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Quiltcreator is a really awesome website that lets you design your very own, unique quilt, bedspread or infant quilt for pretty much the same price or cheaper than most quilts you would buy at a mall or specialty shop while also giving you the deep down feeling of pure delight in knowing that the quilt you just bought is your one-of-a-kind creation. We have pretty harsh winters here in Pennsylvania, so I have been on the lookout for quilts and decorative bedspreads for my bed that truly reflected my own personal tastes, and as someone who has thoroughly looked for these types of products, I can tell you in completely certainty that most of the designs and colors that I have come across, are pretty downright ugly or do not flatter my personal tastes in the least. That is precisely why I was so interested in this company. Just by visiting, you will go through five very simple steps to create your own cozy quilt, bedspread or infant quilt masterpiece–You will pick a swatch, embroidery, the reverse side of your quilt or bedspread and even get to create accompanying pillow shams that match your creation perfectly and will look stunning in your bedroom, and finally, you can review your work before adding it to your cart.

Quiltcreator quilt Now sure, with, you won’t be actually quilting by yourself, but in all honesty, very few people know what they’re doing when it comes to actually creating an entire quilt and not just designing one. My great-grandmother had begun to teach me how to quilt many years ago, but she died quit a few years ago and no one else in my family knows how to do it. With this website, you have complete control over a huge variety of colors, patterns and color choices, I was really surprised with the vast amount of choices as well as the amount of color-use in the creating process. When you pick a fabric, you get to then specify specific colors for all of the intricate parts of that pattern, which I thought was really unique and it truly gives you the power to mix and match in ways that I never before saw on any kind of customization or personalization of a product before. The end product of your quilt, bedspread or infant quilt is a gorgeous handcrafted, 100% cotton overfilled with 250g of cotton (the standard is usually only 170g of cotton) and the cotton used is All Natural cotton and one of very, very few companies that are allowed to carry the All Natural Cotton Inc. logo, so you know that they are a quality company with an absolutely high-end, quality product. They are also a company doing their part for the environment by giving 1% of their proceeds to 1% for the Planet, so they’re definitely a company you can feel good about buying from.

This is one of those perfect and timeless gifts for the holidays or especially if you know anything expecting a baby soon–a one-of-kind infant quilt for you or your friend’s new baby is one of those gifts that will be cherished for many, many years.

I had a ton of fun creating my own queen size bedspread, you can see my creation below:

Quiltcreator design

So let your creativity run wild and have fun creating your very own quilt, bedspread and infant quilts with! As a special holiday season bonus, Quiltcreator is also giving a 10% discount on all orders just by using promo code 104You.

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  1. I have a couple of friends who are serious quilters. Like the kind that scope out the fabric stores where they are vacationing. That kind of serious. I just might, in these cold winter months, be able to shock them with my own quilt!

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