Don’t Have Dental Insurance? You Still Have Discount Dental Plan Options

dentist Living without insurance can be downright terrifying. Sure, when you’re healthy you can go about your day without even thinking about it. You are likely to even skip routine checkups because hey, you’re healthy and everything is fine. But when you start thinking about the what-ifs, about the unexpected accidents that can occur, or the illnesses you can develop due to not receiving proper preventive care, visions of debt and flailing desperation can set in almost immediately. I know this feeling well, and unfortunately, there are millions of Americans who can relate.

For me, living without dental insurance has been the most troubling. Throughout my entire adult life, I have been self-employed working from home and unable to afford an insurance plan that would cover me with the pre-existing condition I have had since I was a teenager. I have developed additional health concerns because of my inability to afford an insurance plan or pay out of pocket for routine checkups and dental work. This is precisely why I wish I had heard about, a discount dental plan service, sooner.

Discount dental plans are an alternative to family and individual dental insurance plans, and offers over 30 different plans to choose from. What’s great about these plans, first and foremost, is that they are much more affordable than regular insurance, costing the equivalent of just one or two monthly premiums. For anyone who has ever gone to battle with their insurance company, you can agree that perhaps the most attractive part of discount dental plans is that you will not have to deal with claim forms or waiting for your insurance provider to process your claims. That means no more finding out how much you owe after having a procedure performed and finding out that you can’t possibly pay that bill. The discounts you receive with your discounted plan are already pre-negotiated with the network of dentists that work with the company that you have a discount plan with. When you get your dental work performed, you simply pay the discounted rate and you’re good to go.

Discount dental plans are ideal for individuals and families who undergo annual dental work, and they will also cover major procedures like fillings and root canals. Once you find a plan with a network of dentists in your area, you can rest assured that you will be accepted into the plan you choose without having to deal with the major issues that are routinely experienced with insurance companies. Discount plans do not exclude people with pre-existing conditions and they provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you and your family’s needs will be taken care of.

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