdown every day, pass off some work to your coworkers or employees. It isn’t throwing in the towel to get a few extra hands on board. Understand where your limits are and do your best not to cross them. Your stress levels will thank you!

How to Create a Great Smile Through Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone agrees that an attractive smile is important in so many ways. Uneven or discolored teeth can severely affect an individual’s confidence level, and anyone who feels their smile is unattractive will avoid social situations where this could make a difference in their confidence level. Social interactions are not the only area of a person’s life that can be affected since some employers are reluctant to hire an individual with unattractive teeth, especially if the position requires customer interaction.

Many people naturally have beautiful teeth but others are not so fortunate. Proper dental hygiene can help to preserve an attractive smile, but no amount of brushing, flossing and whitening can correct crooked or misshapen teeth. This is where cosmetic dentistry can help. But these expensive procedures are not usually covered by dental insurance plans. Some people make the decision to improve their smile through cosmetic dentistry in spite of the cost, and they believe the process is a worthwhile investment in their future happiness and success.

There are several types of cosmetic dentistry that are used to either replace or improve the appearance of natural teeth. The first step in having any of these procedures done is to make sure a reliable cosmetic dentist has examined the patient and offered expert advice. Anyone wishing to embark upon the journey of fixing teeth that are crooked, broken or misshapen should spend a good amount of time researching all the pros and cons of the procedures. In addition, it is very important to check out the reviews on any dental professional they are considering.

Lasting Smiles of Highland Park, a dental practice in New Jersey, also recommends looking for practices that use the latest advanced technology so that you can be sure your investment will result in the best smile.

Common Procedures Used in Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Veneers are made individually to resemble the natural teeth of each patient. The veneers are very realistic and can be used to fix cosmetic problems including damaged or cracked enamel, crooked teeth, and wide gaps between teeth. The dentist attaches each veneer to the front of the imperfect tooth with a dental adhesive.43

Inlays and Onlays are also referred to as indirect fillings. This type of cosmetic procedure is used primarily when a tooth has more decay than can be corrected with a typical filling. An inlay can be used when the tooth cusp has not been damaged so the inlay can be placed directly on the surface of the tooth. An onlay will be required when most of the tooth is damaged, so the entire surface of the tooth is covered in this case. Both inlays and onlays are created in a laboratory and attached with dental cement. The tooth is strengthened, preventing any further damage.

Composite Bonding is one of the less expensive procedures used to repair damaged or decayed teeth. Any decay is drilled out before the dentist fills the cavity and then applies the composite in and on the tooth surface. The tooth will then be shaped before a high-intensity list is used to cure the material.

Implant technology was first used several decades ago, but there have been many advances in the procedure. One of the most exciting is the development of “mini implants” that can be placed much faster than with the original type of implant. Although titanium screws are still inserted into the jawbone, the screws are smaller and do not require the time and expense of placing the larger ones. In some cases, an implant can be placed within just one day. There is still a requirement for the dentist to take measurements and impressions of the tooth being replaced, and these procedures will be done in previous appointments. It is unfortunate that insurance does not pay any part of implant placement since the result is a tooth that lasts for many years and feels completely natural to the patient.

Teeth Whitening is a relatively simple procedure that is used to whiten discolored teeth. While none of the structures of the teeth are changed, the result is a white and bright smile that is very attractive. The most effective whitening procedures are done in a dentist’s office, although there are kits that allow people to whiten their teeth at home.

Considering the importance of “putting your best face forward,” many people feel investing in a confident smile through cosmetic dentistry is a great choice. While the cost of some of these procedures is considerable, most dentists do offer payment plans that make it easier for individuals to handle the payments.

The Real Risks of Alcohol Addiction

With studies showing an increase in alcohol-related liver disease, particularly cirrhosis, individuals and families are seeking assistance from resources such as alcohol treatment centers in Florida. Withdrawal from alcohol can be dangerous and extremely uncomfortable.

What the Numbers Show

Studies conducted by researchers from the University of Michigan, from 1999 to 2016, have actually shown a 65% increase in cirrhosis-related deaths. Cirrhosis can also be caused by other things, such as hepatitis C, but the number of people getting it due to extreme consumption of alcohol has increased substantially.

One type of liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, is caused by cirrhosis. Some of the symptoms of liver cancer, such as abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, tiredness, and sudden weight loss, generally do not appear until the disease has progressed to the later stages. The studies also show that during this seven-year period approximately 155,000 deaths were attributed to this type of cancer. Alcohol addiction statistics also show those affected the most were between the ages of 25 and 34.

What Causes Addiction to Alcohol?

Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD is now being used to describe people that have a severe drinking problem. What is believed to be the reason for this disorder? Alcohol consumption can interrupt chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, glutamate, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

For example, dopamine levels rise when someone consumes alcohol. Dopamine affects moods and tells the brain when things are pleasurable. Glutamate revitalizes the nervous system and impulsiveness is controlled by GABA. When someone becomes dependent on alcohol, these chemicals can become seriously altered. This is what causes people to experience the craving for alcohol so that they can feel good again.

Other Contributing Factors

There are other factors that are considered to be responsible for someone’s predilection for drinking. Some believe that genes may be responsible for people developing alcohol and other addictions. Those with a family history of addiction may be more prone to AUD. Some studies have suggested that drinking alcohol before fifteen years of age may lead to problems when people become older.

Another risk factor may be people that suffer from excessive stress. They may drink to lessen these stress levels. When alcohol is readily available, this may lead to experimenting and possibly later AUD. Peer pressure or just being with others that drink on a regular basis may be a factor that leads to experiencing alcohol problems. Sometimes people use alcohol to fend off depression. Self-medicating often leads to increased depression instead of relieving it.

Since people process alcohol differently, some can achieve the feeling they desire with relatively little alcohol while it takes more for others. For those that have to drink more to get the “high” they are seeking, this could lead to problems. For many years, advertisers have glamorized alcohol. This could be a factor, particularly for those with low self-esteem.

How Do You Know If You Have a Problem?

Often people that drink do not believe they have an alcohol problem. They say they are social drinkers or they just have a few drinks to relax. How do you determine if you may have a problem that could cause serious health risks? One problem that is often experienced by people with AUD is the need for more alcohol to achieve the level of intoxication they desire. If the liver becomes damaged, it cannot metabolize alcohol as well. This could lead to a lower tolerance level for alcohol.

If someone spends most of their time drinking alcohol and recovering from a hangover, they may have a problem. In addition, if they try to stop drinking or reduce the amount they drink and cannot, this is a red flag. Sometimes people have withdrawal symptoms when they try to reduce or stop drinking. This can include shaking, feeling sick, or being unable to sleep. So they drink even more to relieve these symptoms.

Often people who may have an alcohol problem spend a lot of time alone drinking. They stop going to social events, seeing friends, or other activities that they enjoyed previously. Withdrawal from family and friends is one symptom. When people continue to drink even though they know it is causing them physical or psychological problems, this may signal an alcohol problem.

Although these symptoms can also be caused by other problems, if someone is experiencing several of these within a specific time, it could very well indicate that they are suffering from AUD.

What is the Field of Neuroscience Nutrition About?

The exploding field of neuroscience represents a multi-disciplined blending of biology, anatomy, physiology, developmental biology, molecular biology, cytology, psychology, engineering, and mathematical modeling. These various sciences are studied in concert to better grasp the emerging properties of neural circuits and neuros, i.e. the nervous system and how it relates to the overall health of the rest of the human body.

The practitioners of this science are called neuroscientists. They concentrate their endeavors on studying the brain and the effects it has on cognitive and behavioral functions or the way in which people actually think. Besides this, they also look into the inter-workings of the nervous system and how it relates to individuals who suffer from neurological, neuro-developmental, and psychiatric disorders.

These scientists may actually specialize in a great and varied range of scientific fields ranging from neuropsychology to neuroanatomy. This kind of research is able to better our ultimate comprehension of both body and mind, the ways they interlink with each other, and the varied health topics that impact them. Neuroscientists come from a wide variety of disciplines that include engineering, chemistry, computer science, linguistics, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, and medicine.

These scientists conduct their research in aspects of the nervous system including cellular, behavioral, functional, evolutionary, molecular, computational, medical, and cellular levels of the human nervous system. An example of their practical research could apply to Alzheimer’s Disease. They work with such tools as computerized three-dimensional models and MRI scans.

They experiment with tissue samples and cell samples. Their discoveries will likely move us toward the creation of new medicines. Other neuroscientists work with treating patients directly.

Healthcare Supplements from the Science Focused Entirely on the Brain

This Neuroscience approach concentrates on the science underlying the individual symptoms as well as blending high-quality ingredients in meaningful doses to provide dependable and consistent results for the patients. This science seeks out professionally blended ingredients in the supplements.

These supplements include the likes of the four products discussed below:

Balance D

Balance D formula is made up of critical ingredients used by the brain to produce dopamine. This is a catecholamine crucial for impacting positive moods and memory. The neurotransmitters are Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Epinephrine. Active ingredients include the following:

  • L-Dopa Amino Acids
  • N-acetyl-L-tyrosine Amino Acids
  • N-acetyl-L-cysteine Amino Acids
  • Folate Vitamin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Selenium

Calm CP

Calm CP was designed to reduce the harmful cortisol levels in the body. It delivers ingredients that aid in healthy sleep, calmness, and managing blood sugar. It works on the neurotransmiters Glycine and Taurine.

Its ingredients include the following:

  • Glycine Amino Acids
  • Taurine Amino Acids
  • Banaba Leaf Extract
  • Phosphateidylserine

Kavinace Zem

This member of the NeuroScience Supplements product lineup has ingredients that scientists have demonstrated to improve cognitive focus and restful, deep sleep. The neurotransmitters are Serotonin and GABA. The active ingredients include the following:

  • Blueberry Fruit Extract
  • Sceletium


ImuWell has such ingredients that boost energy, cognition, and help to manage musculoskeletal discomfort. Its neurotransmitters are Acetylcholine, Epinephrine, Dopamine, and Norepinephrine. The ingredient list includes the following:

  • L-DOPA Amino Acids
  • L-Tyrosine Amino Acids
  • L-Methionine Amino Acids
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Huperzine A
  • Boswellia Serrata

What You Should Know About Medical Detoxification

Addiction is never an easy thing to overcome, regardless of how long you’ve been abusing substances. For those who have been struggling to defeat their alcohol or drug addiction for several years, it can begin to seem like an impossible goal to achieve. Yet, the possibility of recovery is more possible than you may realize through a medical detox program. If you’re serious about getting clean, this type of program can help you achieve that dream.

The Facts About Medical Detoxification

Many people have an idea about what this entails, but there are also many myths circulating about the process. For that reason, it’s important to point out the facts, so you can make an informed decision about your addiction recovery. Basically defined, a medical detoxification program uses prescribed medication to minimize the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms of addiction. Medication is controlled by professional and experienced caregivers, so the addict can quit using alcohol or drugs in a safe and managed environment.

The reason that many addicts fail to quit abusing drugs on their own is that the withdrawal symptoms can be very severe. In addition to causing emotional and psychological distress, withdrawal from some drugs can be physically painful. In cases where the addiction is severe, withdrawal symptoms can cause physical damage to the body and can lead to a life-threatening condition.

The detox procedure is divided up into three phases:

  • Evaluation – This involves blood tests to determine the severity of your addiction and how withdrawal will affect any pre-existing physical or mental illnesses.
  • Stabilization – This is the actual process of getting the addict free of his or her addiction.
  • Entry into Treatment – Once the addict is no longer in danger from withdrawal symptoms, he or she must enter a formal rehabilitation program to learn how to cope without using drugs or alcohol.

Throughout the entire process, the patient is monitored closely by trained and experienced staff members. This helps to ensure the individual progresses in a safe manner with his or her withdrawal symptoms strictly controlled.

Detox Centers are Different from Rehab Facilities

While drug rehab facilities focus on helping addicts get clean and confront the issues that drove them to use drugs or alcohol, a Substance Abuse Detox Center has only one goal. That is to get the addict to stop abusing drugs or alcohol while protecting the individual from withdrawal. Once safely returned to a state of clean living, the individual can then fully concentrate on confronting the triggers that prompted the addiction.

Another concern for people looking for help is how effective medical detoxification can be. They find it hard to believe that something that they have found so challenging in the past can be achieved more easily with controlled medication. In truth, the process is very effective and, as proof, there are the thousands of former addicts. All across the country, people undergo medically supervised detox programs, leaving the facility clean of drugs and alcohol.

Detox facilities are fully staffed with compassionate personnel, so patients are never left without proper supervision. The controlled environment protects against substance abuse relapses, but its primary focus is in keeping the patients safe. As patients must remain in the facility until they have completed the program, detox centers are staffed 24 hours a day, every day.

The process involves counseling and therapy, as well as the medication to provide full-service interventions that ensure success. In many treatment centers, the process is tailored to each patient. While all patients may not receive the same treatment, they do receive the best care for their specific situation. Personalizing the process in this way helps to give each individual his or her best chance for success.

Finally, treatment centers welcome patients, regardless of what specific substance caused their addiction. The personalized treatment philosophy was developed to ensure every individual can receive treatment and medical detoxification can be adjusted, based on the type of drug to which the patient is addicted.

For people struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, they may feel they are too far gone to be helped. This is never the case. By seeking help from a detox facility, you can take the first step in getting clean and changing your life. The detoxification process gives each individual the extra help he or she needs in order to overcome addiction and begin healing. While the process may still be challenging, it’s far less difficult, when withdrawal symptoms are managed and supervised.

Simple Ways to Practice Self Care for a Balanced Life

In today’s world, millions of people have become increasingly cognizant of the role that self-care plays in helping them lead more progressive, powerful lives. One concept that remains integral to the principle of self-care is cultivating a balanced lifestyle. This type of lifestyle involves not getting too heavily involved in any one activity such that it promotes mental and physical instability. When you maintain a life marked by ongoing balance, you can avoid disease, maintain a positive mood, and keep your energy levels high. Below you’ll find just two of many strategies you can deploy to cultivate a balanced life:

Take Some “Me Time”

In today’s world, much time and attention is paid to the cultivation of healthy relationships and affirming social interactions. This makes sense given that the rise of things like social media and technology mean that people oftentimes spend extended periods of time alone or interact with others in a synthetic, image-based fashion. Yet, while maintaining healthy social interactions is important and advantageous, it’s also important to note that spending time alone is equally imperative.

Constantly being in the company of other people precludes individuals from attaining the level of self-awareness necessary to ensure that you can cultivate a lifestyle of balance. For example, always being around other individuals can precipitate a herd-like mentality which involves constantly identifying with the group rather than the self. The end result can be engaging in all types of social conformance and unhealthy behaviors that detract from your mental and physical equilibrium. (Examples include drinking, doing drugs, staying out late at night, eating junk food, and dating people just to be popular.) This is why spending time alone to journal or meditate is critical for success with the project of cultivating a balanced lifestyle. While alone, you’ll be able to get to know yourself so that you can make decisions that are conducive to your physical well-being and mental health.

Develop an Exercise Routine

If you’re really serious about cultivating a balanced life, make sure that you develop an exercise routine. This technique is empowering because it prevents the physical imbalances that can result from being sedentary for extended periods of time. Exercising regularly also decreases your susceptibility to various types of mental instabilities, one of which is depression. Note that exercise fights depression by ensuring a regular release of “feel good” chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin throughout the body. There are many ways that you can make exercise a regular, integral component of your lifestyle. One is purchasing home gym equipment from companies such as SmartSquat. Doing so is helpful if you like certain types of exercises or want a back-up plan in the event that the gym is closed or you can’t jog outside due to bad weather.


Cultivating a lifestyle of balance will make you a more productive, positive person. Utilize one or both of the techniques outlined above to bring more balance into your life now!

What are Porcelain Veneers? Uses, Procedures, Treatments, and More

It only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. For better or worse, your smile can say a lot about you. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry [PDF], 96% of American adults think that your smile can make you more appealing to potential partners. 74% think that an unattractive smile could hurt a person’s chances for career success. If you’re looking for a fast and cost-effective way to improve your smile, porcelain veneers could help you make a better first impression.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are thin strips of dental-grade porcelain. When glued to the front surface of teeth, they correct cosmetic or minor structural problems. Also known as laminates, they work much the same way as laminated wood. They add a perfected surface to something less visually appealing.

The cosmetic dentistry field has seen many advancements. Older veneers were thick and required more preparation of the tooth’s surface to apply. However, newer veneers, like Lumineers, are thinner, more pliable, and less destructive to the tooth’s surface. These advancements also come with a cheaper price tag.

What Conditions Can Veneers Correct?

One of the most popular uses for veneers is, of course, for teeth whitening. Porcelain can be tinted and hand-shaped to mimic the look of natural teeth while providing a whiter, brighter surface. However, veneers can also correct the appearance of misshaped or misaligned teeth, whether the underlying issue is genetic or due to an accident or age.

Veneers can alter the shape, length, and color of teeth without having to grind them down or remove them, like with implants or crowns. Some of the most common reasons for getting veneers are:

  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Tooth bulges
  • Cratered or pitted teeth

How Do You Get Veneers?

When you decide to get veneers, the first step is to schedule a consultation with a dentist that offers cosmetic care, like Union Square Dental. Your dentist will provide an overview of the treatment, including benefits and any possible drawbacks. They will also perform an examination to determine if your tooth structure is sound enough to support veneers. You may also have X-rays and impressions taken at this time.

If everything checks out, you will likely have two more visits. If your dentist sends your impressions to an outside lab, the length of time between consultation and treatment could vary. Some people choose to only have their front teeth treated. In that case, patients will have to undergo teeth whitening to make sure that their remaining, untreated teeth match their new laminates. The entire process can take 1-4 weeks total.

How are Veneers Applied?

Getting veneers is a non-invasive and relatively painless procedure that requires minimal preparation. Before cementing them into place, your dentist will adjust the shape and size to ensure the proper fit. You will then receive a thorough cleaning before the tooth surface is etched to ensure a solid bond. The etching creates a rough surface that allows the cement to take hold. This is done with phosphoric acid, which is safe and mild.

The next step is to apply the cement and place the veneer. A special lamp emits a beam of light that activates the cement and causes it to harden faster. Your dentist will then remove any excess cement and check to ensure that you can bite down and open and close your mouth without obstruction.

What About After Care?

With proper care, veneers last anywhere from 7-15 years. Porcelain veneers are a permanent treatment option, so your oral hygiene will still be important to retain their appearance. Because you still have your natural teeth underneath the laminate, you will still have to worry about cavities and tooth erosion. Schedule regular cleanings and exams with your dentist. You should also avoid foods that can cause stains, including tobacco, as well as foods that can cause breakage.

Porcelain veneers allow you to keep what nature gave you while improving your appearance. They are a permanent cosmetic solution that is affordable and accessible. To learn more about veneers and if they are a viable treatment option for you, schedule a consultation with your own dentist or a cosmetic dentistry practice near you.