Ditch the Disposable Water Bottles for Good

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Hydros Bottle A few months ago I watched the documentary Tapped, a film that examines how the entire bottled water industry works and discloses the major role it has played in the depletion of our environment, the increase of pollution and our reliance on oil. It also spotlights the industry’s less-than-ethical business practices and how these practices have affected the health of countless people. I think we can all say we know at least the basics of why it is important to think green and to be less wasteful in our every day lives, we have been seeing the statistics and hearing about the harm waste causes for years now. Reading this information and being told that we should go green is one thing, but when you see the entire industry laid out in front of you from manufacturing plant-to-landfill and the compounded effects, it is extraordinarily powerful.

Everyone relies on water to stay alive and we all want to make sure we’re drinking the cleanest, safest water available to us. That fact in itself is what drives a lot of people to purchase bottled water as much as they do, often believing that it is the purest water that they can get. There are other options; other options that don’t have such a negative impact on the environment.

The Hydros Bottle is one of those options, and it is a really awesome creation. This bottle has a built-in, Hydros Fast Flow Filter that reduces chlorine, chloramine and particulates from tap water much faster than pitcher water filters. It ensures that any tap water you pour into the cap will fill the bottle with only pure, filtered water. You can then take your bottle with you on the go, filling that need for convenience that we all have when we’re running out the door to the gym, going out jogging, or while running errands.

I especially love that the Hydros Bottle is super durable and therefore able to withstand tumbles and repeated falls. What can I say, I am not always the most graceful person. It is constructed from Tritan Plastic which is a tough material and it is also heat and chemical resistant, so feel free to pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher without worrying it is going to be ruined by the time to the cycle is finished. It is also manufactured without BPA or phthalates, which is not something that the companies who manufacture bottled water can say about their disposable bottles.

I absolutely love companies that have an impact on the bigger picture, striving to create fundamental, lasting change in the world, and that is exactly what Hydros is doing. Operation Hydros is the fight against the global water crisis. Out of every Hydros Bottle sold, $1 is donated to an environmentally sustainable water infrastructure project. Hydros recently partnered with Engineers Without Borders in order to deliver fresh water to people within the Cameroonian village of Gundom where two thousand gallons of fresh water is delivered to people who desperately need it.

There is a much steeper cost to bottled water than the price tag you see listed below it at the store. Help make a difference by filtering your own tap water and carrying around your own, reusable water bottle. Not to mention, the Hydros Bottles look really cool and they come in a variety of colors. Can you say that much about your disposable plastic water bottle?

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