Dollar General Has Spring Apparel and Accessories for the Whole Family #DollarGeneralSpringFever #ad

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Dollar General Spring Apparel I live in a very small town; a town that is almost completely residential and, frankly, looks mind-numbing, boring in every year. But I love my small town. However, when you live in such a small area, you give up certain luxuries in order to gain in other areas of life. We have a big yard with an above-ground pool and grow our own produce and spices during the spring and summer. In exchange, we have to drive at least 35 minutes away to get to a fully-stocked grocery store.

While that may sound like a less than ideal living situation, it was honestly pretty easy to get used to, and we do have a small cluster of businesses up the road from us that have not only been my go-to for essentials, but have surprisingly met most my needs, eliminating a lot of the driving we would have to do if they weren’t there. One of those stores is Dollar General.

I know what you’re thinking: Dollar General has aisles of cleaning supplies, shower products, and… what else? I know this because I used to think the same thing. But Dollar General actually has a lot more than just cleaning products, cutesy craft items, pet supplies, and miscellaneous items. They also have apparel.

I first learned about Dollar General having apparel back in September 2010 when I was not only introduced to, but had the opportunity to try out and share my thoughts on the bobbie brooks jeans line. In all honesty, they are still my go-to jeans over two years later and I always get compliments when I wear them. Needless to say, I’m pretty thrilled that Dollar General is once again actively reaching out to the masses and letting them know that, despite many previous misconceptions of the brand, so much more is available there–including new spring apparel and accessories for the whole family.

Dollar General spring apparel

Whether you’re looking for a few new items to add to your own spring wardrobe, your partner’s, or the kids’, check out the Dollar General Apparel Book to see spreads of apparel and accessories that are available at your local Dollar General stores.

Dollar General activewear As soon as spring hits full-force here in Pennsylvania, I am outside a lot working in my garden, pulling weeds, planting and tending to flowers and produce, and doing general maintenance around my yard. I go through a lot — and I mean a lot — of tanks, shorts, and yoga pants. Dollar General has all of these at amazing prices, offering tanks for just $5, ladies’ active shorts for $6, and yoga pants (oh sweet, comfortable, amazing yoga pants) for just $8. Considering the awesome quality of the pair of bobbie brooks jeans I reviewed a couple of years ago from Dollar General (that are still going strong) I’m really confident in the quality of their apparel and know I will get a lot of use out of them. Now that is some major bang without spending many bucks!

You can even start stocking up for summer at Dollar General, with $16 ladies’ swimwear, $12 men’s swim shorts, and infant and toddler swimwear for just $9. And all of that gardening and lawn maintenance I do? Floppy hats are great for protecting your scalp, face, and neck from the sun and are just $4 each at Dollar General!

To stay up to date on all of the new items, apparel, accessories, and awesome prices, like Dollar General on Facebook and follow Dollar General on Twitter.

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  1. I’m glad you shared this post. I ran into my local Dollar General one day last week and discovered the clothing. i never knew they sold clothes until then. I was blown away by the low prices and we will be stocking up for summer at the Dollar General.

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