Corey and Topanga are Back! New “Girl Meets World” Trailer

Remember Boy Meets World? OF COURSE you do!

Boy Meets World

Corey and Topanga are all grown up and still as charming as ever in the Boy Meets World spin-off Girl Meets World coming to the Disney Channel.

Girl Meets World

We’ve heard about Girl Meets World potentially becoming a reality for a while now, and nostalgia-racked millennials such as myself have still not stopped squeeing in anticipation. The Disney Channel is sure to have a laugh at what is sure to be a ridiculous spike in viewers ages 24 to 30 when the show airs.

There is no release date set as of yet for when the new family comedy is set to premiere, but we do have the very first trailer featuring Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel as parents to their tween daughter, Riley, played by Rowan Blanchard.

The trailer also introduces Sabrina Carpenter as Maya, the best friend of Riley. Because what is a Boy Meets World spin-off without the best friend who is treated as close as family?

Are you excited to see the new Matthews family?

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8 thoughts on “Corey and Topanga are Back! New “Girl Meets World” Trailer

  1. Although I never before heard of this show (I’m too old to have watched the original!) this sounds like a fun show to watch. Those Disney folks sure will get a kick put pf a 60 something person watching it!

  2. Awww…I remember that show very well and loved it back in the day. So good to see those actors again in that first pic. It Brings back so many memories.

  3. I’m afraid I’ve never heard of Boy Meets World nor Girl Meets World, I’m more into mystery and suspense than this sort of show. I do however think that teenage girls will be entralled by it.

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