Take Your Date from Good to Great — 5 Tips to Help Prepare for the Big Night


The biggest problem people face before going out on a date is nervousness. There are so many things that could go wrong! The first impression is so important, and if we mess that up, it could mean the difference between having a great future with that person or suffering the fate of, ‘we will always be friends.’

From your choice in hairstyle to what shoes you wear on your date, there are so many things to fret about. You never had time to lose those 5 extra pounds; you drank so much coffee to calm your nerves that not your pearly whites aren’t so white; and if you stress eat before a date, you risk embarrassing gas-related incidents.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take while preparing for a date that will quell those jittery nerves and boost your self-confidence so you will be able to present your best self to that special someone. When you are relaxed, your date will undoubtedly feel more relaxed as well. Here are some things you can do to help prepare for your date:

  • Yoga — I have a friend who always does half an hour of yoga followed by a relaxing, hot shower before a date. She said that the combination of breathing and stretching makes her feel better physically, and the fact that she is staying in shape boosts her feeling of self-worth.
  • Perception — Don’t think of it as ‘I am going on a date.’ You will just get stressed out! Think of it as ‘I am going to dinner (or the movies, or wherever) with a new friend.’ Toning down your perception of the event will help prevent you from being too nervous to enjoy your date’s presence once it is time to go out.
  • Clothing — Know what to expect on your date and pick out what you will wear in advance. Will you just go to dinner? Perhaps there is a chance of going dancing afterwards? Maybe you’re going to a theme park, movie, concert, or other event? Another thing to consider is the weather. When you are dressed appropriately, you will be more prepared for your date!

  • Music — If you are meeting your date somewhere, turn on your favorite music and sing along. It’s a great way to expend nervous energy and keep your mind off your worries. Just make sure that you aren’t so into your singing that you forget to focus on safe driving.
  • Practice — When you have a few conversation topics prepared ahead of time, then it could reduce the amount of awkward silence on your date. While it is fine to ask your date questions in order to get to know them better, be careful you don’t ask so many questions that they feel like they are being interrogated.

Grin and Bear It!

The Association for Psychological Science did a study in 2012 that proved that smiling during brief times of stress reduces your body’s physical response. In other words, you feel more relaxed. There is truth to the phrase ‘grin and bear it.’ So as you prepare for your date, smile a lot–and the same goes for during the date. (www.psychologicalscience.org)

Of course, you feel better about smiling if your dental health is in good shape. Your family dentist is one good teeth whitening source if you suffer from dingy teeth. Snacking on crunchy fruits like apples and pears instead of cookies or candy, drinking plenty of water, and developing regular habits about brushing and flossing will also keep your smile bright.

Escaping Bad Dates

Sometimes a date just doesn’t turn out how we expected. Make sure you give you date a fair chance before running in the opposite direction, but if your date just gets more and more awkward as the night goes on and nothing seems to help, it may be in your best interest to make an excuse and leave so you aren’t stuck spending an entire evening being uncomfortable.

The best part about trying to decide how to make an inconspicuous exit when you’re on a date is that you don’t have to rely on friends or family to make a phone call that could conveniently rescue you from a sticky situation. Smartphone apps can do everything from send you a fake text or call you using fake voices and phrasings that help you escape awkward situations. These are especially useful during bad dates!

The Aftermath

If things are going really well, it’s fine to make tentative plans for next time, but don’t plan too far ahead because that could lead to disappointment down the road. Just take things one date at a time without raising your expectations to an unrealistic level. And even if the date doesn’t turn out to be “the one,” perhaps you could wind up with a great new friend who can introduce you to “the one!”

This is a guest post by Becky James-Muth, a woman who enjoys going out on dates–with her husband! Becky uses tips from sites like www.teethwhiteningreviewed.co.uk to keep her teeth white and her breath fresh. After all, just because they’re married doesn’t mean the date can’t end with a kiss goodnight.

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