Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter Simplifies Cleanup in This Multiple Cat Household #ad — Giveaway [Closed]

This post was written as part of a sponsored campaign in participation with One2One Network. All opinions (and cat anecdotes) are my own.

Me and my fiance are the proud pet parents (yes, I’m one of those people) to five delightfully quirky cats. Having a five-cat household was not something we planned or set out to do. Rather, our feline family came together in the same way great authors have described going bankrupt, the throws of depression, and falling in love — slowly, and then all at once.


We adopted our oldest cat, Devin, 9 years ago, just months after my fiance and I moved in together. She was nearing adulthood, her chances of finding a loving forever home slim, and she was mine from the moment I first saw her sitting in a cage by herself and she stuck her paw out at me as I walked by.

Devin can be cantankerous. She has always been the kind of cat that doesn’t want to be bothered unless she comes to you first, and she can go from being tolerant of your attention to lashing out with just a twitch of her tail. But there’s more to her than that, and we saw the true depth of her loving and compassionate nature when we agreed to take in a male kitten a friend of a friend had and could no longer take care of four years later.


We call Devin and Vincent the OG’s of our cat clan. Devin was our first, having been with us throughout the majority of our entire relationship, but we had fully intended on Vincent being the last. While I have always been an animal lover (me and animals have always gotten along easier and better than me and other people) and would gladly take on an animal sanctuary if I had the space and money for it, we agreed that two cats were enough for us, especially because at the time we were apartment living.


Then in the winter of 2012 we bought and moved into our own home. By the summer of 2013, we agreed to take in a kitten a friend of my aunt’s was trying to find a home for. A petite little girl who was the runt of her litter, Sylvia is truly unique. She is a polydactyl, meaning she has a harmless congenital physical abnormality that gives her more than the usual number of toes. She has eight toes on one of her front paws, seven on the other, and five on both of her back paws. She had me at polydactyl.

Sid and Nancy
Sid and Nancy

Just five months after Sylvia came into our lives, in the fall of 2013, we rescued two kittens who were born under the shed in our backyard. I named them Sid and Nancy, yes after the bass player of the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, and his tumultuous lover.

I think Sid and Nancy had always been meant to be ours. They were born in our backyard, they took over our entire outside property as their own, and they began sleeping on our back porch every night. They always knew they were already home, they were just waiting for us to realize it.

Slowly, and then all that once. That is how we became a five-cat household.

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter

While cats bring a tremendous amount of love, joy, and hilarious antics into the lives of their owners, they can also be downright stinky. Yes, I am talking about the litter box.

We have three litter boxes around the house and as you might imagine, controlling litter box odor is no easy task. We have tried multiple different litters from various different brands, and while we have used the same litter for the past couple years, my main complaint has always been that it is so heavy, and doesn’t seem to last as long as I think it should.

For a five-cat household, we go through 40 pounds of cat litter about every two months. Have you ever carried a 40 pound box, or pushed a cart weighing in at over 40 pounds from one side of a warehouse store to the other? Frankly speaking, it sucks.

A couple of weeks ago, Cat’s Pride sent Devin, Vincent, Sylvia, Sid, and Nancy a box full of goodies.

The box arrived on Valentine’s Day, which I thought was appropriate, and included the cutest little white branded coat that exactly none of my cats were amused in being dressed in (but we sure had fun trying!), a new remote-controlled mouse toy, and 12 pounds of the new Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter.

Cat's Pride box

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter is 50% lighter, making it much easier to carry from one end of a warehouse store to the next, and 99.9% dust free. This is a big deal, as the cloud that can develop over a litter box during and after you’ve filled it with new litter can be seriously irritating to the eyes and nose. Not having to combat dust has been a welcomed relief!

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter closeup

Formulated for multiple cat households, the Multi-Cat Scoop variety of this litter has really simplified the cat cleanup I do on a daily basis. The lightweight litter contains no fillers and forms into rock hard clumps that are easy to scoop. It is premium scented (though unscented varieties are available) with a pleasant fragrance that isn’t overpowering. It simply neutralizes litter box odor while filling the area with a fresh scent that doesn’t make it obvious that you’re trying to cover up any unwanted smells from three litter boxes.

The motto of Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter is “Light Done Right!” and after using it these past couple weeks, I couldn’t agree more.

New Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter is available in scented and non-scented varieties. Head on over to Cat’s Pride to check them out.

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter Giveaway

Cat's Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter

We have partnered with Cat’s Pride and One2One Network to give one lucky cat lady (or gentleman) a 12lb container of new Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Litter.

This giveaway is open to US entrants ages 18+ and will end March 10 at 11:59pm ET.

Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Ultimate Care Cat Litter

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  1. We have three cats. Rascal is the oldest and was rescued as a kitten when my husband from him and his siblings behind a garbage can at work. Duchess is next and we got her from the SPCA. The youngest is Juliet who we got from a second chance shleter

    1. I have a 10 month old kitten named Nugget who is a very frisky, rotten, little bundle of mischief. She is the funniest cat ever. She is certainly one of a kind because ever since she was 5 weeks old she really doesn’t like to be touched much. If you are lucky enough to have her grace you with her presence and want some love, you are made to feel like the chosen one lol.

  2. I currently have one kitty named Desiree. She will be turning 6 next month and I’ve had her since I found her in the yard when she was 3 weeks old. She’s quite mischievous and she’s also very affectionate. She’s always giving me kisses.

  3. We have 4 cats. 2 are shelter adoptees and the other 2 are rescues that were on their way to the animal shelter. It all started with our first cat in Dec 2013. We adopted her for a family for Christmas. A few months later we got our puppy. She attached him with a kangaroo mike tyson style paw pounding and thus became tyson. Over the next couple months, we decided to get her a buddy and ended up with our 2 male rescues. Posiden and poncho. Poncho is the crazy cat in the house. He zooms up and down our tri – level stairs and leaps up doorway thresholds and scratches his way down. He is hyper but a lot of fun. We recently adopted mia, a chocolate point siamese from our animal shelter. She is 8 years old. She is slowly adapting to the house and of course poncho wants to play.

    We have 2 litter boxes and massive dust clouds even just scooping. With my asthma, it does make being a pet parent difficult. I’m on the search for an affordable yet dust free cat litter. Not being able to afford to just try out brands everytime one doesn’t work out, isn’t an option. If I win and this does meet my needs, I will be able to end the search and have a solid product to purchased.

  4. We have 3 cats (all rescues)…. Remus who is 6, Charlie who is 3 and Archer is 2. Archer loves to get on top of doors and try to walk across the door frame….. thankfully he must have bones of rubber. Charlie thinks he is a toddler. He is currently going through a stage where he opens all the cabinet doors, drawers, and doors in the house. And just leaves them open. He loves to watch Elmo, cartoons, movies with pigs and cuddling with his blankie. Remus is too smart for his own good. He turns light switches and exhaust fan switches off and on, tries to stick things in electrical sockets and he has a fascination with power tools. He makes me sigh a lot 🙂

  5. We have 3 cats, Lucky, Princess, and Ferris. They are all elder kitties and just love cuddling and being with you!

  6. All six of our cats are rescues in one way or another, and since they’re indoors only and we have TWO large litter boxes, litter is something that we take very seriously. I’d love to try Cat’s Pride! Thank you for an amazing giveaway.

  7. I have 1 rescue cat, Twinkie. She was a gift to my daughter on her 6th birthday. She had always wanted a cat. It’s been 6 years now and it’s the best thing I ever did! My daughter loves that cat so much like the rest of us!!

  8. We are in an apartment now with two cats (Ranger and Coco). And just with them sometimes litter odor control is a battle. I love the idea of a lighter litter. I’ll have to try this one out!

  9. I just bought that same litter box that you have. I’m trying to figure out how to use it. Anyway, I we just adopted a female kitten and she is just so much fun. we have Sam, our 12 year old cat and the two of them get along pretty well, but Sam likes to show his domination over the kitten quite a bit. You’ll still often find them sleeping together. I love cats. I’m a total cat person. You don’t have to walk cats, they come up and cuddle and then go do their own thing….very low maintenance pet.

  10. I have 4 cats. I have 2 males and 2 females. My cats all have crazy tails because of a gene mutation. The females are Keke and Momma. The males are Butterball and Simba. Butterball is trained to go to the door and ring bells that we put on the door knob to go outside.

  11. I don’t have cats because I am wicked allergic (sigh…), but I have heard great things about Cats Pride from my inlaws who have cats. All your cats are so cute 🙂

  12. We currently have one kitty. Her name is Nienna and she is 9 years old…so to be 10! She is a tabby. She has always been an indoor cat until this summer when she accidentally got outside foraf ew hours. She came back home after a few hours and has gone outside for a few hours every day since then! When she is ready to come inside, she sits on one of the porches or she bangs her body against the screen doors! It is hilarious and shows just how smart she is!!

  13. We have 5 cats. Zoey, Jinx, Tia, Sam, and Muffin. Tia looks like your Devon! They all have their own personalities and all get a long pretty well. Each one has a special place in our home and we love them all!

  14. I have 2 cats. Mali and Stormy.
    Both are mature LAZY ladies. Both like laying in the sun, Not near each other or the dog. All 3 are equally spaced out in the sun. 🙂

  15. I have 4 kitties- Brother, Princess, Merlyn, and Smokie. 2 of them get along, and the other 2 are pretty much loners. They are all spoiled rotten!

  16. My sweet girls name is Tinker Belle and she is our princess. She is 12 years young and loves everything pampering. This litter would be a great change for her and allow her to have a fresh clean litter box all of the time.

  17. My formerly feral, sweet, wonderful kitty-boy is named Joey. I met him 16 years ago when he was living under a shed, fending for himself—I thought he was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. We decided we could make a go of it together, and it has been a fabulous romance ever since!

  18. I have a Maine Coon named Roland. He is very smart and can do things like turn a doorknob and open a door.

  19. We know have only two cats since our beloeved Tiger died in October. Felix is a 20 pound BIG MAN! He had two fangs that hang out of his mouth but now has only one. He is about 12 and ALWAYS purring and happy. Sissy is also a cat that just showed up about 10 years ago. She is a tough cookie and lets big Felix know when she has had enough of his nonsense! We love them both!

  20. I have a one year old named Kiwi. She is a lot of fun right now. She really likes to play chase…me chasing her all around the house.

  21. I have to cats, Maggie Bird and Lady Love. They are both fat lazy house cats and totally AWESOME! I love them lots!

  22. my kitty Maleficent, is like my baby. she follows me every where.I also taught her how to jump and grab my hand when she wants a treat

  23. I love my black and white cat Minnie. She is so cute and funny. Whenever I come into the room, she wakes up and meows at me. Or when I go to sleep, she sleeps besides me. I think that’s the cutest thing ever!

  24. I have two kitties at home. Layla is a blue Lynx Point, the most beautiful and sweet and cuddly cat I’ve ever been around.
    The other cat, Hank, is my roommate’s. He is a cuddle monster and sits in your lap at the worst times .

  25. My cat Gracie had a rough life before I adopted her. She is not a very nice kitty due to it. She bites, scratches, and hisses. I over look all of that because the minute you put a toy in front of her, she turns to mush. She has a room now filled with toys. Everyone knows when she is awake, all you hear is the jingling of her toys. I’m glad her rough life has not taken that away from her as well.

  26. I have 2 maine coons Mr.Biggles was born outside and rescued after being outside for 3 months. The moment I saw him listed on our local no kill shelter I knew I had to have him, I felt it deep in me he was mine. I’m so glad I got him, he has been with us for 3 years now and he’s the type of Kitty who thinks 4 AM is “partyyyyyy tiiiiime” lol. Next, is Mrs.Littles she’s a maine coon as well but not near as big as Mr.Biggles. She was a rescue kitty to we’ve had her for 2 years, she’s a type of Kitty who has boundaries some days she loves you and some days she cannot stand humans. My kids love when they pur or as they say the cats marbles are going lol. My cats are my babies.

  27. We have 3 kitties! Simba, Gizzy and Lucy! They are always chasing and playing with each other! My busy bodies!

  28. We have 4 cats. Spooky, she’s the fiesty one most the time. Lately she has been sleeping next to me A LOT, because she has been vomiting a lot. Lucipurr (Luci for short) is the Ragdoll that we all love. Mancat we rescued from a multifamily home complex my mom used to work for, he is just laid back and cool as can be because he is happy to have a home. Kaboodle is about 13 years old and she is the lazy house owner, she keeps everything calm and collected. LOL

  29. I have 4 wonderful indoor only cats. Their names are Bubba, Chester, Little and Ryder. They have all been rescued. The cutest thing that Chester does is carries his plush yellow bone in his mouth everynight. Once I lay down for bed, he grabs that bone. He walks around meowing with it in his mouth. Finally , he brings it to me and lays it down beside my bed. I have never seen anything like it. Bubba is my big beefcake. He weighs a whopping 22 lbs. Little is my very sweet and shy cat and finally the Diva cat is Ryder. She thinks she owns everything and everyone including me. I love my cats so much!!

  30. We have a cat who is black and white. Her name is panda and she has 6 kittens. She is so sweet and is a very good mom.

  31. I have 3 babies their names is cotton, tigger and tom. I use different kinds of litter but have wanted to try this product

  32. my furbaby is Ophelia- she likes to lay on her back with her tummy in the air- but you can’t touch it or else she’ll get mad.

  33. I have two fur balls! Lilah & Amber! Anytime you pick up Amber she will always purr and paw onto you. Lilah likes to scoot ice around the floor, she will wait for ice everytime she hears it going.

  34. This would be for my cat Rigs. One funny thing about him is that vegetables/fruits seem to scare him. He always swats at carrots, cucumbers and apples.

  35. This would be for my mom’s cat Nermal (yes, named after the Garfield cartoon); she is a mischievous little cat. Kinda a “scary” story because any cat they’ve gotten has disappeared, and Nermal however has survived it all. We’ve come to suspect Nermal is killing them off LOL.

  36. I would love to win this for my mom’s cat, Gracie! She’s absolutely adorable, and loves my mom so much! She’ll sit on & let my mom pat her for hours! But she dislikes strangers, and if someone comes to visit my mom, Gracie will hide under the bed (or in a closet!) until they’re gone!

  37. I have one cat (so far…) and she is the laziest cat in the world. She rarely wants to play, and if she does it lasts all of 2 minutes. She likes to sit upright in the corners of the chairs or couch. She gets SO EXCITED when I lay down to take a nap so she can nap with me.

  38. We have a house full of crazy cats. One older cat Gordon who likes to eat and sleep and three young cats that are adopted strays that like to run around like little nuts and tear the house apart. We love them all.

  39. The feline family members in my house that would get to try this out are Budge, Houdini, Miss Priss and Tom!

  40. I would use this for my cat Cuddles. She lives up to her name and is always on someone’s lap!

  41. Currently, we only have one cat, a lovely black beauty. Her name is Bappy, which originated as BAP, because she has Big Ass Paws. Yup, she’s polydactal! She also got an insanely loud purr, and when she’s very very happy, she sort of trills, too.

  42. We have one cat named Kitten (my daughter named when she was 4 LOL) and another one named Callie. Callie likes to stick her tongue out after she gives you kisses. And will stay like that for hours LOL

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