How Do You Describe Dinner in One Word?

Ragu Mom's the Word on Dinner Dinnertime brings on a unique set of challenges for every family. We have all heard tips on how dinnertime should be, but we all have a different routine and pace for how dinner is served in our households.

Ragu recently asked moms to describe what dinner is like in their house using only one word. So far, there has been a lot of response and the one word that has come up the most by far has been “chaos”. However, when it comes to dinner in my house, the one word that immediately pops into my head is togetherness.

My partner and I both work from home, so you would think that we are together so much that we’re completely sick of each other by the end of the day. You would be wrong. He is a musician while I run this here website; if you have ever heard someone play the same guitar riff or the same ten seconds of a song repeatedly for hours on end, you’ll understand why we work in separate areas of our apartment. So when dinnertime rolls around, no one is on a computer, a cell phone, no texting or checking email; it is just a time of togetherness.

Perhaps the reason why dinnertime is one of my favorite times of the day, coming in second to smelling fresh coffee brewing in the morning, is because while I do get in the kitchen and show off my skills, these skills are not so awesome, nor are the product of these “skills” always edible. So for the most part, we have an arrangement that works very well for us: my partner makes dinner and I am the designated cleaner-upper. I like this arrangement mostly because you cannot overcook, under-cook, or burn dishes, the counter, the floor, or anything else that resides in the kitchen. This is assuring to me.

Over the past year I have started experimenting in the kitchen more than I have ever in my life and I have made it a point to make meal preparation and the entire experience of a meal more fun. So with that, I am really psyched to tell you all that from now until the end of the year, I am a Ragu Mom’s the Word on Dinner ambassador. What this means for you is, well, quite a lot actually; I will be posting more here about dinnertime over the next couple of months and what dinnertime is like in my household, and Ragu will be sponsoring some awesome giveaways for you to enter to win! Ragu will also be giving me the opportunity to host in-home parties to try out some recipes made with their selection of really great sauces, in which I’ll be posting a lot of pictures of.

This new partnership is particularly awesome because I have used Ragu sauces for years. In fact, just a few days ago we had some delicious spaghetti, featuring organic chicken breasts smothered in cheese, and topped with Ragu Old World Traditional sauce.

Ragu chicken spaghetti

This was really delicious, and now, armed with Ragu and some handy dandy new recipe cards, I will be embarking on a journey. Destination: my kitchen, mission: create delectable, or at least edible meals, probability of hilarity ensuing: high.

So stay tuned, I am positive I will have a lot to share with you all with upcoming posts, pictures, and videos.

Now it’s your turn! How do you describe dinner in one word?

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Ragú® Mom’s the Word on Dinner Program. Visit to join the conversation.

2 thoughts on “How Do You Describe Dinner in One Word?”

  1. It is rather hard for me to describe dinner in one word. So many words are in my mind! But, perhaps, the phrase “close-knit family” is on the first place, because family dinners create unique atmosphere which makes us feel so.

  2. That pasta looks really good! If I had to use one word to describe dinner, tempted though I am to say “madness”, I’ll go with just a simple “family”. I grew up in a very food-centric household, so almost all of my family memories center around food and stuffing our faces! Look forward to hearing more of your (mis)adventures though!

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