Dot Girl Comfy Romper Review from Glamorose

Dot Girl Comfy Romper During the summer I got really into rompers. Summer humidity makes me downright angry and my apartment being on the second and third floors makes it all the more unbearable, especially with only one good air conditioner that keeps just one room cool. In the very beginning of summer, just as the weather was going from warm but tolerable to feeling as if I had been relocated to an oven set to broil, I padded my summer attire with lots of rompers on a whim, hoping they looked as cute on me as they did on the models featured on the website who were all about half my size. Don’t you hate that? I would love to see major retailers add just one image to their websites showing what a particular garment looks like in a size large. Fortunately, the rompers that I accumulated kept me cooled off and yes, they looked cute. Success!

Summer is over now, but one romper that I wear to bed frequently regardless of how cold it gets outside is the Dot Girl Comfy Romper from Glamorose.

This romper is totally sexy while also being cute, which is pretty hard to pull off, especially when it comes to websites that specialize in selling sexy lingerie. It is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex and, as its name suggests, it is really comfortable. It’s exceptionally soft and moves with my body as I move without any unfortunate occurrences of riding up or twisting around my body in my sleep making me wake up and think that my pajamas are trying to strangle me.

Dot Girl Comfy Romper

Along the bust, the romper is accented with blue lace. It also features a blue bow in the center of the bust and a keyhole cutout for ample cleavage action. I received the Dot Girl Comfy Romper in a size large, which according to Glamorose’s size chart, will fit a woman who ranges from a size 10 to a size 14. It can accommodate a cup size C-DD and up to 170lbs. My findings are just a bit different. I am 180lbs and typically wear a size 14 with the exception of some jeans that apparently run small, in which I am forced to buy a size 16. Yes, I did just disclose my weight and size on the internet. Anyway, this romper fits me perfectly even while exceeding the weight “limit” that the website advertises a size large will fit which leads me to believe that when it comes to their size chart, there is a little wiggle room in terms of what size will fit best.

I thought that if I was going to have any problem with the fit of this romper that it would easily reside within the bust area, but surprisingly it fits well. The straps are adjustable and I don’t need to have the clasp fitted down to nothing in order to make the material stretch around my breasts and the straps are durable enough to provide a little bit of lift. The entire area covers me up enough so that this piece doesn’t feel like it is purely lingerie that should be taken off at a moment’s notice, but something that is actually meant to be worn.

I have washed this romper several times and it has held up in the washing machine and dryer very well. There has been no fading of the material, no thinning and the lace has not even so much as hinted towards fraying.

I really love this romper and Glamorose has some pretty amazing prices; this is just $14.99, down from the advertised “list price” that is $41.75. All of Glamorose’s stock seems to be similarly marked down, so if you’re looking for something cute and comfortable like this romper, or something a whole lot sexier, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for at a great price.

I received the Dot Girl Comfy Romper for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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