Silk Plants Direct dancing orchid review

Decorating with Silk Flowers from Silk Plants Direct — Review

I received a Dancing Orchid silk flower arrangement for review. No other incentive was received and opinions are my own.

Silk Plants Direct dancing orchid review

There are many things you come to accept when you have five cats. You will be tripped at least 50 times a day, and it is always your fault. Your bed is no longer your own; your couch is no longer your own; basically any seating area in your house is no longer your own. When they want attention, they get it, or they will find a way to get it. Personal space is a myth.

Another, perhaps lesser-known quirks that cats have is their complete inability to leave plants and flowers alone. Be it a bouquet of flowers you were given for a special occasion, a plant to spruce up a room, or fresh herbs growing in the windowsill, cats will tear them apart, guaranteed. Needless to say, when I get the radical idea to bring in a burst of color and new life, plants and flowers must be regulated to spaces where the cats cannot get to them — and very little can grow to its full potential on top of the refrigerator.

Because of this peculiar obstacle, I have mainly relied on candles and unique knick-knacks to decorate our home. That is, until Silk Plants Direct opened up another possibility to decorating with flowers that my cats aren’t interested in devouring or playing with.

Silk Plants Direct dancing orchid dining room

This is the yellow dancing orchid from Silk Plants Direct, a recent beautiful addition to our dining room.

I have limited experience with artificial flowers and plants. I often see them grouped together in the aisles of craft stores, and while some very skilled people use them to create stunning pieces of decor, I have never been terribly impressed with the visual quality of many of them. Yes, I know that artificial flowers areĀ artificial, but I have always been disappointed with just how fake a lot of them really look. That isn’t so much the case with the dancing orchid assortment.

Silk Plants Direct dancing orchid

My aunt recently came to visit, and before we left for one of our regular and much-deserved girls days out, she saw this assortment sitting on my dining room table and immediately began to ooh and ahh over it. She asked if I had picked the flowers during a recent epic 6-mile walk my fiance and I took through the woods around our house, believing them to be very much the real deal. When I told her that they were silk flowers, she couldn’t believe it, and then she proceeded to inspect and touch them to make sure. That was all the proof I needed that these silk flowers are of a quality that I haven’t seen before, at least not in the aisles of the craft stores I have been frequenting.

While the realism of these flowers is impressive, I have taken personal issue with the larger green leaves that hug the bottom. The smaller greens are a nice touch, but the larger leaves look a little waxy, especially when you get up close.

Silk Plants Direct dancing orchid closeup

The silk yellow dancing orchid is presented in decorative glass and sits in rocks that have been sealed to mimic the look of water. It measures at 19″x15″x12″, and my favorite thing about it is its elegance. It looks like it is reaching upward, its branches curving as they naturally would. I can see why it is described as “dancing.”

And in case you were wondering, no, none of my cats have eaten it.

Silk Plants Direct dancing orchid

Silk Plants Direct has an impressively large selection of silk flowers, plants, trees, topiaries, and more, and can be ordered in individual packs for crafting or assortments like this for instant decorating.

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13 thoughts on “Decorating with Silk Flowers from Silk Plants Direct — Review”

  1. LOL my cats would maybe not EAT it, but they’d probably knock it on the floor. It is very pretty. I wonder if you could remove the bottom greens that are bugging you.

  2. I love this! It is gorgeous! We are moving to a new house this would be a great addition to the new house and yellow is my son’s favorite color! Great tips!

  3. I have one cat–but believe me when I tell you NOTHING is safe from her swiping paw when she wants it gone!! Thus–no live plants, no candles and she has managed to push back all my knick knacks to make room for her body to lie down. And she has figured out how to get on top of the refrigerator!! Maybe I will try some silk flowers and attempt to figure out where she will allow me to leave them!

    1. The only thing that has kept my cats off of the top of the refrigerator is the fact that it sits in a corner on its own, with no cabinets providing a step up. Otherwise they would all be up there hanging out and fighting over space!

  4. I love how these flowers look. If only I could keep my house looking nice enough to have silk plants! Maybe when the kids are grown and I don’t have any animals in the house!

  5. Lovely! I’ve never liked artificial flowers, but I was introduced to silk flowers when a friend of mine was looking at options for floral arrangements for her wedding. Because she was getting married during the winter (in a place where that means tons and TONS of snow), she knew flowers would be pricey, and she wouldn’t have the best selection. So she found some great quality silk flowers and even I was impressed!

    1. Using silk flowers for wedding arrangements is a genius idea! It could definitely save a lot of money, especially if you’re getting married during a time or in a place where the flowers you want are out of season. Plus, you could even save your arrangements as a keepsake without having to dry them out. Love that idea!

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