divorce infographic

Divorce in America #infographic

divorce infographic

Hey, did you know that we’re coming up on divorce season? It’s true. It’s a season now.

After the magic of the holidays dissipates and we’re working our New Year’s Resolutions to become the best ‘us’ possible, many couples will come to find that their partner may be the factor that is holding them back from being who they had envisioned they would be.

While February will no doubt center around candlelight, red roses, sensual massages, and romantic evenings for some couples, for many of those who are married, it is the month that statistically, most of them will say goodbye. Among the 50% of marriages in the U.S. that end in divorce, February is the busiest month for divorce all year. How weird is that!? The slowest month? October. Halloween must be good for marriage.

Divorce rates have been going up, and not just within one demographic of people. Long-term marriages among older couples are breaking up, and so are many second marriages. We have an infographic to share with some pretty surprising facts about divorce in America. The most interesting, at least to us, is that 1 out of 5 recent divorce case opinions cite Facebook for evidence. That really goes to show just how deeply social media has been intertwined not just into our daily lives, but into some of the biggest and most difficult decisions we will ever make.

The infographic also covers geographical locations, as well as the average cost and length of the divorce process.

Via: Raiser & Kenniff, PC

16 thoughts on “Divorce in America #infographic”

  1. Its sad, I think part of is people getting married for the wrong reasons or too soon after dating or even too young. Glad my husband and I are still going strong 9 years later!

  2. So very interesting My parent were together for 30 years and then got divorced. I have been with my boyfriend for over 21 years but we never got married. We also have no plans to get married.

  3. Well although this is super sad to think and look at. I do appreciated seeing the numbers. I feel like our culture is so messed up in how we view marriages. We are supposed to date, then get married. But there’s no protocol on how to stay married and what you should do in it. It’s just a mess and I think we all need to figure out what we all want in life. And then who we want to marry. Not the other way around.

  4. I was so surprised about February! I’d have though the exact opposite, actually…with Valentines’ Day in the mix and all.

  5. That is so, so sad. Breaks my heart. I’ve been married for almost 20 years and twice I wanted to end it, but worked through it. For me, him, us and the kids. I’m so glad I did. My husband and I both come from families where divorce is totally rare. I just wish more people would really work hard to get through the tough times. It does get better and I can verify that of almost everyone I know who’s been divorceed, only one person wanted it. Usually the female 🙁

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