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Coffee is an integral part of the morning routines and workdays of countless people everywhere. Without it, I predict that the level of productivity we’re used to seeing collectively put forth day after day would surely decrease to a slow crawl in no time. Some people would go as far as to say that they are not sure what they would do, or how much they would accomplish, if it weren’t for that cup of coffee that starts their day each morning. I am undoubtedly one of those people.

If you work in an office, frequent coffee shop stops are most likely part of your daily workday routine. Even after you’ve settled into work after your morning coffee, by the time early afternoon rolls around the craving for a delicious, rich coffee can be downright insatiable. Instead of having to make time during your lunch hour to run to your local corporate coffee chain, Tassimo has the perfect solution–the new Tassimo Professional single-cup specialty brewer.

I am a big fan of Tassimo already. I have had their T20 Brewbot home brewer for almost a year now and as soon as I tasted the quality of coffee drinks it produced, I was an instant fan. Being able to enjoy a coffee house-style (and quality) beverage in the comfort of my own home has been a treat and with this new office brewer, you can now do the same right in your office, without having to leave during your workday, and without having to spend that extra $5 on one single cup of coffee at your local shop.

brewer straight on.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)The new Tassimo Professional office brewer allows you to enjoy an assortment of luxury beverage brands, such as cappuccinos and lattes made using Gevalia espresso and real milk creamer. If you’re not a coffee person or if you’re simply in the mood for a non-coffee beverage, this brewer can also prepare rich and creamy Suchard hot chocolate and Twinings tea, just to name a few. I love that Tassimo brewers are capable of making so many different types of beverages, unlike a standard coffee maker where all you can make is coffee. Tassimo brewers do this easily and flawlessly with intelligently designed T-Discs that are filled with the contents that will be brewed into your mug. Tassimo Professional T-Discs feature unique double-bar brew codes that ensure precise brewing and consistent quality; also, the T-Discs are only compatible with Tassimo Professional brewers so your co-workers won’t be able to stash them away for home use.

If you’ve never used a Tassimo brewer, or any other type of single-cup or luxury beverage system, a new small appliance could look daunting. Luckily, this brewer is simple to use. With one-touch activation and a real time LCD instructions, you can brew a perfect mug of delicious coffee, or any other beverage you like, in under two minutes.

If you are an office-dwelling coffee-lover, Tassimo has awesome news for you! Starting now, you can sign up for a Tassimo Professional free demo and enjoy delicious hot beverages at your office for free!

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