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We have only been hearing the term ‘blog’ for the past decade or so, but the act of blogging–committing ideas, thoughts, and the inner-workings and details of our daily lives to text on a computer screen–has been done since the very beginning of the internet. These spaces on the internet have been called zines, journals, and now blogs, and it’s only natural that humans have used the internet for this type of interaction. We are natural story-tellers. Sharing pieces of ourselves and our lives, communicating with people in different zip codes and timezones, forming friendships, seeking advice, and learning from one another is an amazing thing; it’s what we do, and what we use anything capable of any type of communication for.

There are countless blogs on the internet, and more being created every single day. When you compare the sheer number of blogs that are floating around out there, and the ones that are captivating and that draw you in, it’s kind of like finding a needle in a haystack, as overdone as that cliche is. Finding blogs that you connect with and wholeheartedly enjoy, and that make you a smarter, more knowledgeable person, or can simply entertain you for hours, can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming.

EverydayFamily Parenting Blogs are extremely popular, and if you’re on the lookout for new blogs to read with your morning coffee, you should check out This website is a dedicated resource for families that provides tools and information for every step of the family journey, from preconception, pregnancy, and parenting, through several blogs that are a part of the network. They also have an active and outstanding community with over 3 million members who, through their membership, have the opportunity to take advantage of special offers, sweepstakes, and are also able to try products from top brands of diapers, formula, baby food, magazines, and more.

A membership on is completely free, so join their already active and established group of members and take advantage of everything they have up for grabs. If you’re a writer, or an aspiring writer, you just may also be able to contribute your voice through an blog.

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