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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GMF Health. Incentive was provided to me, and opinions are my own.

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Nearly two years ago, I found out I was sick. How I found out, and the series of events that followed, was one of the more traumatic events of my life. I went through a myriad of firsts: my first ambulance ride; the first time I had my blood sugar tested; the first time I was stuck with an IV; the first time I was hooked up to a heart rate monitor; the first time a medical professional told me that they didn’t know how I was still able to talk to them. It was the first time I was told about the illnesses that were coursing through my body, unbeknownst to me, until I was suddenly lying in a hospital bed.

In a sense, I was–and am–lucky. I was made aware of the fact that my body had developed issues that would need to be kept in check, and I was able to go on to be educated on how to do just that. I was able to walk out of that hospital after an exhausting night of being poked, prodded, examined, and put through machines that looked like they belonged in the NASA headquarters, and I was able to learn how to keep my body health with these new challenges.

I was not lucky in the respect that I did not have health insurance. The minute I was brought to a hospital, I was in debt; and nearly two years later, I still am.

I work for myself, and have since I was 18 years old, running blogs (this one since 2008) while selling the occasional freelance article and sporadic website design. Because of how I choose to make a living, I learned almost immediately that private health insurance is a very expensive tangled web of confusion.

Have you ever tried to find a private health insurance plan that would cover you or your family for the health issues you may already live with while also covering the what-ifs, the unknowns, and what life (and your body) may have in store for you later in life? Talk about a seemingly impossible task.

If you are an Australian and work for yourself, freelance, work for a company that does not offer health insurance to their employees, work part-time and don’t qualify for health insurance through your employer, or are looking into supplemental health insurance that will cover what your current plan does not, check out GMF Health.

GMF health insurance

With health insurance from GMF, you can choose from a selection of health cover options that are laid out on their website with visuals that make the entire process very simple and easy to understand. As you go through the process of choosing what health care services and procedures you will be covered for through GMF Health, you simply answer a number of questions about who will be covered under your plan, if you wish to receive the Australian Government Rebate for private health, how old you are, and then go on to choose the health services you want to be covered for.

Their prices are some of the most reasonable I have seen for private health insurance as I’ve researched my own needs throughout the past couple of years. Yes, years. In the screenshot from GMF Health above, I went through the process of choosing a health insurance plan. Just as an example, for a single person under the age of 31 who lives in NT, Australia, most health care services can be covered by GMF for $1,606.80 a year, or $61.80 fortnightly, a time frame that can actually make keeping up on your payments easier as not so much money goes out at one time.

The reason why GMF Health is able to offer you such competitive prices is because they are a not-for-profit fund with no shareholders. Really, those types of health insurance companies still exist!

Check out the GMF Health website and see what your family could be covered for and if it’s worth a switch. They have an online inquiry form in addition to a phone number on their website and are always happy to help you sort out your health insurance needs.

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  1. A not-for-profit organization offering health insurance? Wow. I’m from the US and last time I checked (unless I am completely wrong here), every place I looked for insurance (beyond getting disability benefits from the state) was from a for-profit company. I, myself, having no actual income currently, can only afford my health insurance through the help of a non-for-profit foundation that supplements me every month. They only give money, though.
    I would love if there was an option like this here in the US. If there is, I would love to know about it. Until then, I’m waiting patiently for the new healthcare plan to come into place in 2014.

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