Choosing an Electrolux Refrigerator Air Filter #ad

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We’ve all been there at least once before–you’re preparing a meal and, unsuspectingly, you go to the refrigerator to retrieve your ingredients. Just as you open the refrigerator door, you are almost immediately overcome with the foul odor of ugh!-what-is-that!?

You could have something deep, dark, and mysterious lurking in the back of your fridge that was overlooking the last time you cleaned it out, or you could have forgotten to replace your refrigerator air filter.

The Electrolux refrigerator filter at is especially great for its ease of replacement. Without the help of a technician, virtually anyone can replace it and keep their refrigerator smelling fresh.

Anyone who has ever forgotten to replace their refrigerator air filter understands how important it can be to get a replacement installed quickly before company comes over. Avoiding an embarrassing odor from the fridge is a social nicety that really can’t be overstated, so being able to switch it out quickly is a huge advantage of this filter.

Aside from that, the filter itself does a fantastic job of dealing with even the toughest food odors. An Electrolux filter is a must for foodies who frequently cook with fish, onions, baked goods, organic foods, or anything that tends to go bad quickly. Some refrigerator air filters minimize odors, but this type of filter really makes a fridge smell like it just had a thorough cleaning. Even better is the fact that the filter doesn’t need constant replacement to keep the refrigerator smelling fresh.

What do you do to keep your refrigerator smelling its best between filter replacements?

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  1. We have an Electrolux vacuum cleaner that has been great for over 15 years. I didn’t know they had other appliances, too!

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