Book Review: Chix Can Fix by Norma Vally

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  1. Dee says:

    Yikes Holly I’m also rummaging in the clearance bins at bookstores. I’ll be sure not to waste my few dollars on this book.

  2. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not anti women’s lib or anything like that and I’m not saying women are helpless and can’t do home repair things themselves I just think what’s wrong with having a man do the rough stuff?…That’s what their built for.

    Why try so hard to be like a man and do it yourself when there are perfectly good men around to do these things?

    Women today are becoming less and less comfortable or even knowledgable about femininity and allowing men to protect and provide for them. Just because we can do it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to do it…

    Not all men try to take advantage of women…..there are some really great guys out there. It just makes me sad to see so many women trying so hard to be like a man instead of enjoying themselves as a woman.

  3. I was useless at home improvements until i decided to buy a relic of a house and then ran out of money. Iv found most jobs to be within reach if you can find the right info and advice. Iv bought a huge amount of diy books over the last 2 years so im going to add this one as well just in case!

  4. Julia says:

    I just borrowed this book from my friend and it was extremely helpful and funny too! It didn’t seem like the author was talking down to the reader at all. I also realized that Tool Belt Diva was the the author’s TV show. I’d like to see some episodes! It’s really cool to see a woman feel free to be feminine, even sexy, and still take charge with things that are typically “the man’s” job. Go Norma Vally!

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