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3 Things to Consider Before Selling Diamond Jewelry

There are plenty of solid reasons why someone would want to sell their jewelry. Since diamonds, gold, and other precious metals are involved in the transaction, sellers need to proceed with caution. After all, getting the most money for your rare asset is the whole point of selling. Before choosing an outlet, sellers looking to sell diamond rings or assorted diamond sets must do some research. The page is full of useful information about selling diamond jewelry that every seller should check out. Shipping costs, the ability to select the best offer, and a great reputation are all ingredients that produce a positive selling experience.

Shipping Costs

In order to get the best price for diamond jewelry, it is likely that the buyer and seller will not be located across the street from each other. For this reason, sellers should take a look at insured shipping options. Better yet, using professional and experienced resellers, like Diamond Lighthouse, is a great way to make sure that your high value assets are properly cared for during the shipping process. Diamond Lighthouse offers free 100% insured shipping, ensuring that customers will get the most for their jewelry.

Selecting the Best Offer

All too often, sellers take the first offer that comes through the door. However, using a selling service that gives sellers the option of accepting or rejecting offers is a surefire way to get the most money for the commodity. Since the cost of diamonds and gold fluctuate along with market conditions, sellers could attain a substantially higher profit than they originally had in mind. The key to a better price is not being tied down by a single offer.


When selecting a jewelry selling service, owners need to consider the reputation of the organization. Jewelry sellers who have been around for a while and have a high number of positive reviews are generally the best option. This is not the time to take a chance on a business you can’t do any research on. Owners must also be aware of any additional associated costs — what good is getting a great price for your jewelry if the service charges a high fee for selling with them? Choosing a reputable service is a great way to avoid any hidden fees and get your diamond jewelry sold for the best price.

In the end, the decision behind selling diamond jewelry can be a difficult one, but as long as sellers understand shipping costs, can ensure that they have the power to accept the best offer, and know how to choose a service with a great reputation, the experience can be a pleasant one.

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Tips to Save Money When Shopping Online for the Holidays

In today’s busy world, shopping online just makes sense. You can shop at times that are convenient for you without leaving home; there’s no need to fight the after work rush at the store or waste your precious weekends at the mall when you could be spending time with family and loved ones. Online shopping is even more advantageous during the holidays, as practically no one wants to deal with holiday crowds. Online shopping also allows you more selection than you may have in your local store. Plus, there are tons of bargains to be found online and you can likely find deals that are just as good as what you would buy in brick and mortar stores.

Follow these tips to save money when shopping online for the holidays:

Buy at the Right Time

Many popular stores hold sales as the holiday season approaches. You can look for regular store sales advertised in the paper, on television, and on websites and social media, as in-store sale items will often be available to online shoppers as well. You may also decide to wait for a big sales event like Cyber Monday, the biggest shopping day of the year specifically for online shoppers. Meant to rival Black Friday, Cyber Monday takes place usually all day on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Search a Coupon Database

Coupon or promo codes are available for thousands of stores by visiting an online database like With sites like these, it’s easy to type in he name of your favorite store and get a list of available codes for various deals. You can almost always find some kind of deal and save money at checkout by entering a simple code.

Sometimes More is Better

Frequently, there are coupon codes available that provide a higher percentage discount with increased spending. It can really be worth it to spend the extra money if you find an additional item you can use. When holiday shopping, there’s usually something extra that you might need or want to pick up, like a small teacher or hostess gift. It may even be a good idea to shop with a friend in order to pick up the biggest savings.

These are only a few of the ways you can save money when shopping online for the holidays. So grab a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite pair of slippers and get shopping!

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Preparing For a Career in Makeup at Marinello

Cosmetology school has perennial relevance, as there is no end to the ebb and flow of fashion. Esthetics is a very diverse field, and Marinello Beauty Schools exist to provide the best educational opportunities available to the greatest number of people. No matter what corner of the makeup industry you are interested in taking part in, there’s a Marinello alumni who is already there enjoying a job they love. That’s because Marinello Beauty Schools have been around for well over 100 years. In this amount of time, they have developed educational methods that teach the basics, allow for entry into a wide range of jobs post-graduation, and have successfully created one of the world’s most enjoyable hands-on educational experiences.

No matter what kind of makeup you’re interested in, there’s a way to tailor your Marinello education to your natural bent. Let’s say you are interested in bridal makeup and photography — an art all its own. Not only are you creating a look that will look beautiful at the altar, you also have to account for the angles and lighting that photography bring into the mix. For a student interested in this kind of work, a Marinello education would first focus on the fundamentals of classic makeup. From there, the program would push the student into the finer techniques necessary for an esthetician working in the world of modern bridal beauty.

But what if you are interested in the blood and gore of horror makeup? Marinello has alumnists out in the horror movie makeup field as well, and they started much the same way as their bridal students. However, the destination was obviously very different. After the fundamentals are examined and mastered, these students are pushed into the realm of realistic “costume” cosmetics, in the sense that the looks created will be part of a larger costume. Much like their bridal cosmetic counterparts, students of screen gore makeup will have to master the fundamentals, the long standing techniques which make makeup styles of all kinds look great.

Whatever makeup tradition you want to become a part of, Marinello is there for you. By providing dozens of school locations around the country, there’s sure to be one near you. In this way, they save their students money because they won’t have to pay for the high cost of on-campus housing. Marinello strives to be affordable and valuable in every detail. The program wraps in a few short semesters, at which point most students enter the workforce. Their Marinello education certifies that they have a level of mastery not often found in the general workforce, and often translates into greater job security, more interesting work, and higher pay.

Like the fundamental techniques they teach, Marinello’s inherent value and affordability is a universal aspect that makes these programs a great choice for all students of cosmetics. Whatever corner of the industry you hope to inhabit after graduation, you can get a great start by learning your craft hands on, with some of the best educators in the world at a Marinello Beauty School near you.

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Pair the Right Food and Wine at Your Reception

At your wedding party, you want to dazzle your guests with your menu choices. Pairing the right main dishes, side dishes, and desserts with the right beverages can be an important part of making your reception a night for everyone to remember. As far as food-related stresses go, you don’t want to pair the wrong wine with your food selections. Wines give you the unique opportunity to enhance the flavors of your dishes — if you choose the right ones. By planning ahead, you can create a delicious feast for your guests.

Pay Attention to Intensity

You probably have heard the rules about pairing white wine with fish and red with beef, but those aren’t the only rules. It’s also important that you focus on the intensity of wines and foods. Intensity refers to:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Spice
  • Acid

Match Food and Wine Flavors

Once you understand intensities, you can balance your food and beverage menu. It’s important that your wines and foods align with each other in terms of taste and weight. For example:

  • Pair rich, complex wines with robust, flavorful foods. By combining hearty choices, both will enhance and neither will overwhelm the other.
  • Combine mild wines with delicate-tasting appetizers and main dishes, as they will complement each other.

Pair Regions

Another way to appropriately combine wines with foods is to pair the regions of the world with each other. Ethnic combinations work well together, such as:

  • Combine Italian food with wine made from grapes grown in Italy.
  • Pair Spanish cuisine with wine bottled in Spain.

Serve Sweet Wines

Sweet wines work well with several categories of food. The sweet taste enhances the flavors of menu items that are:

  • Spicy: The sugar in wines can cool down the heat of spicy foods.
  • Salty: Just like candy-covered pretzels are delicious, the sweet and salty combination of food and wine can work well together.
  • Sweet: Pair your dessert course with sweet wine to enhance the taste of both items.

Sample Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to make sure your wines will go with your menu items is to sample them together ahead of time. To do this:

  • Prepare (or have the cook prepare) foods you plan to serve.
  • Assemble several wine options.
  • Sample the choices by taking a bite of the food and then taking a sip of each wine.
  • Keep sampling until you find the combinations that tantalize your taste buds.

Your wedding reception is one of the most memorable parties you will ever throw, so make sure the food and drink you serve lives up to the occasion. By giving thought to these pairings and planning ahead, you can select the perfect choices.

Rose Gold is the New ‘It’ Metal

Rose gold has become the new “it” metal for those who are looking for a trendy, unique spin on a traditional piece of jewelry. This metal has seen an increase in popularity due to its color lending well to a variety of jewelry styles, and it compliments almost every skin tone. Its pretty pastel hue gives a feminine touch to almost every outfit.

This metal is a gold and copper alloy first created in the 19th century in Russia; because of its point of origin, it may also be called “Russian gold.” Rose gold initially gained popularity all over the world during the 1920s by Cartier and their famous trinity band. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for someone who might be looking for an engagement ring out of the norm.

rose gold

Rose, Yellow, or White Gold?

Yellow gold has long been the traditional choice for wedding jewelry, and for good reason since it never really goes out of style. It is hypoallergenic and looks authentic, since it was used during the Art Deco and Edwardian eras.

On the downside, yellow gold doesn’t compliment those with pale or rosy skin as much as a rose or white gold. Yellow gold is also weaker than other metals, and may require more maintenance and care. In order to retain its value, the wearer will likely find themselves keeping a strict regimen of cleaning and polishing.

engagement ringWhite gold consists of silver, gold, and palladium alloy. It may even be an alternative to he more expensive options of platinum. It’s lighter than these metals, but more durable than the average yellow gold. White gold is coated in rhodium in order to brighten it up, which causes some brides and jewelry lovers to be allergic to white gold. And in order to keep that shine, it is suggested that white gold be re-plated once a year.

Rose gold is stronger than others because of the added copper that forms the alloy. Rose also compliments most skin colors, adds a trendy aspect to an engagement ring, and in most cases, is even more affordable than yellow or white gold options.

A Versatile, Contemporary Option

More women are gravitating towards rose gold because it can be worn with both gold and silver, and they never have to think twice before adding other pieces of jewelry to an ensemble. Colored stones and diamonds alike look fabulous in a rose setting, and this option gives you a contemporary spin on a classic piece of jewelry.

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How to Layer Jewelry

Your personal style is evident in the clothing you wear, as well as in the accessories you choose. Even how you wear accessories can help illustrate your keen fashion sense, which is why layering jewelry is a great method for getting the most out of your beloved pieces.

Stacking Rings

Starting with rings, choose a focal piece that will draw attention to your carefully chosen accessories. A cocktail ring can work great in this respect, as these over-sized rings are designed to stand out among more understated jewelry. Next, look for geometric rings to play against your focal piece. You can stack delicate rings to further enhance the layering affect, just be sure to arrange them in a way that is most visually appealing.

Layering Necklaces

Similar principles apply when layering necklaces. Contrast is key, and this can be achieved by selecting necklaces of many different lengths. This will allow each of your necklaces to stand out, which is important when creating a complementary look. You can also experiment with things like textures and materials. Pair smooth, simplistic pieces with more detailed ones to create a complex aesthetic.

Fashion is all about putting your own personal spin on new clothing and accessory trends. Layering your jewelry is just another aspect of looking fashionable, and can serve to express your personal style while also highlighting the look of your favorite pieces. Check out the infographic below for more ideas on how to layer jewelry.

How To Layer Jewelry by Chan Luu
Infographic via Chan Luu

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Choose the Training for Your Makeup Career Path at Cosmix

Attending the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is like having the opportunity to attend and learn from several different specialized makeup schools. With a myriad of degree programs to choose from as well as individual classes, students can learn a variety of makeup techniques. Attending classes at Cosmix is like going to a top special effects makeup artist school one day and a fashion makeup academy the next.

For students who want a well-rounded educational experience, Cosmix offers the Production Makeup Artistry program. This series of classes has been curated to give students the techniques they will need in order to be successful in a variety of career paths. Students leave the program prepared to work in film and television productions, fashion shoots, bridal makeup, and salons.

Cosmix FX makeup

Cosmix also offers specialized programs for students who know their specific makeup career path. The special FX makeup school at Cosmix prepares students to work on sci-fi and horror films and television shows. Students learn how to design and create creatures using makeup, prosthetics, and other tools. Along with creature design, students at our FX makeup school learn practical makeup techniques, such as how to create realistic blood or wounds, as well as how to age actors.

The Fashion Makeup Artistry Program at Cosmix prepares students for a career in fashion makeup. This includes learning how to do makeup for photo shoots and runway shows. The school’s location affords students the opportunity to work on photo shoots and shows taking place in the fashion hot spots of Florida.

Cosmix Miami Fashion Week

Students on a makeup career path can take programs in specialized makeup at Cosmix, or they can take individual classes to learn techniques. In either case, they leave the school with a strong grasp of the techniques needed to excel at their chosen craft.

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Catering Trends That Will Make Your Summer Wedding Memorable

Every bride wants to offer their wedding guests a unique and unforgettable experience, especially when it comes to the food they will enjoy. Summer’s harvest of fresh ingredients creates an astounding array of choices when it comes to planning your wedding reception meal. Consider these catering trends when choosing a menu that is both distinctive and tantalizing.

Fresh and Light

A reception dinner doesn’t have to be heavy to delight your guests. Summer offers many options for dishes that will satisfy without leaving anyone feeling too stuffed to dance into the night. One current trend is lighter, fresher fare from local vendors who produce their offerings with natural methods and minimize use of pesticides and hormones. This reflects a growing nationwide consciousness of “clean eating” that’s not only healthier, but often far more flavorful than conventionally produced alternatives. The salad bar has found its way into many wedding events, allowing guests to combine simple yet sophisticated farm-to-fork ingredients such as pomegranates or Asian pear to salads made from a variety of heirloom lettuces and herbs.

Street Food

wedding dessert bar
Meals infused with food truck flavor are another trendy option. An assortment of themed stations that recreate the street food experience allow caterers to present an enticing wedding meal with visual impact and entertainment value. This option allows guests to interact with chefs who elevate simple fare such as ramen noodles or tacos to gourmet heights. The street food approach is particularly popular for summer weddings as it reflects the season’s fun, free spirit.

Family Style

Parting with tradition doesn’t have to mean ruling out a sit-down meal. Many caterers are offering the option of serving dishes to pass, giving the meal a more communal feel and encouraging guest interaction. Shared dishes create a less formal ambiance without sacrificing elegance or taste.

Dessert Bars

While wedding cake hasn’t necessarily given up its role as a centerpiece of the marriage celebration, many caterers are adding the option of offering guests an assortment of dessert selections from which to choose. Some couples are choosing to present attendees with additional cake alternatives, such as pudding, artisan cookies, fudge, or other handmade confections. A “cake” comprised of an assortment of individual cupcakes in a range of flavors allows guests to choose their favorite and then enhance it with a medley of toppings. Some are opting to eschew cake altogether in favor of dessert buffets or summer classics like make-your-own ice cream sundaes.

When it comes to planning your summer nuptials, drawing outside the lines is often the best approach. Summer weddings offer a host of possibilities for making a striking impression while infusing the event with the season’s fun, laid-back spirit.

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Hair Tips from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Prom Episode

If you tuned in to last week’s “Pretty Little Liars” prom episode on ABC Family and fawned over the flowing tresses, stunning braids, or immediately began envisioning yourself with Aria’s short and sassy ‘do, we have some great tips and tricks on achieving the looks from the big night straight from the source. The show’s hair department head hairstylist Kim M. Ferry has shared her styling tips for the big dance, along with hair tips from season 6.

Prom Looks from ‘Last Dance’ Episode #609

At this point in our season, my hair department’s “Top Hair Moment” is definitely the prom episode, “Last Dance.” We designed some great hairstyles; built, cut, and added human hair extensions and intricate braids. I hired a jewelry designer, Mary Anne Brown (@energeticjewlry) and she made some beautiful custom hair accessories, all handmade for one special PLL. Interesting fact: Mary Anne picks stones that all have “energetic properties” with the intention of bringing joy to the wearer. I thought that was pretty cool to use on-camera.

I also custom made some flower hairpins and a lovely hair braid I clipped into an updo for another PLL. We even established some fun hairstyles on our Rosewood High School background prom guests as well. It was a big episode with loads of hair fun!

Tips for Styling Shorter Cuts like Aria and Hannah

Their shorter, textured hair lengths look so good on both of them. As for styling now, I still use a good setting spray before I curl them, like White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold Thermal Styling Spray. It can be used wet or dry. I usually spray each section I am going to curl. I like the softness of our “beach wave” looks, and have loosened them even more on Hannah and Aria in season 6. We have more youthful looks in the first 10 episodes of our show, created by letting their hair hang around their faces and drift onto their shoulders. By using a 1-inch wide hot curling iron, I wrap 1-inch hair sections vertically around the barrel, hold for 4-5 seconds, and then gently pull down on the curl and let the hair fall into place to cool as it hangs. This angle helps to give the effect that they walked out of the ocean and let their hair dry in the sun. I don’t usually use hairspray on either of them, but I do add my preferred oil to their ends daily — White Sands Orchids Oil. Put a little on your fingertips and lightly add it to dry, tired ends and watch it smooth hair immediately. Orchids Oil really helps with fly-aways, tangles, and most notably it smells delicious! (And yes, I use this oil at home in my hair too!)

Best Techniques for Loose Waves on Longer Hair Like Spencer and Emily

The technique is really very close to that for the shorter hair I described above. To create larger waves, simply switch to a larger iron, but I think a 1-inch hot iron works great with longer beach waves as well. Still use a good setting spray and curl vertically instead of horizontally and be sure to pull the wave out as it cools.

Character Hair Personalities

Our PLL characters’ personalities and their “hair personalities” can change episode-to-episode. One day the girls could be at school, with long flowing hair in wonderful, shiny beach waves and then they can hop in a car and be in “Sleuth Mode” with ponytails or have messy buns because they are hunting down answers on a dark night; or maybe they all have disheveled, dirty hair because “A” has locked them all in a terrible place! The scenes unfold in our scripts and the writer’s descriptions often mold the look for every character on “Pretty Little Liars.” I take my direction and consult the products and then the actors and create the best look for each moment we have on-screen. I want everyone to be happy — producers, writers, actors, and of course our amazing loyal fans!

The PLL’s hair has evolved a lot in seasons 4, 5, and now 6. We are heading into new directions soon and have even more hair surprises coming in the second half of the season, so be sure to tune in!

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Planet Beach Cleanse Herbal Facial Cleanser Review and Prize Pack Giveaway [Closed]

This review was created in partnership with eAccountable and contains affiliate links. I received Planet Beach Cleanse Herbal Facial Cleanser for review and opinions are my own.

Planet Beach Cleanse Herbal Facial Cleanser

As my interest in and love for cosmetics has not only continued to grow, but morph into an addiction/hoarding situation (fueled mostly by my ipsy subscription), I have really had to step up my cleansing game.

We all know that not properly taking off your makeup before bed every night or following a daily skincare regimen can damage your skin and age you prematurely. As a late-comer to the beauty scene, having really only gotten into experimenting with my daily beauty look in the last couple of years, I have never had a go-to facial cleanser that I’ve been loyal to for years. I’m basically navigating through products in the dark right now, ready to try anything in hopes of someday finding that one product I can say has worked for me. So when I was asked if I would be interested in trying out Planet Beach’s Cleanse Herbal Facial Cleanser, I don’t have to tell you how fast I jumped on that.

Planet Beach Cleanse Herbal Facial Cleanser info

Planet Beach Cleanse Herbal Facial Cleanser open

Planet Beach Cleanse is a pH balanced herbal facial cleansing gel for all skin types, formulated to penetrate the pores to deeply cleanse and protect skin from bacteria and fungus. With key ingredients aloe vera extract, white oak bark extract, sodium, beta carotene, and collagen, it works as an overall cleanser and astringent that can help tighten the skin without drying it out.

In addition to being labeled as enriched with organic ingredients, I really liked seeing that Planet Beach does not test on animals.

Each morning and night, I used a nickel-sized amount of cleanser on my face and neck. The thin, pink liquid, while boasting a natural key ingredient list, smells kind of chemical-y, but after just the first time I used it I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth my skin felt. It adequately removed my daily makeup, though like most other standard cleansers, it did fail to remove all of my mascara. Overall, my skin felt clean, softer than I have ever felt it before, and it was really impressive. And then I began to break out. At first it was just a single new blemish and I didn’t think much of it. After another couple of days, I had some more. After almost two weeks of using Cleanse twice daily, I have a chin and jaw speckled with straight-up acne.

My fickle skin is well-documented. Even a product I’ve used without incident for a while can suddenly start to cause chaos with whatever is going on with my skin. At this point I can never be sure exactly what is causing a specific skin-related issue, but I can confidently say that as far as my daily skincare regimen goes, I have only used Cleanse along with a light moisturizer, aside from my daily makeup that I always remove every night before bed, in order to facilitate this review as accurately as I possibly could.

Planet Beach Cleanse Herbal Facial Cleanser didn’t work out as well as I thought it would, and I’m still searching for that tried and true cleanser that will keep my acne-prone skin under control in the long-term. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still get use out of the cleanser I have left.

While marketed as a facial cleanser, Planet Beach Cleanse can be utilized for a myriad of other personal uses in areas that aren’t so acne-prone. Because it is a pH balanced general cleanser, it can be used as a feminine wash and liquid body wash, flushing away excess oils, waste from perspiration, soot, smog residue and other air pollutants, perfumes, and high fragrance products. It can also be used as a bubble bath and gentle shaving gel.

Planet Beach Cleanse Herbal Facial Cleanser

You can get Planet Beach Cleanse Herbal Facial Cleanser at for $31.

Planet Beach Prize Pack Giveaway

Planet Beach is finishing out July on a high note for their followers, giving away an awesome prize pack valued at over $100. To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end July 31 and is sponsored and fulfilled by Planet Beach.