Conan O’Brien’s $1.5 Million Dollar Comedy Bit

Since the news broke of Jay Leno being bumped from prime time after only 7 months, the rumor mill has been buzzing of what NBC would do with Conan O’Brien. Would Conan take over the later slot or would he be leaving his show, Tonight, along with the network that can’t uphold their own contracts?

Conan has been eluding to his NBC-demise since news broke that Jay Leno would be taken off of primte time television and placed back into late night and last night his bitterness collided with utter hilarity and out emerged the funniest thing I have ever, and I mean ever seen on Conan O’Brien–after saying that his show would most likely be ending in the next few episodes he can do whatever he wants; and not just that, but NBC has to pay for it. And out emerged his new character, said only to be introduced to the show for it’s price tag. The Bugatti Veyron Mouse. The most expensive car in the world dressed up like a mouse. Check it out before NBC removes it from YouTube:

Also, while this doesn’t necessarily come as a shock but is still very disappointing since Conan O’Brien is so much funnier than Jay Leno, yeah I said it, as of today, Conan O’Brien and NBC have reached a deal to terminate Conan’s contract. His final appearance as the host of Tonight is tonight and he will have free reign to go make some other network a happier and funnier place as of September 1st.

The NBC lineup as of March 1 will entail Jay Leno returning as the host of The Tonight Show which will be one-hour broadcasted at 11:35pm EST, followed by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. My one complaint here is why does Jimmy Fallon get to keep his show? He’s even less entertaining than Jay Leno!

Details of O’Brien’s severance have not been made public, but those familiar with the negotiations have stated that “he stands to get a severance payment of about $32 million plus about $12 million for his staff. So while Conan O’Brien will be immensely taken care of, this still sucks because as so many have said and continued to say, he’s just funnier and of course he is the one who loses his show.

Of course, the “deal” NBC and O’Brien reached is also said to contain a clause that would prohibit both parties from making disparaging comments about each other in public. You know NBC made damn sure they put that clause in his agreement–look what he’s been saying (and doing) while still being on the air.

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