Coupon Sherpa’s Weekly Savings Roundup

This week’s Savings Roundup is provided by Coupon Sherpa, your loyal scout for discounts on groceries, restaurants, movies, apparel, and online purchases.

Bath & Body Works Bath & Body Works — 4 for $20 or 6 for $24 Home Fragrance
Expiring on April 14th, Bath & Body Works is offering discounts on home fragrances and scent stackers with these clickable coupons (no code necessary). Our favorite is the Pomegranate Lemonade–a perfect scent for Spring!

Dollar Store Deals and Duds
Economic woes for the rest of us means big business for stores like Dollar General and The Dollar Store. Click here to see some of the best deals to be had for products as we compare dollar-store prices with the same products from Walmart.

grocery shopping 10 Ways to Combat Rising Food Prices
This post on Think Act Eat by Andrea Woroch highlights some ways you can eat better on a budget during a time when food seems to cost more by the day. Some of our favorites include using discount gift cards and planning your meals. Maybe the cost-crunch of groceries will make us all take a good hard look at our eating, and grocery shopping habits. Who knows, it could turn out to be cheaper–and healthier–for us even while prices continue to rise!

How to Repurpose Leftovers, Put Your Preschooler to Work, and 182 More Money Tips
This TIME Money Blog post came out in mid-March, but it is definitely worth reading this week if you haven’t already. This is more of a roundup itself, but it includes so many tips we don’t even know where to begin. Maybe highlighting one favorite will do: Next time you “think” you’ve run out of food, wait a day before you go grocery shopping, and get creative instead. Search the back of the fridge, and the top-most shelves in your pantry for those food items you have forgotten about, but that aren’t yet expired. Combine them with the week’s leftovers to create delicious, fun new meals so you can save money, experiment with new recipes, and declutter your cabinets and refrigerator all at once!

Money Saving Tips From a Broke Paralegal
Who knew paralegals were paid so poorly? At least one of them knows how to stretch her dollar, and has shared some great tips, and web resources that are applicable to everyone, not just underpaid paralegals.

Coupon Sherpa More Limited-Time Coupons from Our Favorite Stores
Let’s round-off the round-up with a few more coupons from select merchants this week. Kmart is giving online shoppers 10% off Protege Footwear and an extra 5% off all shoes (On orders of $25 or more. Expires April 2nd, so hurry!) with the code SHOE5OFF25. Macy’s is giving $20 off registry purchases with the code GETAGIFT (Purchases of $100 or more; expires on April 4th). Sears has a 10% off coupon for all watches. Use the code TIME10 by April 2nd! JCPenney is rewarding their Rewards Card members with an extra 5% off their already-fantastic sale of 15% off fine jewelry. Rewards Card members can use the code 2DAZZLE to get their 20% off by April 5th.

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