Eden Fantasys: A Sex Shop No One Can Trust

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  1. Alicia says:

    I follow Brit and was outraged by the practices of EF. I reposted the original techy blog about the link cover-up last night. I back you guys completely and have lost the budding interest in working with/for them.

    Thanks for speaking out (and getting those screenshots!!)

  2. adriana says:

    You’re just Holly on EF, correct?

  3. Melen says:


    I was the one that responded to you in the comments in Fred’s post. I freely admit that I was wrong about my assumptions and I had hoped to dialog with you a bit. Imagine my surprise when I refreshed the page and … your comments were gone. Then I saw another from you, which lasted a whole 5 seconds, before it was also removed.

    I had originally thought this could be a misunderstanding. To be clear: I don’t feel that way anymore. Since Fred’s post is closed for commenting, I can’t correct it there.

  4. Holly says:

    @adriana: I’m Holly (Woman Tribune) on EF. (contributors/woman-tribune)

    @Melen: Thanks for commenting here and at least you have a chance to really speak your mind about the entire situation here and clear up your thoughts about the linking practices of EF. I understood how someone could think it was a misunderstanding, but I don’t even think EF believed their own story, considering so many comments were deleted (I count 5 but there could have been more) before the thread was closed completely.

  5. Essin' Em says:

    Well thought out and written.

    By the way, my more recent (since 2008) post on EF is here:

  6. Holly says:

    @Essin’ Em: I just got a thrill of delight to see you comment here. I respect and admire you as a writer, an educator and a business woman. You rock and thanks for commenting and sharing your most recent link with us.

  7. GooseXXX says:

    That’s why I use Adam and Eve. They have nice products and a fairly easy admin.

  8. sam247 says:

    I had recently purchased some items at EF and since you had worked with the company before I am trying to find out some truth. From what I understand EF accepts returns no later than 60 days. The items may be used multiple times and still be returned. I called the company to see if this was true and asked what they do with the returned products? They replied that it would be sent back to the manufacturer for credit and they then send them a new one.

    I’m afraid that if it is possible for stds or hiv to stay on a “porous” sex toy some one else could contract it . That is if this company lies and re sells the items. I saw about two other reviews from costumer’s on another site claiming that they had opened their packages seeing that there was lint on the items as if they were used. And to only confirm findings she saw a pubic hair on the toy. This made me even more concern. When my items came in there was no safety seal on any of the packagings and one of packages had the flap open. It never crossed my mind that “what if it was used” until I had already used it myself. That was my first time ever purchasing a sex toy , so I don’t know if they all come in safety seals but I would highly think so. I have a child and I am in deep concern that if it was possible for stds / hiv to stay in a “porous” sex toy I could infect her or others.

    I read about porous sexy toys stating that it may retain bodily fluids so it should not be shared with anyone. If this is true and the toy was used with a diseased person and then returned and resold (used) would the other customer then be infected? I have my doubts about the company myself and all this. But then there are also so much positive comments on the company.

    Could you in anyway help me out, whether I should be at ease knowing theres no way the company would re sell a used item and if you would by chance know if any disease could actually stay in a porous sex toy after a few days?

    I appreciate your time
    A concerned Mother..

  9. jona says:

    I do agree with this, I saw it on the forums always. I love how edenfantasys claims to be the shop you can trust when I made an order once and my credit card was charged twice! I had to go through their (dreadful) customer service for hours to get a charge back… How inappropriate for such a company.

  10. Jessica says:

    Oh, I wish I had seen this before I agreed to write a sponsored post for them. The woman who I talked to sounded really sweet and very fun (probably the same person you talked to). She said that I would receive compensation within 2 business days of writing my post. Well, here I am almost a week later and she is not responding to my emails at all. I took down the post and sent one last email. If I don’t get my compensation, well, they’re going to be hearing from me via a very angry post on my blog. I review products and websites all the time and I’d be happy to tell others to stay FAR AWAY from Eden Fantasys.

    1. Jessica says:

      For what it’s worth, they finally paid me. The PR woman said that they were having problems with the gift codes.

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