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How To Know If Laser Hair Removal Is Right for You

Dealing with unwanted hair can be a pain, literally. Not only can getting rid of it often be painful, but it can be a time-consuming nuisance as well. That doesn’t mean, though, that you don’t have any options. If you’re getting tired of getting rid of your unwanted hair in the same old ways, trying laser bar and spa Manhattan could be a good move for you.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, the removal of unwanted hair with lasers. In some of the most common types of laser hair removal, the heat of the laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair. The heat then obliterates the hair from the shaft, down to the root. After a certain number of treatments, the root will become damaged enough that it will no longer be able to produce hair. The number of treatments required to reduce hair effectively can vary from person to person, but generally between 5 and 8 treatments are required for the best results.

How Does It Compare To Other Kinds of Hair Removal?

Unlike shaving, waxing, and depilatory treatments, laser hair removal tends to be more permanent. Shaving typically has to be done daily, or at least a few times a week to remove hair, and can easily lead to skin irritation and razor burn. Waxing can usually last up to six weeks, but one of the downsides is that you have to wait for the hair to reach a certain stage of growth before it can be waxed. Depilatory treatments may last longer than waxing, however, they can easily cause skin irritation and in some cases chemical burns. While laser hair removal may require several treatments over a longer period of time, and it can cause some scarring and irritation, it tends to be more permanent than other kinds of hair removal, as well as hassle-free.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

When you have your first laser hair removal appointment, you can expect to fill out paperwork, as well as discuss your medical history and your skin and hair types. You will also most likely discuss your pain tolerance and sensitivity levels. For your first appointment using the laser, you should show up with the area that is going to be treated shaved and free of hair.

Last Thoughts

Unwanted hair can be pesky to deal with, especially when you have to manage it on a continual basis. That doesn’t mean, though, that you don’t have options. With laser hair removal, it can be possible to make your hair removal routine easier and more hassle-free.

An Important Guide to Lash Extensions

Most women want stunning eyelashes. Unfortunately, most also don’t have the time or the patience to apply lashes every day or even curl their lashes daily. Due to the lack of time and patience, extensions for eyelashes are becoming increasingly more popular. If you’re considering starting your own service or buying supplies for lash extensions, here is what you need to know.

Application Time

The application should only take about two hours for a full set. You can keep the lashes for a year without only touch ups once or twice a month. Some women choose to only have half of a set of lashes applied. This serves as a filler to your natural lashes. If you do this, then the application time will be shorter and you will still have a dramatic effect. Of course, the final look will always depend on the quality of your lash extension supplies.

Common Lash Extensions

People are making the change to lash extensions. In fact, more people are beginning to look to lash extensions instead of mascara. As they become more common, so do the products. You’ll find three different lash extensions the most often. These three are silk, synthetic and mink. The sizes range from 6mm to 17mm. Once you select your lashes, you can have them applied with a semi-permanent glue. This glue will not damage your eyes or hurt the natural lashes. Make sure to keep sensitive skin and allergies in mind, however, when choosing your lashes and the glue. If you have an allergic reaction, act immediately.

Warning Signs

You should not experience any discomfort when you cry. If you find that your eyes burn or are uncomfortable when you cry, then you need to go back to your technician. In addition, if your eyes burn during the process, do not continue forward with it. When you receive extensions, it should be a painless process. Some women do have a reaction to different types of glue, so you may need to find one that works best for you. Do not work through the pain.

If you’re considering lash extensions, this can be a great option when you want fuller, more beautiful eyelashes without the constant upkeep. Your eyelashes need maintenance three to four times a week and you can forget about having to curl them every morning or applying fake lashes. Instead, invest in stunning lashes that you can wear year round.

What You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Have you thought about getting laser hair removal treatment? It’s an excellent procedure that has been proven to lead to lasting results. However, before you opt to receive this treatment, there are a few things you should know about how this procedure actually works.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

This is a type of treatment that makes use of a special type of laser. This cosmetic laser has a number of settings that are specially adjusted to match your skin and hair type. While there are different types of laser systems, some centers, like NewSkin Laser, use the Palomar Intense Pulsed Light system because it is fast, hurts less, and is least prone to burning people. But all laser hair removal systems function on the same principle; the cosmetic laser releases a highly concentrated beam of light that is directed at the source of pigment that is located directly in your hair follicles. This action has the result of destroying the follicle at its root. This complete destruction will prevent the hair from growing back.

Shave Before Treatment

You will have to completely shave the entire area that you desire to receive this special course of treatment. The best thing to do is shave the area on the same day that you have the lasering scheduled. Don’t wax. Tearing the follicle out won’t work because the follicle has to actually be present in order for the laser treatment to completely destroy it.

Stay Out of the Sun

It’s an excellent idea for you to stay well out of the sun for at least four weeks before you receive this course of treatment. A sunburn or tan will disqualify you from receiving it. If you find yourself outdoors for a good part of the day, you may want to postpone receiving laser hair removal treatment until the summer season has passed.

Get a Test Patch

Before you can be ruled eligible to receive laser hair removal, you will need to get your doctor to provide a test patch of skin. The reason for this caution is simple. Not everyone has skin that is able to withstand or adapt to this type of treatment. If there is any chance of you developing an allergy or suffering any other kind of unpleasant reaction, it needs to be known about beforehand. Providing a skin patch will be the litmus test to determine if you are eligible.

It Takes More Than One Treatment

One major surprise that awaits many fans of this treatment is that it takes more than one session to get optimal results. In other words, don’t expect your skin to suddenly become silky smooth after one only treatment. The reality is that it may take between five to six sessions before you really get the silky skin you’re looking for.

One Session Can Last 20-60 Minutes

You won’t need to set aside a huge block of time in order to schedule a session. The average treatment usually takes between 20 minutes and an hour. The length of your session will depend on the area of your body that you desire to have lasered. Your underarms and bikini lines will be done very quickly. Other areas, such as your back and legs, will generally take a bit longer to laser.

Protect Your Eyes

One thing you need to keep in mind at all times is that any kind of laser therapy can be very dangerous. A major area of concern is in the region of your eyes. Most reputable specialists will advise you not to get any hair lasered near your eyes. You will also be advised to wear protective eyewear during the actual process.

There is No Such Thing as Full Body Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is simply too risky to allow for any patient to receive a full body treatment. If you want to make an appointment to receive this special attention, you will need to choose a specific area of your body. You can get your entire body treated over the course of many sessions, but never all at once.

Choosing the Right Type of Eyelash Extensions for You

If you have never had eyelash extensions applied before, or have only used false eyelash kits that you purchased at your local big box store, you probably do not know what you are missing. Eyelash extensions can give your eyes a bit of drama, making your eyelashes appear fuller and longer than they do naturally. You can curl them and treat them just like your natural eyelashes. Sets range from natural-looking to extremely long and dramatic. However, one of the biggest choices you will have to make is what type of eyelash extension is right for you. This guide will tell you a bit about the four most common options and why you may or may not like each one.

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions

If you have purchased false eyelashes at your local store, they were most likely synthetic. However, not all synthetic lashes are cheap or poorly made. Synthetic lashes are often well-loved because they are quite affordable. They are typically the thickest and most dramatic lash option perfect for a bold look.

Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk eyelash extensions cost a bit more money but remain dark and vibrant much like synthetic lashes are. They feel a bit lighter and more natural than synthetics and hold up well to normal daily activities and sports.

Sable Eyelash Extensions

Sable eyelash extensions are not yet widely offered but are becoming more popular. They are delicate and beautiful, and because they are incredibly thin, they may be the best bet for those with thin eyelashes, as these will stay in place and look natural.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions, such as those offered by Sugarlash Pro, are around the same price as sable eyelashes are, which may be seen as a bit expensive. However, they are well worth their price because they last an incredibly long time and look exceptionally natural. These premier extensions do not have the fake shine that synthetic lashes have and are very light and comfortable to wear.

Of course, you will need to keep a few things in mind when you head to the salon for the first time to get eyelash extensions applied. No matter what salon you choose, you will want to ask about how the mink or sable lashes were obtained. Some sources practice animal cruelty while the sources that can be trusted may end up costing a bit more. Additionally, keep in mind that your eyelash extensions should last for up to eight weeks until your natural eyelashes go through an entire growth cycle. Eyelash extensions can be a great way to improve your appearance, feel better about yourself and save time on your makeup every morning.

4 Beauty Strategies to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

Although obsessing about one’s appearance is not healthy, being concerned about how you look is. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that enjoying the way you look is linked to higher self-esteem and more rewarding, pleasant social interactions. Unfortunately, many people do not know what beauty strategies they should be implementing to ensure that they can look and feel their very best. Luckily, there are numerous strategies that can help you improve your aesthetic appeal. Here are four of them:

1. Invest in a Monthly Facial

The most visible region of the body is the face, and this is just one reason why it’s immensely important to take care of this part of the body. One great way to keep your face in fabulous condition is by investing in a monthly facial. This technique is important because a trained aesthetician can carefully evaluate your skin and put together a customized facial that addresses and resolves your unique challenges. Your challenges can include anything from large pores to acne scars.

2. Use Organic Skincare Products

In addition to investing in a monthly facial, make sure that you tap into the power of using organic skincare products. This strategy will empower you to look and feel your best by ensuring that your skin isn’t being compromised due to the presence of petrochemicals and synthetics. If you’re looking for an organic skincare Australia company, know that the professionals of La Mav can assist you. Before you buy anything from an organic skincare retailer, make sure that you do thorough background research to ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable company.

3. Drink More Water

Another beauty strategy that can help you look your very best is drinking more water. This technique is important because it will ensure that your skin stays hydrated, thereby preventing the onset of unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. Also note that drinking water contributes to the removal of toxins from the body, and this is why remaining hydrated can help prevent or decrease your experience of acne. Yet another benefit of consuming adequate amounts of water is that doing so can prevent you from overeating, thereby empowering you to maintain a slender physique. One simple strategy you can deploy to incorporate more water into your life is carrying around a 64 oz water bottle throughout the day. Try to drink the contents of the bottle all day long and have it emptied before you go to bed at night!

4. Get Moving

This is really one of the most powerful beauty strategies available to you. Exercising consistently will improve your appearance in numerous ways. First, exercising helps build muscle tone, thereby giving you a more toned look. Exercise is also a weight management enterprise and can decrease the appearance of cellulite. Yet another beauty benefit of physical activity is that it accelerates the body’s cellular renewal process, thereby improving the appearance of your skin.

To ensure that you achieve maximum benefits from your workout routine, make sure that it incorporates three components: cardio, strength, and stretching. Some of the exercises you may want to engage in to attain these results include:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Weight lifting
  • Tae-bo
  • Kickboxing

Don’t Delay: Start Feeling Beautiful Today!

Life is better when you feel good about the way you look. To ensure that you can optimize your aesthetic appeal and lead a more rewarding life, start using some or all of the beauty strategies outlined above!

The Healthy Hair Diet

You are what you eat. “Taking vitamins is a great way to help make your hair fuller and grow faster. But while you’re patiently waiting, a change in your diet can make a huge difference and even help expedite the process,” explains Carla Rivas, hairstylist and co-founder of the all-natural hair growth vitamins Hair La Vie.

“Any foods that would make you break out, such as those filled with sugars and grease are going to cause a buildup on your scalp that’s going to affect the way your hair feels, looks, and grows. Anything that irritates your skin (think ice cream) will bother your scalp, which can damage your hair follicle. A damaged hair follicle will either grow weak hair or not grow hair at all.”

Here are the top foods to enjoy and stay away from in order to maintain a healthy hair diet.

Top Food Don’ts for Healthy Hair

Sweet Treats

Sugary foods like your favorite candies or cupcakes cause your insulin level to rise, which also causes an increase in androgen (a male hormone) in your body. This hormone is known for causing hair follicles to shrink and become irritated. This leads to hair thinning and hair loss.

Greasy Foods

The grease from fatty meats like fried chicken and french fries can cause more secretion on the scalp. Also, a lot of the time after eating greasy foods, people touch their face and hair without washing their hands. This causes both acne and damage to the hair. You need a clean, debris-free scalp or your hair will not grow healthy and your follicle could be damaged.

Salty Foods

Think chips and canned/frozen meals. Consuming a lot of salty meals and snacks will dry your hair out and leave it weak, lifeless, and breaking.


Low Protein, Filler Foods

Starches like pasta and a lot of cereals, which can be low in protein, will leave your hair limp and unhealthy. That bounce and shine most ladies want is not possible without a healthy dose of protein.

Top Food Do’s for Healthy Hair

People should be eating nutrient and antioxidant rich foods, like fruits and vegetables, if they want to grow long, healthy hair — and a strong, healthy body. These foods help hydrate your scalp and strengthen your hair.


Eggs contain the healthy doses of protein, zinc, and iron that your hair and body need. Zinc benefits for hair include promotion of cell reproduction, tissue growth, and repair of broken tissues. It also maintains the oil-secreting glands that are attached to your hair follicles, thus decreasing their chances of falling out.



Tomatoes have antioxidants that aid in scalp circulation. A healthy scalp leads to happy hair. Add them to a salad or mix them into your favorite dish for a pop of color and tons of fresh flavor.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an amazing source of protein, vitamin B5, and vitamin D. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) is great for keeping the scalp clean and free from film and debris. This keeps the follicles from becoming irritated and promotes healthy, strong hair growth. Add fruit, nuts, and granola for an energizing midday snack.

Lean Protein

Your hair is made of protein, so it only makes sense that your hair will benefit from opting for healthy lean protein sources like grilled chicken or baked salmon. If your diet lacks protein, your body will begin rationing the protein left, which will lead to hair loss. Protein also has the iron you need for healthier, beautiful hair.

DIY Beauty Recipe: Shea Butter Flower Bath Bombs

Sometimes all you need after a long day is some time to yourself so that you may gather your thoughts and prepare to seize another day, and there’s pretty much no better place to do that than in a relaxing bath. The bathtub is almost a universal symbol of sweet relief for women — the place where we can hope to catch a few moments of peace and quiet and just be, at least for a little while.

Not only can a hot bath rejuvenate your mental well-being, it can also work some serious magic on your skin. Lifestyle expert Jasmine Stringer of has created an awesome Shea butter bath bombs recipe we’re thrilled to be able to share with you. If winter dried out your skin, you’re going to want to take the afternoon to whip up these ultra-moisturizing little beauties!

Shea Butter Flower Bath Bombs Recipe

What You’ll Need:

flower measuring spoons

  1. To make these bath bombs successfully, it is important to have your ingredients measured out and ready to mix, so do that first.
  2. Combine and stir the baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and powdered milk in a medium-sized bowl. Set aside.
  3. Melt the Shea butter along with the oil and honey in a small pot over low heat.
  4. Add the melted ingredients to the dry mixture and whisk until thoroughly combined. For an enhanced spa feel and fragrance, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix well.
  5. The ingredients should begin to hold together. Working quickly, use your hands to press the mix firmly into the plastic sheet mold. Leave the mixture in the mold for a couple of minutes and then pop out. The easiest way to work with plastic candy sheet molds for this recipe is to put a cookie sheet over the tray, flip the tray over, and then lift the mold off. While one tray is drying, work on the next.
  6. Let the bath bombs dry overnight. The next day, place them in a decorative bag or basket and place them in your bathroom. To use, drop 1 or 2 bombs into your tub and let the tranquility wash over you — and moisturize you in the process!

You can also turn this mixture into a loose bath powder. Simply leave the mixture in your mixing bowl for 24 hours and periodically mix the ingredients to break up the clumps. Once all of the moisture is gone, place the powder into a mason jar. For a decorative touch, tie a colorful ribbon that matches your bathroom theme or colors around the jar.

TUTORIAL: The Rosette Embellished Ponytail

Who doesn’t love a good ‘ol ponytail? It’s quick, easy, and just might be the most popular go-to hairstyle for busy women everywhere. But if you rely on it too often, it can definitely begin to feel drab and uninspired. Instead of feeling like you’re headed out to the gym rather than ready to take on your day, Melissa Cook of has elevated the average pony look into a chic ‘do that will have your friends oohing and ahhing at your amazing styling skills.

The rosette embellished ponytail is pretty, feminine, and will complete any daytime look so that you can conquer your workload, grab lunch with the girls, or even head out on an early evening date. Plus, it takes just a little longer than messily gathering your hair and fastening it with a hair tie, but is ten times cuter. It’s a win/win, and what every woman needs in her beauty rotation.

Ready to get the look? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Brush
  • Two clear elastic bands
  • Four to five bobby pins
  • Medium hold hairspray

Rosette Embellished Ponytail Tutorial

Step 1

rosette embellished ponytail step 1

Begin by brushing through the hair to remove any tangles and part the hair in the preferred spot. Separate off small sections of hair on each side of the head.

Step 2

rosette embellished ponytail step 2

Bring the two sections to the back of the head and over the rest of the hair, then tie it together with an elastic band.

Step 3

rosette embellished ponytail step 3

Now braid this small ponytail section into a basic three-strand braid and tie off the end with the second elastic band.

Step 4

rosette embellished ponytail step 4

Roll the braid up and towards the elastic band at the top, creating a rosette shape.

Step 5

rosette embellished ponytail step 5

Pin down the edges of the rosette with four to five bobby pins, making sure they stay hidden underneath.

Step 6

rosette embellished ponytail

Spray with a medium hold hairspray and you are ready to go!

Preparing For a Career in Makeup at Marinello

Cosmetology school has perennial relevance, as there is no end to the ebb and flow of fashion. Esthetics is a very diverse field, and Marinello Beauty Schools exist to provide the best educational opportunities available to the greatest number of people. No matter what corner of the makeup industry you are interested in taking part in, there’s a Marinello alumni who is already there enjoying a job they love. That’s because Marinello Beauty Schools have been around for well over 100 years. In this amount of time, they have developed educational methods that teach the basics, allow for entry into a wide range of jobs post-graduation, and have successfully created one of the world’s most enjoyable hands-on educational experiences.

No matter what kind of makeup you’re interested in, there’s a way to tailor your Marinello education to your natural bent. Let’s say you are interested in bridal makeup and photography — an art all its own. Not only are you creating a look that will look beautiful at the altar, you also have to account for the angles and lighting that photography bring into the mix. For a student interested in this kind of work, a Marinello education would first focus on the fundamentals of classic makeup. From there, the program would push the student into the finer techniques necessary for an esthetician working in the world of modern bridal beauty.

But what if you are interested in the blood and gore of horror makeup? Marinello has alumnists out in the horror movie makeup field as well, and they started much the same way as their bridal students. However, the destination was obviously very different. After the fundamentals are examined and mastered, these students are pushed into the realm of realistic “costume” cosmetics, in the sense that the looks created will be part of a larger costume. Much like their bridal cosmetic counterparts, students of screen gore makeup will have to master the fundamentals, the long standing techniques which make makeup styles of all kinds look great.

Whatever makeup tradition you want to become a part of, Marinello is there for you. By providing dozens of school locations around the country, there’s sure to be one near you. In this way, they save their students money because they won’t have to pay for the high cost of on-campus housing. Marinello strives to be affordable and valuable in every detail. The program wraps in a few short semesters, at which point most students enter the workforce. Their Marinello education certifies that they have a level of mastery not often found in the general workforce, and often translates into greater job security, more interesting work, and higher pay.

Like the fundamental techniques they teach, Marinello’s inherent value and affordability is a universal aspect that makes these programs a great choice for all students of cosmetics. Whatever corner of the industry you hope to inhabit after graduation, you can get a great start by learning your craft hands on, with some of the best educators in the world at a Marinello Beauty School near you.

Top photo: ibhusain/Flickr

Choose the Training for Your Makeup Career Path at Cosmix

Attending the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is like having the opportunity to attend and learn from several different specialized makeup schools. With a myriad of degree programs to choose from as well as individual classes, students can learn a variety of makeup techniques. Attending classes at Cosmix is like going to a top special effects makeup artist school one day and a fashion makeup academy the next.

For students who want a well-rounded educational experience, Cosmix offers the Production Makeup Artistry program. This series of classes has been curated to give students the techniques they will need in order to be successful in a variety of career paths. Students leave the program prepared to work in film and television productions, fashion shoots, bridal makeup, and salons.

Cosmix FX makeup

Cosmix also offers specialized programs for students who know their specific makeup career path. The special FX makeup school at Cosmix prepares students to work on sci-fi and horror films and television shows. Students learn how to design and create creatures using makeup, prosthetics, and other tools. Along with creature design, students at our FX makeup school learn practical makeup techniques, such as how to create realistic blood or wounds, as well as how to age actors.

The Fashion Makeup Artistry Program at Cosmix prepares students for a career in fashion makeup. This includes learning how to do makeup for photo shoots and runway shows. The school’s location affords students the opportunity to work on photo shoots and shows taking place in the fashion hot spots of Florida.

Cosmix Miami Fashion Week

Students on a makeup career path can take programs in specialized makeup at Cosmix, or they can take individual classes to learn techniques. In either case, they leave the school with a strong grasp of the techniques needed to excel at their chosen craft.

Top photo: gomainstream/Flickr