Check Out Adore Me, the New Monthly Lingerie Subscription Site with Selections for Your Unique Style

Adore Me

Monthly subscription programs have gained immense popularity as of late and there’s at least one, and sometimes several, services dedicated to all the drool-worthy products women can never have enough of — cosmetics, body products, t-shirts, and heels. Well, now there’s a new program out there filling the void of that one, last thing all the other programs seem to have forgotten about. Lingerie. Seriously, who can ever have enough lingerie? It is simply not possible!

Adore Me is a new trendy lingerie club that offers a personalized shopping experience. The process is simple: Start by taking a quick style quiz where, through a series of multiple choice questions, your particular style preferences are determined. The Adore Me stylists use the results of your style quiz to hand-pick a selection of lingerie, including bra and panty sets, babydolls, slips, and hosiery, all of which compliment your unique style. Every month, your showroom will be updated with a selection of new lingerie to choose from.

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I have been a member of Adore Me for a little over a month now; long enough to see two showrooms that had been put together for me based on the results of my style quiz. I was happy with my first showroom; it contained a few pieces of lingerie that I really liked, as well as a few other pieces I didn’t really care for, but I still saw style characteristics in these items that I typically like, and knew why they had been chosen to take up a space in my showroom. Upon seeing my second showroom, I am fairly certain that Adore Me is getting better with each passing month (they have only been up and running since November, after all!) My second showroom was amazing, with only two bra and panty sets out of ten that didn’t make my jaw drop.

What I like about Adore Me, as opposed to some other monthly subscription programs I’ve seen, is that they do not operate on a “grab bag” sort of premise. With some services, you pay a fixed price per month and receive one, a few, or even a whole box of goodies that have been selected for you. While it’s true that this is the closest one can get to Christmas coming once every month without any of the usual stress that accompanies the holidays, I have always been a little weary of any service that expects me to pay for something without telling me what that something is first. Why hand over money for something that you aren’t picking out yourself and maybe you won’t even like? Adore Me is different. While there is one fixed price for every piece of lingerie on their site — $39.95 — you can choose to purchase your favorite pieces of lingerie from your showroom each month or not. If you don’t see something you like during a particular month, or if money is tight, you are never obligated to purchase a thing.

Additionally, there is free shipping with every order from Adore Me, and free returns if your lingerie doesn’t fit you in all the right places or if the piece of lingerie you selected looked better in the picture on their website than it does on you. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

We will have a few lingerie reviews from Adore Me in the coming months, which I am really excited about. In the meantime, check out their website, sign up for a free Adore Me membership, and get started with your own personal lingerie showroom.

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