Download a Free Copy of Martha Stewart’s Summer Grilling Cookbook

Martha Stewart Summer Grilling Cookbook For the third day in a row, it is incredibly hot and humid outside. When we were still getting inches of snow in late April, I was certain summer would never grace us with its presence. But it’s better late than never and here we are, nearly June and finally, some weather that makes sense.

As the air conditioner came out of storage and was put in my partner’s office and while we took up secondary housing in the lukewarm shower, all I could think about was camping and steaks and cheeseburgers on the grill. In short, I need some awesome meaty goodness cooked outside on a grill and I need it now.

Because summer just doesn’t make sense without dinner cooked on the grill, SIRIUS Radio has a free download of Martha Stewart‘s entire Summer Grilling Cookbook. [PDF]

51 pages in all, this cookbook has helpful grilling tips and recipes for salads, sides, main dishes and desserts! If you subscribe to SIRIUS Radio, see Martha Stewart’s full schedule at

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