Cherry Cordial Thong and Demi Bra Review from Matching bra and panty sets delight me to no end. It could very well be because I will admit to frequently having trouble locating a clean pair of panties some mornings. However, more than just the excitement of having beautiful intimates–that are clean!–I feel remarkably sexy when wearing matching sets, even if over them I’m wearing just a grungy over-sized t-shirt and jeans, which most of the time I am.

I recently hooked up with, a website with an extensive selection of panties (obviously!), and also micro thongs, bras, sleepwear, corsets and a whole lot of sexy lingerie, to review one of their bra and thong sets. About a week later, the Cherry Cordial thong and demi bra arrived in my mailbox, packaged in a plastic bag and folded neatly inside pretty pink tissue paper that was closed with a small sticker. The inside of the entire package smelled lightly of a floral fragrance that did not sit too well with me, especially since the scent attached itself to the items inside the package. Luckily after one quick hand wash the scent was gone, never to be smelled again.

Cherry Cordial Thong and Demi Bra This set, as you can see from the picture to the right, is red with white lace accents. Set within the white lace are ribbon details along the top of the cups of the bra and along the top of the thong. While the ribbon details are very apparent to me now, I didn’t even know they were there at first and only noticed them right after the very first time I wore this set and really looked at the detailing. There is also a mesh overlay on both pieces that contain small white polka dots making this set extremely interesting in its multifaceted detail.

The thong has a whole lot of odd going on. You have no idea how much I wish I could take that white lace detailing on the front that is basically boxing off your crotch and just take that lace and drag it along the entirety of this piece. That would be much better. This did not bother me at first. In fact, the boxing-off action only occurred to me after realizing that this area is the only part of the thong that is two-ply. First, the cloth closest to your body is pure red and then on top of that layer of fabric lies another; a pleated mesh fabric with the white polka dots. The white lace detailing along the top is then sewn into both of these underlying pieces of fabric. While wearing the thong, the two-ply business going on felt a little bulky and a little odd. Another not-so-fantastic aspect of the thong is that while the wide fabric on the sides gives the illusion that it is wide and cohesive all the way around, it is not. In the back, the wide fabric ends and there is one piece of red elastic string in the back. This would be fine, I mean, I’m pretty used to having g-strings that contain, well, a string going down your backside, but thongs usually have just a little more to them. This would not be a problem in the least however, if the thong actually looked well thought-out instead of looking like someone created the sides and the back, thought they were finished, and then thought, ‘Oh yeah, I missed a part’ and stuck a red elastic string down the center and sent it on its way.

But enough about the unimpressive, because there is really a lot more to say about this set and it is all about how much I love this bra. I am quite thrilled with it, especially when you take into account that I really didn’t think I would. I thought it would be incredibly hot looking and I would feel sexy in it for all of two minutes before I moved the wrong way and the straps fell down or the underwire started protruding itself into my ribcage or my chest defied the laws of gravity and jumped out of the top of the demi-style bra. That is what happens with me and demi bras, after all. They are problematic on a functional level even if I rock it on a solely aesthetic level. But this bra… this one is different.

This is the demi bra that all other demi bras should strive to live up to.

Well-constructed, meticulous quality and thoughtfulness of women’s breasts and their tendency to, you know, move, amazing support, adjustable straps that actually make a significant difference in the fit and feel when adjusted to your body, three hook closure in the back that keep your breasts inside the cups and luscious, luscious cleavage. That is what you will receive with this bra. It is glorious. In fact, I had sex while wearing this bra and not the type of sex where you move very little. There was a lot of movement and not once did my breasts pop out of this bra and at the same time, I was totally and completely comfortable.

I wish I had ten of these bras. Okay, seven; one for every day of the week!

Both of these pieces are made of nylon, spandex and polyester and should be hand washed in cold water seperately. They hold up very well, granted you are not putting them through very much by hand washing them. After multiple wears, there is not one single frayed or out-of-place stitch or piece of fabric.

The thong comes in sizes small to extra large and is sold for $12 and the bra is available in sizes 32A through 38D and is $26.

I received the Cherry Cordial thong and demi bra for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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