CloSYS Oral Health Rinse Review

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CloSYSI have always had incredibly sensitive, temperamental teeth. Since adolescence, I have experienced issue after compounded issue with my oral health that has led to issues with my overall health, and even my quality of life.

Due to being pretty short changed in the genetics department, my front teeth have always been crooked and crowded. My family didn’t have the resources when I was growing up to get them fixed, and I was eventually diagnosed with Periodontal Disease, just as my father was, and my grandmother before him. Obviously, knowing that I am using the right oral hygiene products isn’t just important to me, it’s crucial, and I have tried a lot of products. In fact, I have tried more products made by a myriad of different brands and companies than I could ever count. From different toothpastes to medicated rinses and serums, I have found problems big and small with most products I’ve tried, never really finding that one great product or combination of products that did what I needed them to do all the time.

CloSYS Oral Rinse SystemI was recently given the opportunity to try out CloSYS Oral Health Rinse. Before this, I had never heard of CloSYS, but after learning about Dr. Perry Ratcliff, one of America’s leading periodontists and experts on dental health and gum disease, who created the brand along with a team of leading dental professionals, I was impressed with their understanding of how oral health affects a person’s overall health, a sentiment in which I can attest to be absolutely true. This attention to the way in which our bodies work has gone into the formulation of their products.

CloSYS Oral Health Rinse is very different from other oral rinses I have used. Upon first inspection, it merely looks like water. There is no tint of color and no overpowering scent that practically jumps out of the bottle at you, which is great because those rinses usually have my eyes watering before I can even get a capful up to my lips.

With CloSYS, you control the taste. Using the small mint flavor dropper that comes with the rinse, you can add a touch of mint flavor to your liking or use it unflavored for a clean, fresh taste. After using it unflavored, I was really surprised with how clean my mouth felt not just right after rinsing, but for hours after. I later added a few drops of mint flavoring to the bottle and noticed a very subtle difference in the taste, and experienced that same clean feeling all over my mouth without having any bad breath odors creep in throughout the day, which always occurs with other rinses regardless of how flavored or strong they are. The reason for that, I have learned, is that over-the-counter mouth rinses merely mask bad breath odors, while CloSYS completely eliminates volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath and the harmful bacteria that create them. It is able to do this because CloSYS contains Cloralstan™, a powerful, patented ingredient that kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria in just 10 seconds. Wow.

CloSYS Oral Health Rinse is alcohol-free, so it doesn’t burn your mouth and it works gently but effectively. It is also gluten-free and balances the pH levels of your mouth, which is very important for keeping your mouth healthy.

I really love CloSYS Oral Health Rinse. Due to the fact that it isn’t heavily flavored and contains absolutely no alcohol, it doesn’t cause any problems for my highly sensitive teeth, and no other rinse has given me that overall clean feeling with fresh breath that has lasted for hours every single time I used it.

CloSYS line of products includes their Oral Health Rinse, Anti-cavity Fluoride, Fluoride-Free Toothpaste, and Fresh Breath Oral Spray. Check out their website for a list of physical and online retailers and don’t forget to like them on Facebook to stay up to date with everything they have going on.

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  1. Many different types of health problems are now being tied to gum disease, so practicing healthy oral habits from a very young age is very important and can help prevent these problems from afflicting them as adults. An oral health rinse helps but won’t be an overall answer for good oral health.

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