Distortion Candlesticks Review from Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods Distortion Candlesticks

When it comes to home decor items, I am all about things that are unique and practically beg for a closer look. Since my fiance and I moved into our house last February, I have been adding little bits of interesting here and there as often as I could. Slowly but surely, our house has finally begun to feel like an actual home, containing items (and even some actual, mostly handed-down and really beautiful furniture) that totally fit our mildly quirky personalities.

Side note: I have had every intention of taking pictures of our house and sharing with you the slow renovation process of one of our bedrooms, as well as the decorating that has been happening. I obviously have not gotten around to actually doing that yet, but I’m sure that I will at some point in the near future. Something to look forward to!

Anyway, I recently received an email from Uncommon Goods asking if I would be interested in choosing an item for myself from their website. I was thrilled to hear from them because I have been familiar with Uncommon Goods for quite a while. I hadn’t had the opportunity to shop their website, but I have done a whole lot of browsing and their tagline might as well be “All things Holly would love to put in her house!” I guess that would really only help encourage people named Holly to check them out, but the point still stands.

Needless to say, if you have never heard of Uncommon Goods before, let me give you a fair warning: their website is full of awesome, awesome things! When choosing one item from their website, I’m fairly certain the amount of tabs I had open could have been considered a stress test for the performance capabilities of my computer.

After much browsing and narrowing down, I finally decided on a set of Distortion Candlesticks.

Uncommon Goods Distortion Candlesticks

Uncommon Goods Distortion Candlesticks closeup

These candlesticks are so cool and completely unlike any other candlesticks I have seen. While I did have my eye on a few different products from Uncommon Goods (such as these repurposed layered wood picture frames that I am still coveting hardcore) I couldn’t help but keep going back to the product page for the Distortion Candlesticks. They spoke to me–loudly.

Created by designer Paul Loebach for Areaware, the very whimsical Distortion Candlesticks are made of marble and resin and are available in white, black, and grey. I chose the white because of their versatility and ability to match pretty much everything.

Uncommon Goods Distortion Candlesticks with candles

These candlesticks are in no way decorated or lend themselves specifically to just one time of the year or season. They can be used year-round and will always look great, which I’m a big fan of because I am a candle person and use them throughout my house all year. I change up the scents of the candles I put out often, so the white Distortion Candlesticks will go with any candle candle I put in them without ever looking out of place.

Uncommon Goods Distortion Candlesticks with candles

If you’re looking for something special for your home, office, or even a piece of jewelry, you can’t go wrong with Uncommon Goods, and that goes double for when you’re doing your holiday shopping! Is there a man in your life who is always extremely difficult to shop for? My father is that guy, so trust me, I feel your pain. Uncommon Goods has a selection of great gift ideas for men, which you can check out here.

I received a set of Distortion Candlesticks from Uncommon Goods for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own. If you are interested in doing a product review for Uncommon Goods, check out their Blogger Review Program at uncommongoods.com/reviews.

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