Oasap floral embroidered loose dress review

Embracing Bohemian: Oasap Floral Embroidered Loose Dress Review

I received a floral embroidered loose dress from Oasap for review. No other incentive was received and opinions are my own.

Oasap floral embroidered loose dress review

I really embraced the theme of last month’s ipsy Glam Bag, so much so that my wardrobe took a turn for the Beautifully Bohemian when I partnered with Oasap for a review and saw this floral embroidered loose dress on their website.

I loved everything about this dress as soon as I saw it. The floral embroidery with just the right pop of color that wasn’t overdone, the loose, puffy sleeves, and the fact that it looks put-together and effortless at the same time all won me over. The only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it is a one-size item, and I don’t have a particularly good track record with clothes sized to fit “most.” Maybe. If you’re lucky. Fingers crossed. However, after taking my measurements twice and comparing them to the size chart on the website, I felt confident that this dress of my bohemian dreams would fit. At the very least, it would go over my shoulders and bust, and I could work with that.

Oasap floral embroidered loose dress

Overall, the quality of this dress is solid. The embroidery is well done, there were no loose or frayed threads, the construction is thoughtful, and the buttons are functional and secure. The cotton blend fabric is light and breathes, the cinching below the floral embroidered bust combined with the peasant style sleeves are super feminine, and the bottom hem floats a little more than the picture on the website depicted.

Oasap floral embroidered loose dress

While we’re talking about how this dress is shown on the website vs. real life, you can easily see that this dress just doesn’t lay as flat as it should. In fact, it looks more like a long blouse on me. I paired with white cotton shorts to make up for the additional two inches of length I needed so that I could do things like walk in a light breeze, bend over, and practically everything else that doesn’t involve standing perfectly still with my arms at my sides.

The major factor in why this dress is more blouse-like on me is the fact that is a one-size item. While it does technically fit and I was able to easily slide it over my head, shoulders, and bust, my measurements simply did not take into account the fact that even though the bust measurement of the dress is 44 1/4 inches, I’m working with a 34DD bust size, which lifts the dress and makes it a little too short.

Oasap floral embroidered loose dress

Oasap floral embroidered loose dress

Even so, I can’t be too disappointed in this item. Even considering I can’t wear it as a standalone dress, I think I still look really cute in it. Even more importantly, it makes me feel whimsical and feminine, and we all know that how an item makes you feel is pretty much just as important as how it looks. The style and colors lend well to other types of shorts in addition to the white I wore in this pictures. A pair of denim or black shorts would still make this piece look put-together, and that is precisely the game plan I have for this dress/blouse this summer.

You can get the floral embroidered loose dress on Oasap.

22 thoughts on “Embracing Bohemian: Oasap Floral Embroidered Loose Dress Review”

  1. Holly, that actually looks like a blouse I owned back when this style was in fashion. The length is definitely blouse not dress! I have always loved the peasant look and am glad it is back!!

  2. I think it’s super cute – I would also be one that it would fit like a top on because I’m pretty tall, but paired with some leggings, capri’s or a cute pair of shorts like you did it’s perfect!!

  3. That dress is adorable but I’m with you; I would want a little more something to cover my bottom. I would rock it with a pair of tights and keep it moving.

  4. This is an adorable dress or top in your case. I could see you wearing skinny jeans, leggings, or shorts (like what you mentioned). Also you could belt the waist too. It is beautiful and I wish it would fit me but the one size fits all is a bunch of bs.

  5. This is such a cute little tiny gorgeous dress indeed and it looks so so comfy. I have to tend to agree about it being to short so I would wear shorts with it also. I will have to check them out for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the way fashion is so cyclical with new iterations each time around. The embroidery is sweet! Great choice to wear the dress as a tunic.

  7. Even if you can’t wear this as a stand-alone, it is adorable. You look great in it!

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