Choosing the Perfect, Unique and Personal Baby Shower Gift

baby shower gifts

Baby shower gifts help prepare new parents to bring their little bundle of joy into the world. They are used throughout the phases of their child’s life, and some gifts stand the test of time, staying in the hearts and lives of families throughout their lives. When I shop for a baby shower gift, I try to find one-of-a-kind items or a gift that is personalized whenever I can. One of the hottest gift ideas for any mom who is having a daughter is a Disney couture Cinderella necklace. The mommy can enjoy wearing it for a few years and can pass it down to her daughter to wear on special occasions. Pulling the beautiful Disney couture Cinderella necklace out of your jewelry box, showing it to your toddler, and telling her that some day it will be hers is a very special way to teach your little girl about treasure and keepsake items.

I did this with my own daughter with a special Disney necklace that I received as a gift. We both enjoyed looking at the item in my jewelry box, and my Disney necklace was always the first thing that she wanted to see. I eventually let her wear it for special occasions when she was a little bit older, and I have now given it to her to keep in her own jewelry box.

Types of Jewelry that Make Great Shower Gifts

One time I was going to make a gift basket for my co-worker’s baby shower. I wanted to give her the beautiful Disney couture Cinderella necklace as a special gift, but I wanted to surprise her in a unique way. I decided to make a small basket a baby grooming basket. I filled it with baby grooming items that she would be able to use in the first few months of her baby’s life, as well as when the baby was older.

The Disney couture Cinderella necklace was a beautiful Cinderella platinum-plated pendant necklace shaped like a large key. It was embellished with rhinestones and had lots of bling! My friend could wear it for a while, and when her baby got to be a little bit older, she could pass it down to her. I also wanted a very special keepsake gift to give the baby to use now. I considered buying a pink plastic set that was very cute, and it had a little frog painted on the back that looked hand-painted. I decided to pass it up because although it was cute, a personalized set would likely become a keepsake in the future. The plastic set would likely break and be thrown out. I went online and ordered a sterling silver baby comb and brush that both had the baby’s name on them. I disguised the Disney couture Cinderella necklace and the comb and brush set by surrounding them with organic shampoo, baby wash, and baby shampoo. Then, I tucked two organic cotton bath mitts into the basket. My friend was really happy with the bath products for her baby, but when she saw the Cinderella necklace for her daughter, she was totally shocked and happy.

Choose a Gift that is Embroidered or Special in Some Way

The same goes for receiving blankets and other baby clothing that is often given for baby shower gifts. Why choose a plain receiving blanket when the mom will probably get some from the hospital, plus numerous others from friends? But this is still a great gift choice if it is unique and special. There are soft, Coyuchi organic cotton receiving blankets that have adorable embroidery on them that would make a really unique gift. These types of gifts are keepers and will probably be passed onto future generations.

I have come to the conclusion that if I am going to spend a certain amount of money on a gift, then I should spend that money wisely. Choosing something unique is worth the extra money because of its uniqueness. The mom and baby will probably use a unique gift more often, while plain and ordinary sheets, bedding, and grooming items are stuck away in a drawer or used all up and discarded. Instead of giving a plain gift, why not choose something soft, cozy, and extra special like Coyuchi organic cotton sheets for the newborn’s crib? As an added bonus, baby will not have any chemicals near their skin since organic cotton is raised without toxic chemicals.

Choose a Gift that Will Get Plenty of Use

Of course you will want to know that the gift you give to your friend for their baby shower will be used many times. To make sure of this, you can choose a practical gift for the new mom, like a video monitor system. She will surely get a lot of us out of it when she is in another in the house, and you’ll save her a lot of steps from needing to go into the nursery to check on the sleeping baby. I have always had audio monitors for my children, and these are also very good and cost much less than the video monitors. The monitors are small enough to stick in your pocket if you are carrying groceries into the house or are in the middle of an important task and you want to hear the baby if they wake up.

Another useful baby shower gift that is great for the new mom and baby is a baby sling. These are often made of organic cotton if you’re as concerned about the environment for your kids’ futures as I am. Organic cotton is grown without the use of anything toxic or chemical, and they don’t have any hint of a “chemical smell.” I was totally surprised to discover that all fabrics are coated with toxic substances to keep them crisp and looking good. This is, all fabrics except for organic cotton. Buying an organic cotton sling will really be appreciated because it will probably not be washed before use, so baby’s delicate new skin will only touch the pure softness of the fabric.

A baby bath tub filled with an organic bath sling is another great shower gift idea. If there are multiple givers of this gift, you may be able to fill it up with organic baby shampoo and baby wash, as well as an organic cotton bath towel set. Organic towels are also soft and cozy, so baby will love being cuddled in them after they get out of the water.

If you look online, you will be able to find some good buys on organic towels and baby bedding that is not only functional, but also super cute. It’s great to be able to look at websites to see what they offer while sitting in a comfortable chair at home rather than running all over town looking and price-checking. I love that I can be assured that my purchase is secure and I know that whatever I order will be at my doorstep in only a few days.

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