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Shopping for the Best Coverings for Your Home’s Floors

Even if your home comes with wall-to-wall carpeting, you still might want to cover up some or all of the floor space with throw or area rugs. Local retailers often sell a limited selection of lesser quality rugs. You may not like anything that you can find in big box stores or at the mall. Instead, you might want something that no one else in your neighborhood has when it comes to this type of floor covering. When you shop online, you can find unique choices of area carpeting, Roth rugs, runners, and more for anywhere in your home.

Selecting the Best Rug Style

If you are new to shopping for floor coverings, Modern Rugs for Sale, runners, and other home floor coverings, you might wonder how to choose the style that will look best in your home. You do not want the colors or patterns to clash with other fixtures like the drapes or under carpeting. You want to create a stylish yet seamless look in your home. Shopping online makes selecting the best rugs for your house easy. The website above features resources like an online quiz and Kate’s Picks that you can use to figure out how to decide what look is best for your home and which ones you might want to avoid.

You can also simply browse the pictures of each available rug on the website. If you see one that you like, click on the picture and read more about it. You can then add it to your online shopping cart if you choose.

High-quality rugs sometimes are priced a bit higher than their retail store counterparts. You might want to save some money to keep your costs low. The website offers online coupon codes that you can use to cut down the price of the rug you want to buy. You can find out what those codes are at the top of the website. You can also shop by what room in which you want to put the rug. The website shows you all of the top choices for spaces like the kitchen, dining room, living room, and more. Throw rugs and runners add a touch of color and style to your home. You can select ones that will look great in your house and also be priced within your budget by using the resources for shopping on the website.

How a Solar Pool Cover Can Save You Money

One of the largest expenses that swimming pool owners have is keeping the water in their pools at a comfortable and reasonable temperature. Fortunately, there is an easy and effective way to keep the water warm at an affordable cost. When you use a solar pool cover it keeps your pool at a comfortable and constant temperature, which makes it much more enjoyable to use your pool. Using solar power also saves you money at the same time.

How to Save Money Using a Solar Pool Cover

Solar pool covers look like big sheets of bubble wrap floating on the surface of the water. They are designed to trap heat from the sun in the water when the pool isn’t being used. In general, the trapped heat causes the temperature of the water to increase from ten up to fifteen degrees, which means you won’t have to spend as much money on heating your pool.

The cover also helps to decrease evaporation substantially. This helps you save a great deal of money on heating your pool (since evaporation is the biggest cause of losing heat in pools by far), and it also saves on cleaning chemicals and water as well – so you won’t need to top off your pool as frequently. When everything is taken into account, having a solar pool cover can decrease the heating costs for your pool by fifty percent or even more.

Solar pool covers are available in both semi-opaque and transparent plastic. Usually it is better to have a clearer cover. Covers that are more opaque allow less sunlight in, which reduces their effectiveness. In order to get the maximum use from your solar pool cover, you should use it anytime you are not using your pool. The cover floats freely on the surface of the water, so no ties or anchors are needed. That makes it very easy to put the cover on and take it off. However, it can be hard for one individual to manage on their own since a solar cover needs to be big enough so that it covers the whole pool. There are cover reels that can be used to make it easier to handle the cover.

Final Thoughts

One important thing that needs to be noted is that solar pool covers have not been designed to be used as safety covers or for winterizing. The main purpose is to keep the water in your pool warm. A winter pool cover should be used once you are done using the pool for the year.

Take Charge of Your Plumbing: Simple Tips to Keep the Water Flowing

Leaking water from any plumbing fixture in your home is cause for concern. Every home should have plumbing pipes that maintain a closed system for the running water. To keep up with your plumbing’s maintenance, try these simple tips between professional appointments. Your pipes will work during any season without ruptures or flooding that can damage your property.

Drain the Water Heater

Several times a year, add a garden hose to your water heater. Turn off the tank, and allow the hose to drain the water out to the gutter. Although this tip seems to waste water, you need to evaluate the tank’s interior. By using a flashlight, peer into the tank and look for rust. Take note of any damage to the tank. There may not be a leak right now, but any signs of rust will eventually spread to the rest of the interior. Fill the tank back up if it has a clean, bill of health. The tank will last longer as a result of this maintenance tip.

Use Your Senses

Your plumbing stretches into almost every room in the house. Use your senses as you turn on the faucets throughout the day. Listen for any unusual sounds, look for leaks and feel the water under the spigots. If anything seems out of place, investigate the situation even further. Plumbing problems normally start as small defects. Repairing the defects will only preserve the home from any major disasters. A small leak under a kitchen sink, for instance, will quickly rot wood cabinets until replacement is necessary.

Try Boiling Water

Clogs are a fact of life for plumbing pipes. Hair, food particles and grease will all collect inside drains. To keep the pipes clear, pour boiling water down the drains once a month. The hot water typically loosens the debris stuck in the drain while the water’s force moves it down the pipes. This boiling-water trick works well for every drain, including the shower and bathroom sinks.

Update Older Hardware

Take a look at your fixtures, such as the kitchen and bathroom faucets. Older hardware has a tendency to break from mineral deposits building up in the area. Ideally, replace the hardware when cleaning the minerals doesn’t do the job. During the replacement process, you’ll be able to access the faucet’s internal parts and clean them out if necessary. Hire a professional if you aren’t comfortable with the replacement process.

Install Drain Strainers

Protect your plumbing with a simple tool: the drain strainer. This basic mesh fitted within a metal ring can simply hang in your drain’s opening. Pull the strainer when it’s full of debris and throw it out. You’ll catch a lot of items that shouldn’t go down the drain. As a result, the drain remains clean almost year-round. Strainers are best installed in the kitchen where food and grease can quickly escape down the regular drain.

Ideally, hire a plumber Dallas TX at least twice a year. These professionals visit your home, and they perform an overall evaluation. Fix those minor issues that will eventually turn into problems. You’ll save a lot of money over the years as a result. The home will inevitably have a strong value that only follows it to a potential sale in the future.

5 Modern Trends to Spruce Up Your Business Office

Business owners everywhere know the struggles of working the usual 9 to 5. But there are ways to make your office more comfortable. Check out these 5 modern trends for sprucing up your office.

1. Hang Photos with Clothes Pegs and Laundry Line

Laundry line and clothes pegs are perfect for hanging photographs around your office or cubicle. The line lies flat against a wall and takes up zero space, so you won’t clutter your desk with picture frames. Retro Polaroids look especially cute when paired with the line and peg idea.

2. Keep a Vase of Your Favorite Flowers Around

Flowers have lots of different meanings, depending on what kind they are. For instance, lilies represent innocence, purity, and beauty. Whereas, daisies are all about feminine qualities, such as softness and delicacy. Pick your favorite flower and display a bouquet in your office for an instant boost to your mood.

3. Use Bright Colors with an Accent Wall

While bright yellow or LOUD pink would overwhelm a room if it were splashed across all 4 walls, an accent wall is a pleasant way to incorporate your quirkier colors into office décor. For instance, if you love bright red, paint a single wall this color, then find a contrast, such as steely grey or dark blue, for the other walls.

4. Keep a Peg Board of Your Dreams and Goals

Once called a dream board in High Schools nationwide, this idea is the same concept…but with less teenage angst. Invest in a peg board, and pin up pictures and thoughts about your dreams, goals, and ambitions. When you can visualize your goals, you are more likely to work harder to accomplish them.

5. Recycle in Your Office

This should be a general rule for anywhere. Recycling in your office is a great way to keep clutter at bay while doing something awesome for the environment. Make a list of your usual waste throughout the work week and be proactive when it comes to recycling. Have two bins in your office, one for plastics and one for other trash, and recycle accordingly. Encourage your coworkers to do the same. The planet will thank you.

One last thing… If you work in an office, then you probably know the horrors of having a numbed butt at the end of the day. This is usually because your desk chair is less-than great. Definitely invest in awesome, comfortable furniture that you love for your business decor. It’s worth the money, as comfy furnishings usually last longer than cheaper, less comfortable options. Plus, these furnishings are easily replaced if you ever encounter a disaster that leaves your office in dire need of property restoration services.

4 Ways to Give Your Space Some Serious Beachy Vibes

We all love the idea of being able to escape to our own private beach house whenever we might like. Unfortunately, we can’t all wake up to the sounds of the ocean all year round, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the space we do have feel a little more like the beach getaway of our dreams.

Whether you live in a house on the beach, an apartment in the city, or a cabin in the woods, here are four ways to give your space some serious beachy vibes this summer. Remember, if you have a room that requires extensive work, it might be best to hire a professional. A bathroom remodeling contractor can give you the nautical bathroom of your dreams without the threat of causing damage.

1. A Coastal Color Palette

color sea
Design Seeds

A color palette inspired by sand, surf, and sun will immediately transport you to the coast. Incorporate the natural colors of the ocean over crisp whites and muted grays for endless design possibilities, like accent walls and bold accessories. Shades of ocean blues would include cerulean for calmer water, cobalt for nighttime seas, and sky blue mixed with a tinge of silver for sunlit waves in the morning.

2. Classic Nautical Themes

nautical foyer
Birch Lane

A nautical theme is a classic coastal decor choice that appeals to a wide variety of tastes. Depending on the accessories you choose, it can be playful or more sophisticated. Use a combination of navy blue and sailor white to accentuate the natural qualities of the ocean. Create a cohesive look with bold stripes and fabrics, natural wood and ropes, decorative anchors, oars, and even a ship’s wheel.

3. Bring Pieces of Nature Inside

seashell mirror
Martha Stewart

Your beach house decor isn’t all bold stripes and decorative anchors. There are many natural accents that you can get straight from the beach to decorate your space. Everyone who has visited the beach has picked seashells along the shore. The best time to go hunting for seashells is the very early morning. The tide is out from a night of being inland and you can find the most perfect, intact seashells on the shoreline. A beautiful array of seashells, sand dollars, and starfish instantly and inexpensively adds an organic accent to the room. You can also arrange them in oversize glass vases for bookshelf accents or in wooden boxes for a centerpiece.

You can use your little treasures in countless craft projects to decorate your home, such as shadowboxes, votive candles, wind chimes, and to line picture frames or a large mirror for your bathroom or bedroom.

For another organic accent, add small hooks to a piece of drift wood to make a small coat hanger. Or, secure several pieces of found wood together to create a unique headboard.

seashell print
My Someday in May

For seashells you don’t have to scour the shoreline for, this 16×20 vintage seashell wall art from My Someday in May would be a perfect addition to any beach house or beach-inspired space.

4. A Cozy Place to Put Your Feet Up

hanging chair
Byron Bay Hanging Chairs

Of course, no beach house is complete without a cozy place to get some serious rest and relaxation. Isn’t that the reason why we all wish we could escape to the beach in the first place? You can create your perfect beach-inspired seating area with classic Adirondack chairs, great, big wicker furniture, a hammock, hanging chair, or even a DIY wood pallet covered in oversized cushions tied to a tree or porch.

Whatever you decide, make sure it’s comfortable enough to curl up with a summer beach read and get lost in somebody else’s world for a little while.

Reasons Why You Should Be Using Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Waterproof mattress protectors are something that you may not have even considered if you don’t have a small child in the house. However, they can be beneficial for any mattress regardless of who is sleeping on it. The protection goes way beyond just keeping your mattress dry. In fact, there are many benefits that should prompt you to seriously consider using these protectors on all your mattresses.

Main Benefits

The main benefits you will receive from using waterproof mattress protectors so have to do with keeping your bed clean and dry. If you think about all the abuse your poor mattress suffers, it is easy to see how beneficial a protector can be.

Obviously, it is great to protect against bed wetting, Whether it is a small child who is just learning to potty train or who has occasional bed wetting accidents, a pregnant woman who is worried about any leakage onto the bed or an elderly person struggling with incontinence, a mattress protector can be a great aid. It is non-intrusive and won’t make it obvious that there is protection on the bed.

It also protects against other liquids. If you have kids who love to eat and drink in their rooms, using a protector can help keep your mattresses safe from drink and food spills. Also if you have pets, it can protect against the various things they may drag onto or do on a bed.

Say you are one of those people who sweats a lot in your sleep. Imagine night after night climbing into a stale bed that has dried sweat in it. That is kind of gross. Instead, keep things protected and keep your mattress like new.

Health Benefits

Those main benefits of keeping your mattress dry are not the only benefits, though. There are also health benefits, which for many people are going to be even more enticing than the basic benefits.

To begin with, when you cover your mattress with a protector, you are able to keep all sorts of allergens out of them. This is great when you have someone in your family who has allergy issues. Not only will it prevent allergens from getting embedded in your mattresses but other things like dander and bugs won’t be able to get in there either, making the mattress healthier for anyone who is around it.

When you go to buy a waterproof mattress pad, there are some things you need to consider. To begin with, you want to look at how it is made. Make sure it is made using hypoallergenic materials and high-quality materials.

You also need to consider whether you want a fitted or zippered protector. Fitted protectors act just like sheets. One thing to keep in mind is that they not only go onto the bed like a regular sheet but they also can come off like a regular sheet. If you have a mattress that seems to lose its sheets easily, then the fitted option may not be for you. A zippered protector covers the whole mattress. This is would be best for someone concerned about allergens because it gives full protection.

You also need to make sure that you are buying the right size. Make sure you measure your bed and just don’t go off the standard sizing. You want to measure the width, length, and depth of the mattress to ensure a proper fit. Generally, length and width are standard sizes. Depth, though, varies, which makes it very important to ensure you are getting this measurement correct.

Using the Protector

Once you get your mattress protector, you will want to put it on your mattress carefully so you don’t rip it and so it is put on correctly to ensure it works. You should get help doing this to make the process easier. Pull up the mattress and pull the protector on carefully. Do not stretch it or pull on it. Carefully move it into place. Then, put the mattress back on the bed and put your sheets on as normal.

Many people use waterproof mattress protectors. They offer a range of benefits that make them useful in almost any home. They simply help to lengthen the life of mattresses while also helping to keep them clean and sanitary.

Tips for Finding the Right Heating Contractor for Your Home This Winter

Professionals recommend that you have your heater maintained once a year to ensure it is in top working order. This not only guarantees it will reliably turn on and keep your house warm, it also helps you save money on your gas and electric bills. An inefficient HVAC unit can cost you much more than you think, so schedule an annual checkup with a reliable contractor. Here are some tips on how to find the right one.

Talk With People You Know

Check with people you know to see if they have had heating maintenance performed at their home lately. For those who have, ask them if they liked their contractor and were satisfied with the work. Get the contact information and license number of all contractors who received rave reviews from your family, friends, and coworkers.

Check Out Review Websites

Speaking of rave reviews, check out the popular review websites to grab some additional names of highly rated contractors if necessary. People are quick to write a nasty review if a contractor’s work was not adequate, so you can find out whom you should weed out, and get some additional names and contact information of those rated five stars.

Contact the State Licensing Board

All Wilmington heating contractors must be licensed. With your list of contractors and their license numbers in hand, contact your state’s contractors licensing board. You can either call them or go to their website. Run a check on each license to ensure each contractor carries the proper bond, license classification, and insurance. Make certain there are no complaints filed against him or her.

Narrow Down Your List

Call each contractor and ask him or her for references. Cross those unwilling to give you references off your list. Keep those willing to give you references on your list. Once you’ve obtained this information, call the references and decide, based upon what they tell you, which contractors you’d like to contact for an estimate. Narrow your list down to three or four selections.

Interview the Contractors

Call the contractors and don’t be afraid to ask a ton of questions. Find out how experienced he or she is. Ask whether he or she has experience working with your particular HVAC model. Does he or she provide a written bid and will the work be guaranteed? Nitpick, as you want the job done right the first time.

Find Out Availability

Your final question should be, “When can you come out and perform the maintenance work?” If the contractor is busy, this is a good sign. The more people recommend a contractor, the more he or she is called, so one with a busy schedule means the contractor is in demand. If you plan your maintenance visit a few months in advance, a delayed visit shouldn’t be a problem.

Finally, the most important tip is to sign a bulletproof contract. Do not sign a written estimate and do not sign a contract that is vague. Your contract should list in detail all work to be performed, how much it will cost, the parts required, and the warranty guidelines. If everything looks in order and the contractor comes recommended, you should be good to go.

5 Ways to Keep Unwanted Critters Away

With warmer weather comes the need to prepare your home so that it doesn’t become a pest resort. Termites, ants, mice, raccoons, and other pests tend to take advantage of the warm summer weather and go in search of new homes and food sources. Once they move in, they’ll breed and invite the rest of their family over too. The last thing you want is to share your home with critters that can transform it from the safest and most comfortable place on Earth. To keep your home from becoming the next pest hotel, take advantage of the following pest prevention tips.

1. Check the Outside of Your Home

Many pests are attracted to homes because of the food and water sources that are located conveniently nearby. Trees, wood, and in some cases gardens can be a potential problem for your home if they are located within the immediate perimeter of your home. Any plants and foliage that are right outside your windows should be inspected by a professional pest control company to ensure they remain pest free. You should also avoid storing firewood, compost, water, and other potential food sources right next to your home. 20 feet is the recommended distance for firewood storage.

2. Eliminate the Water on the Inside

Pests love water and if your toilets are running and your sinks are leaking, then your home is in prime condition for a potential infestation. Make sure all faucets are turned completely off when they are not in use and get any leaks fixed right away. If your toilets keep running, you may need to have a professional plumber come out to repair them to keep your home free from infestation.

3. Clean Up

Even the smallest amount of junk, clutter, and dirt can make your home hospitable for unwanted creatures. Try to remember to pick up after yourself and to clean up often. If you have pets and little children, this may prove to be a bit challenging. However, keeping a careful eye out for clutter and implementing a routine to minimize it can go a long way toward keeping ants, mice, and other pests out of your home.

4. Make Home Improvements

Sometimes you may need to make a few improvements to your home in order keep pests from moving in. Kitchen Cabinet Kings recommends for you to revamp the cabinets in your kitchen with assembled cabinets so you can eliminate potential hiding spots for pests that you may have been previously unaware of.

5. Get an Inspection

Inspections are one of the best methods of defense you have against pest infestations. Since pests often cause damage that can go undetected for quite some time, it’s in your best interest to screen for them often. Pests can be very destructive to your home and cost you hundred and even thousands of dollars in repairs. When you think about how much money you could end up spending trying to correct any damage that is caused, it’s easy to see that getting regular inspections are much more cost-effective.

Don’t turn a blind eye to the dangers of pest infestations. Although you may be initially concerned about having to share your home with them, you need to remember that pests can cause a great deal of damage within a short amount of time. So protect your investment by doing your part to keep pests from inviting themselves over.

8 Steps to Bedroom Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time to clean up the mess of a nest you’ve been building all winter long. To make the process a little less stressful, this list breaks down bedroom spring cleaning into eight easy steps.

1. Put Clothes Where They Belong

Are your clothes strewn around the floor? Pick them up and put them in the hamper. If you have clean clothes that are haphazardly placed on a shelf, table, or other exposed area that is anything except hanging on the rod in your closet or put neatly in a drawer, then put them in one of those places. There shouldn’t be any clothes on the floor or where they don’t belong when you are through.

2. Care for Your Bedding and Mattress

If you haven’t done it in the last two weeks, strip all of the linens off of your bed and pillows. Make sure to wash them thoroughly. If it has been more than six months since you flipped your mattress, then now is the time to get that done. It is also the perfect opportunity to clean your mattress. Take one cup of baking soda, mix in your favorite essential oil if you like, and carefully spread it all over your mattress surface. Let it sit for one hour, then vacuum it up. Put fresh sheets and pillow cases on your bed and pillows.

3. Organize the Closet

Now it’s time to tackle the catch-all your closet area has become. Probably the easiest way to do this is to pull everything out first. Go through and get rid of anything that you don’t use anymore — including clothing. Chances are high that if you haven’t used something in the last year, you don’t need it. Put everything you are getting rid of into a trash bag for either the garbage or a donation center. Place everything you wish to keep neatly in the closet.

4. Declutter Dressers and Tables

Take absolutely everything off of your dressers and night tables. Go through the same process as your closet. Throw out anything you don’t need and neatly place the items you wish to keep in a designated position. Wipe down the surfaces before putting your things back.

5. Clean the Hardware

Now go through your bedroom and clean all of the door knobs, door frames, lamps, window sills, light switches, and any other hardware you have. A gentle spray and a microfiber cloth should do the trick for most of these. Be sure to switch off the lights and only handle light bulbs when they have cooled down.

6. Don’t Forget the Ceilings and Walls

Believe it or not, the walls and ceilings of your bedroom collect dust over time. Take a feather duster to get into the corners of the room and remove any hidden cobwebs. A damp cloth is useful for wiping down the walls and ceiling as best you can.

7. Get Those Curtains

If you have curtains or blinds on your windows, it’s time to wash them. Blinds can usually be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent, but check your manufacturer’s care instructions first. Take the curtains down and wash them as directed. Wipe down the curtain rod and replace the curtains when dry.

8. Finish With the Floors

Lastly, vacuum your floor thoroughly. Be sure to use the hose attachment to get well into the corners and edged by the baseboard. You might also consider steam cleaning or shampooing the carpet. If you follow these eight simple steps, your bedroom will be spic and span in no time.

How to Get Rid of Bedbugs in Your Mattress

Bedbugs are pesky little creatures that can be very elusive and hard to find, due to the fact that they typically hide during the day and become active at night. Since a single female bedbug can lay 200-250 eggs during her lifetime, a small bedbug problem can quickly escalate into an infestation if it is not taken care of swiftly and properly. Common signs of an infestation include waking with unexplained itchy spots, small blood stains on your pillowcases and sheets, or bedbug fecal matter on your bedding. If you suspect bedbugs are making themselves at home in your bed, here are a few things you can do to get rid of bedbugs in your mattress.

1. Remove Bedding

It’s very hard to locate bedbugs when your mattress is covered. Carefully remove any clutter, blankets, and sheets in order to inspect your mattress up close. Bedbugs can easily be transferred from one location in your home to another, so you should place all items you remove from your bed into a large plastic bag that can be completely sealed.

2. Inspect Your Mattress

Carefully inspect any cracks or rips in your mattress top. Bedbugs love burrowing into mattresses, and they will often leave traces of their presence (dark excrement spots, egg shells, or shed skins) behind. If you do find evidence of bedbugs, consider installing an insecticide mattress liner or special encasement. Both are designed to kill bedbugs and prevent them from returning.

3. Take Your Bed Frame Apart

Bedbugs are very elusive, so if you want to locate all of their hiding spots, you should take your bed frame apart and inspect every inch of it carefully. You should also check the floor around and beneath your bed frame to see if you can locate any additional signs of bedbugs.

4. Inspect Your Box Springs

The fabric on the bottom of box springs can become an entry point for bedbugs if it becomes torn. Shine a light through the fabric to expose any tears or bedbugs. If you locate either, remove the entire piece of fabric from the box spring, place it in a plastic bag, and dispose of it immediately. Removing the fabric will make it easier to treat the box springs with insecticide.

5. Vacuum and Treat Infested Areas

Once you locate where the bedbugs are, thoroughly vacuum all infested areas. After vacuuming, put your vacuum cleaner in a plastic bag and place it outside. Apply an insecticide spray or dust to all affected areas on your bed and in your bedroom. Aerosols tend to get into small crevices and cracks easier than dusts, but dusts have the advantage of lasting longer.

If possible, it is best to hire a professional to rid your mattress and home of these pesky insects. At the very least, you might want to talk to a professional about the type of insecticide you can safely use to treat your home.

6. Buy a New Mattress

In many cases, bedbugs are drawn to older mattresses, and they may continue to come back. After you successfully get rid of bedbugs the first time, it may be best to purchase a new mattress to ensure that they don’t return.