First Look at Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln”


A few days ago the first image of Daniel Day-Lewis done up as Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie Lincoln was released. Upon very first glance, we can clearly see that the hair, makeup, and costume people on the set of this movie are incredible.

Lincoln focuses on the last four months of the president’s life and the political strategizing he undertook at the close of the Civil War to ensure that slavery would be forever outlawed. “Our movie is really about a working leader who must make tough decisions and get things done in the face of overwhelming opposition,” Spielberg says.

Daniel Day-Lewis isn’t the only big name in this movie; also starring are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tommy Lee Jones.

Lincoln is a DreamWorks, Twentieth Century Fox, Participant Media production opening in limited release November 9, expanding November 16, 2012.

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What do you think of Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln?

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    1. I could not agree with you more! As soon as I even saw the preview for the vampire hunter movie I could not wrap my mind around WHY that movie was even made. I don’t get it.

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