Choose Your Gadget Giveaway Event [Closed]

Choose Your Gadget Giveaway Event I have a confession to make. Well, it isn’t so much a “confession” as it is admitting something so shocking, so absolutely unthinkable, that this one piece of information has flabbergasted anyone and everyone who has ever found out. Here it goes… I have never in my life owned a smartphone or tablet.

I know. How do I even manage to navigate through life in a developed country without being wired to something at every waking moment? I cannot even tell you the amount of times I have been met with disbelief, and people who even thought I was lying, when I told them that I “do not text.” What blasphemy.

While I have never known a world where I could be kept in the loop virtually while away from my computer, and I have no plans of running out anytime soon to acquire a hand-held gadget that could promise me that, what I do know is that smartphones and tablets are expensive. They are investments in making life — professionally and privately — easier; and as with any investment (like your house, car, and yourself), they are insurable.

Some analysts suggest that electronic device insurance, such as for your smartphone, is expensive and unnecessary. Consumer research, however, strongly indicates that the popularity of such phones, and the ease of breaking them, makes insurance on the devices extremely important to consumers. Making that point even stronger is the statistic that approximately 80 million cellphones of all varieties will be lost, stolen, or damaged in just this year alone. Now that is a lot of money lost on your favorite electronic device!

Asurion saves you from mobile mishaps with their complete protection packages that are available through most wireless carriers.

Asurion provides consumers with:

  • Software that protects mobile data against the growing number of cellphone/smartphone threats and help locate a lost or stolen phone
  • A replacement device, usually sent overnight, in the event that a phone is lost, damaged (even water damaged), or stolen

What makes electronic device protection with Asurion even more enticing is the fact that it will cost gadget-lovers just a few dollars a month.

What device would you protect?

Choose Your Gadget Smartphone or Tablet Giveaway

One lucky reader will win the smartphone or tablet of their dreams (any carrier, and up to $800 retail value). This giveaway event is organized by Mom Powered Media, Bay Area Mommy, My Dairy Free Gluten Free Life, A Medic’s World, and Barefoot in Bluejeans.

This giveaway will end on November 21st at 11:59pm and is open to US, ages 18+. To enter use the Rafflecopter form below.

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3 thoughts on “Choose Your Gadget Giveaway Event [Closed]

  1. Since I am technically challenged my answer is – I would choose a smart phone. Any smart phone is a step up for me since I am like the writer above and have never owned one. Please help me into the 21st century. Thank you.

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