Christmas decor

Decorating for the Holidays: Create the Holiday Home You’ve Always Wanted #ad

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Christmas decor
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Whether you start unpacking your holiday decorations at the end of October, wait until the days following Thanksgiving, or begin sometime in-between, decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful. Neutral elements like silver Christmas decorations, white lights, and evergreen boughs blend beautifully and can be used to create a backdrop for other favorite holiday mementos.

Displaying your Christmas decorations can be hassle-free if you keep it simple, yet stylish. With a little planning, you can create your own holiday decorating style that will impress your guests.

Determine Your Holiday Decorating Style

As with any type of decorating, less is more. A few carefully-chosen pieces can change your decor from the everyday to the holiday. No matter what your style, adding an unusual element from another style creates something memorable.

Contemporary: If your style is minimalist, all you will need to prepare your home for the holidays is a few carefully-chosen items. Gifts wrapped in shiny silver wrapping paper with white ribbon and bows will pair nicely with silver bell ornaments on a tree adorned with sparkling white lights. A few ornaments in various shades of one color are all you need to complete your look.

Classic: This style plays upon the red and green colors of Christmas and brings in many other colorful elements. To avoid overdoing the color, keep the bold colors and bright lights on the tree, but let other areas of your home remain more neutral or focus on one or two colors. The deep red and green decorations on your tree pair nicely with silver ornaments to reflect the light.

Rustic: If you gravitate toward natural elements in your decorating, your holiday home may include pine cones, burlap wreaths, and natural wood elements. You can add another dimension to your nature-inspired decorating by including decorations like silver candle holders with white candles.

Elegant: Gold and silver Christmas decorations lend themselves beautifully to this style that focuses on sparkle and shine. Sterling ornaments, white lights, and gold bows on an evergreen tree make this style literally shine. Adding in some natural elements like a deep red candle in silver candle holders atop a deep red tablecloth will add a surprising pop of color.

Holiday Decorating Around the House

Your family room or formal living room doesn’t have to be the only area that reflects your holiday style. Small updates to your decor around the rest of your house or apartment can have a big impact.

In the Kitchen: A silver tray on top of your counter top will sparkle and be the perfect spot for a Christmas trio of white pillar candles. A winter snow globe as a centerpiece on your kitchen table can bring a bit of whimsy to family meals.

In the Bedrooms: This is the perfect time to switch bedding to holiday colors or flannel for the cold winter months. A single throw pillow with a holiday character or scene can brighten a room. Surprise your children by hanging a small decoration from a desk or vanity so they can share in the holiday fun. Personalized silver ornaments with the child’s name and year can be a fun family tradition and provide your children a keepsake that they can treasure for years.

In the Hallway: A candle in a Christmas-themed holder on the vanity in front of the bathroom mirror will reflect light and cast a warm glow. An upstairs hallway is the ideal place for a small round table with a small themed tree, such as ornaments that depict the twelve days of Christmas.

Ready for the Holidays

Big or little, every room of your home can be given a small holiday makeover. Even rearranging some furniture will give your home a new feeling. By pacing yourself and decorating one small area a day, you can have time for all the other holiday preparation you need to do and still have the beautiful space you desire.

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