The Economy May be Hurting Your Pets

cat dog USA Today has reported that animal shelters are experiencing an increase in pet intakes. As we’ve seen throughout the past handful of months, home foreclosures are affecting middle-class Americans everywhere. In addition to home foreclosures, money in general has been dwindling for average families which could have a negative effect on your pets.

Many families are finding that their income is hardly covering basic necessities, leaving more and more pets unable to be given the care that they need and deserve. It is very heartbreaking to have to give up a pet, especially a pet that has been such a beloved part of your family and even more heartbreaking is the fact that animal shelters can only have so many pets and as more animals are being given up, animal shelters are becoming overcrowded and pets, again, are not given the care and especially the attention that they need.

It is important that we, as middle-class Americans take precautions in order to ward off our homes being foreclosed or finding ourselves even deeper in debt than we are already. There are also a set of precautions a family must take in order to ensure that your pet is given the care that they need and also to ensure that you are not faced with having to give your pet up. We know that the cost of living is increasing while our salaries are diminishing and anyone who has pets knows that the cost of pet ownership can also become a bit harder on our budgets as jobs are lost and salaries are cut. Just as we look for frugal living tips, it is possible and sometimes necessary to cut costs when it comes to taking care of our pets.

While I especially know how compelling pet toys can be, especially considering every time I’m at the store I find myself in the pet aisle looking at toys and knick-knacks that I am positive my cat will be delighted over, your pet can be just as happy with less expensive toys and even homemade toys. Veterinarian bills are prone to stack up over the years and fast if you have a cat or dog that roams freely outside. Keep your pets safe by keeping them on a leash while walking outside so they are less prone to accidents. You can also consult your veterinarian and tell them that you are on a low budget, that way if your pet needs medication, they can prescribe a medication that will work for your pet that also costs less. Just like humans have health insurance so if we do become ill and have to go to the hospital, we know that we don’t have to foot the entire bill ourselves, it is also beneficial to look into pet health insurance to minimize costs in cases of unexpected illness or injury.

These are just starting points, of course. You can also cut pet costs by buying cheaper pet food and other supplies and I am sure that there are cheaper options available for just about anything that you find yourself purchasing for you pet, such as treats. In the economy we are living in now, it is important to cut back when we can and to also ensure that our families, pets included, are getting what they need.

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  1. This is so sad, but if you think about it – it does make sense. Taking care of a pet can be expensive not to mention a bit difficult if you no longer have your own home. Many rentals (if not most) don’t allow pets.

  2. It is indeed very sad, as many pet owners are giving up their beloved animals because they feel they can longer afford to care for them. In addition to the options you listed above, there are also pet food banks that give free food away to pet owners. For more info on this, feel free to visit my website for a national listing of pet food banks.

  3. Thats stupid to talk about pet like about “car”. Taking care of a pet can be expensive – everything is expensive now, but you dont push out your son or doughter from home just becouse it is hard now. Remember pets have feelings – they can love and so on. If it is exp. you can buy cheaper food for the pet…there are lots of ideas…

  4. It is so sad but very true and this is the harsh truth I can say. People really can’t afford to give living to pets in this economical condition. Hope it will get better and pets stay their home with the people from whom they get love.

  5. I know in my area there is an increase in puppy mills being shut down. The theory being talked about on the news is in the past they were able to keep their stock sold and the number of animals low. But the economy got them off guard and they have more animals than they can unload. This is putting extra burden on the humane society in my area as they are taking in hundreds of animals from these raids.

  6. Remember pets have feelings – they can love and so on. If it is exp. you can buy cheaper food for the pet…This is putting extra burden on the humane society in my area as they are taking in hundreds of animals from these raids.

  7. Economic recession is bad for both animal & man. But we should take extra cares for our pet, cause pets are dearer than any other things in the world.
    Hotel coupon is a kind of discount in this recessionary period.

  8. The economy hit me everyone bad and their pets. I was looking for better ways to save and some tips are: look for coupons for pet supplies and food, even though coupons may not save alot, it adds up! for my cat I found bags f food, and litter coupons, easily saved some money. Also craigslist for toys for cats and dogs, people just want to get rid of the stuff or yard sales, you can easily buy a cat condo for 5 bucks even free on craigslist. Another thing is to look for home remedies when your cat or dog is sick, that will help save money, hope this helped!

  9. A perfect heart wrenching post. It’s been my experience that families find themselves forced into giving up their canine buddy when they can no longer hold onto their home and are forced to rent. Few rentals allow pets and almost none of them allow large pets.

  10. Due to economic crisis many young and even older people were pushed hard to let go their loved pets. Thank God recession is over and everyone can welcome pets in their home again. :

  11. Cut back on the treats, the biscuits, the soft cozy beds, the puppy sweaters and fancy dog kibbles. All a pet needs is the basic necessities: food, water, shelter and love– which most of us can provide even during tough economic times.

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