DVD Review: Healing Sex

Disclaimer: This post is adult in nature and therefore only intended for a mature audience.

Healing Sex If you have ever spoken in-depth with or been in a relationship with a survivor of abuse and trauma, one thing that you will come to know is that a great deal of survivors have a problem with not relationships in general, but with love and intimacy.

A lot of survivors have a difficult time with closeness with another person and find themselves having to teach themselves boundaries and when any of us run into a little trouble and need help, there are shelves full of psychological insight, self help books, audio books, films and so on at our disposal. Healing Sex is a DVD that at first glance, you would think is just like the rest of the “self help” market, but once you watch it, it has the potential to really change your life and the way you look at intimacy.

Staci Haines has vast experience as a workshop leader and somatic practitioner and presents hands on exercises for you to practice either alone or with your partner for battling a lot of hurdles that survivors deal with when it comes to intimacy, such as disassociating during sex which I, as well as a great deal of survivors I speak with now have had problems with in our adult lives. Haines welcomes you into her workshops and one-on-one sessions and works with people to help them set boundaries in relationships and intimacy and teaches them how to express their desires, likes and dislikes. She gives so much knowledge and draws upon her extensive experience to present educational and often triggering material in a comfortable and accessible way that will make you actually want to open up to your partner, now that you know how.

This DVD did wonders for me. I absolutely loved the way in which the material was presented and I especially loved that Haines doesn’t think, act or teach with the sense of false hope that she is a miracle worker. Healing from any kind of trauma takes a long time and a great deal of dedicated, hard work and the effects of childhood sexual assault have a tendency to follow survivors throughout their entire lives. This film shows you realistic ways to cope with your past and your present in terms of intimacy and overall relationships.


I received a copy of Healing Sex for review. No other compensation was received, and opinions are my own.

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  1. How can I get a copy of this dvd? I do not see it on her website AND it seems like the website healing sex the movie dot org is no longer online.

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