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Sundays are for Sharing: Spring!, Extreme Couponing & More

Fellow bloggers, I want to support you in what you’re doing! Every week I round up some of my favorite blog posts and invite you to do the same. Link up your posts at the bottom! I have never thrown a welcome spring party, but these spring party ideas are making me seriously consider it…. Read More »

Wordless Wednesday: Thanks, Hill’s Science Diet

Several weeks ago, I won a really great giveaway over at Create With Joy for a box full of cat food and treats from Hill’s Science Diet. With a 5-cat household, I am always trolling for pet giveaways. I enter a lot of them, and with that many cats, I’m sure you can understand my excitement over winning one. Obviously, I was not the only one so, super excited.

Devin and Vincent Hills Science Diet

My big box of kitty goodies arrived last week. Within one afternoon of receiving the box, cutting the tape open, and setting it aside,  my two oldest cats, Devin and Vincent, took it upon themselves to flip the box over, rip open the bag of cat food, and proceed to take turns shoving their heads inside the hole they created.

I also feel the need to point out here that at this time, all of their food bowls were completely full. The logic of cats.

Thanks, Create With Joy and Hill’s Science Diet!

Though not necessary, I feel compelled to share that because I won a giveaway, I was under absolutely no commitment to mention Hill’s on Woman Tribune, and had no intentions of doing so, but these pictures were just too perfect not to share.
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Sundays are for Sharing: Homosexuality on the Disney Channel, Getting Happy & More

Sundays are for Sharing is back! Fellow bloggers, I want to support you in what you’re doing! Every week I round up some of my favorite blog posts from the week and invite other bloggers to share their work and spread the word. Good Luck Charlie introduced a lesbian couple to their cast for the… Read More »

Wordless Wednesday: Sid and His Ladies

Sid Nancy and Sylvia

A few months ago, my fiance and I brought in two kittens who had been born under our shed this past summer and living in our backyard ever since. When winter started to settle in and temperatures began to be consistently frigid, and their mama cat took off for more than a week, we couldn’t bear to see them outside anymore, so they found a new home here with us. This brings our total number of furry feline family members to a whopping five. Yes, five.

While they didn’t get their own special introductory post like Sylvia did when she joined our family in June, I did mention our new kittens, who I named Sid and Nancy, in our best of 2013 roundup.

Sid started 2014 off with a whole new way of life. Early this month he was neutered, and after a particularly traumatic experience for him (after going to the vet twice for his exam, blood work, and shots he knew what being in the pet carrier meant and threw up and urinated all over himself on the way there) he came home to Nancy and Sylvia wanting to cuddle and comfort him.

The picture above was taken after Sid got home from the vet, the only one awake (doesn’t he look thrilled?) in the middle of a Nancy and Sylvia nap sandwich.
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Wordless Wednesday: Merry Christmas!

Christmas tree

The last time I did a Wordless Wednesday post, I had nothing to show for my Christmas decorating but a very sad, bare tree and bins of decorations waiting to be unloaded. That was right after Thanksgiving, and I cannot believe I never posted pictures of how it came out.

This is what happens when you take a picture of your Christmas tree with settings for taking pictures of fireworks. Pretty cool, right?

Christmas tree lights

My new favorite ornament that my aunt gave me for my birthday. It’s a CUPCAKE!

cupcake ornament

Merry Christmas, everyone! If you celebrate, I hope you and yours have a very happy holiday filled with family and everything that is most important in life.
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Wordless Wednesday: Getting My Christmas On

Christmas decorations

Our bare Christmas tree, left; bins of decorations and ornaments, right

Now that we have successfully made it through Thanksgiving, the time has come to deck the halls (and the house) in preparation for Christmas. The idea that the holidays are a time of planning, stress, and not nearly enough sleep is an understatement.

I brought down all of our Christmas decorations from the attic early this week and after getting the tree put up, it proceeded to stand there and mock me for the three days it took me to properly string lights on it. This was my first year stringing the lights myself, and about 30 minutes into the job I proceeded to declare that there would be no Christmas.

I did get the lights on the tree eventually, though. Last night, after the above picture was taken. Today’s to-do list consists of getting the ornaments put on the tree and unloading the massive amount of decorations I seem to have accumulated throughout the years from those bins and putting them up around the house. Wish me luck!
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Wordless Wednesday: First Major Snowfall of the Season


First major snowfall of the season; November 26, 2013

November has brought on a myriad of different types of weather. There were a few days in the beginning of the month where it felt like spring again and the last of the fall leaves were still clinging to the trees. This was followed by frost and two hail storms. Yesterday winter really made its presence known, bringing on the first major snowfall of the season. We got about four inches in total, and this morning some of it had melted and turned to ice. Can’t wait to see what tonight and tomorrow morning will bring since we have plans that involve driving for Thanksgiving.
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Keep Your Car in Tip-Top Shape this Winter — $25 NAPA AutoCare Gift Card Giveaway #NAPAAutoCare [Closed]

Winters here in Pennsylvania can be pretty intense. They start early and feel like a never-ending cycle of frost, below-freezing temperatures, thick sheets of ice-covered everything, and frequent snow storms. Ideally, we would all likely spend the winter months cozied up inside with the heat blaring, but sometimes we are left with no other choice… Read More »