Choosing the Right Hair Care Products is a Big Deal

hair My hair and I have always had a fantastic relationship. It is perhaps the single aspect of my physical appearance that has never frustrated me to the point of cursing it repeatedly and very loudly. Ironically, it has always been extremely healthy and it grows very fast, despite the fact that the rest of my body just seems to break down more and more every year either with discovering a new issue or running into complications with something–it’s always something. Overall, this hair of mine is low maintenance, well-behaved, and for that, I cannot thank it enough.

Its original state of being was very straight; so straight that I got a perm during a ‘I wish I had curly hair’ phase (don’t we all wish we had the exact opposite type of hair we do have at some point?) and two days later, it was completely straight again. But after having 14 inches of my hair chopped off when I was a freshman in high school, it mysteriously got wavy and proceeded to stay that way ever since. Thankfully, it is nothing a flatiron can’t fix. I much prefer it short, but I grow it to the middle of my back (or longer) every few years and have done this since that first time I had so many inches cut off because at the time of hearing about my plans for a drastic hair change, my dad introduced me to Locks of Love and I instantly wanted to help them with their mission of helping children who needed something that I was so willing and ready to get rid of without a second thought.

Because of the fact that I donate my hair every few years coupled with the fact that honestly, I can be pretty lazy with my hair, I have always kept the products I use to a minimum. That’s why it’s really important that I choose my hair care products wisely.

S-Factor shampoo There are as many shampoos and conditioners in existence as there are types of hair, and I used to think that I had tried the vast majority of them. That is, until I discovered the existence of s factor shampoo.

S-Factor shampoos are formulated using high quality, safe ingredients and are said to completely transform hair from its usual, every day and probably quite boring state into super shiny, strengthened, luscious silky smooth locks. There are blends made specifically for colored-treated hair, as well as for hair that is frizzy, flat or dull. I immediately looked for some reviews of S-Factor shampoos as soon as I was made aware of them and from what I’ve found, if you’re looking for a shampoo that can work wonders to bring out your hair’s unique potential, S-Factor shampoos seem to be more than capable of doing the job.

Photo by Helga Weber

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