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Cheerios Game Day Commercial and BOGO Coupon — expires 2/15 #familybreakfast #MyBlogSpark

You may have seen the Cheerios commercial everyone’s talking about during the big game on Sunday, but if you didn’t or you just want to watch it again, we have it for you. It’s pretty much the most adorable commercial in the history of commercials, ever.

Cheerios love

To celebrate their first ever game day commercial spot, Cheerios wants to help families everywhere stock up for family breakfast, and they are doing just that with a limited time BOGO coupon.

The coupon is only valid until February 15, so download it here and use it ASAP!

Cheerios is also partnering with The Family Dinner Project to bring you The Family Breakfast Project, where you can find tips, recipes, and activities to help bring the family together for breakfast. There is also great information about why it is so important to sit down to breakfast as a family.

Information and coupon were provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark. No incentive was provided and opinions are my own.

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