Emmys 2011: Live Tweeting Nominees, Winners and Thoughts During TV’s Biggest Night

Jane Lynch Emmys Late yesterday afternoon I felt that I might be coming down with a little something; I had a headache I couldn’t get rid of, my limbs felt like they each gained about 30 pounds and I was tired. After a short nap I woke up somewhat refreshed, but also had a nearly-constant runny nose and a sore throat to add to my now-growing list of ailments. Awesome. Fortunately, I did wake up in time to watch the last half hour of the red carpet pre-show at the Emmys and while I didn’t make any super yummy homemade snacks for the actual show like I did for the #Toast2TV Twitter party last week, I still had a great time live tweeting TV’s biggest night!

There were some distinctly notable high points from last night’s Emmy Awards and nearly all of them revolve around the presence of Jane Lynch. I think she is one of the most hilarious female comedians we have on television today and she is in fabulous company with all of the women who were recognized last night. Jane Lynch’s abilities as a comedian and as an actor who is quick on her feet to tailor a joke or line to her personality and how it come off as believable and witty was on full display last night when she delivered a few not-so-funny or even moderately good lines that were written for her with ease.

Overall the Emmys were enjoyable, albeit at times predictable. Kate Winslet won her first Emmy for her role in Mildred Pierce, the award for best competition reality show went to The Amazing Race yet again and for the ninth year in a row, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart took home the award for outstanding variety, music or comedy series. Modern Family was also a huge winner, taking home five Emmys and Mad Men won the award for outstanding drama series.

These are only some the top winners. You can see the full list of last night’s winners here.

Of course, as I mentioned, I also live tweeted the Emmys last night, so here is a list of my (riveting, I know) tweets including nominee and winner announcements and general Emmys-related musings.

Melissa McCarthy winning was the very best part of the Emmys for me by far. I have been a fan of hers for a long time and while I am absolutely ecstatic that she won an Emmy and has been recognized for the work that she does, I am not so thrilled with the show that she was awarded for.

I have only been able to endure one episode of Mike & Molly and this is due to the fact that the entire premise of the show portrays a couple who are fat not because they just so happen to be (this is a Hollywood-produced show after all), but because they are the punchline.

When Melissa McCarthy played Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls she was an amazing, neurotic, hilarious, kind-hearted, good and yes, fat, character. However, her size was never presented as an issue on the show. It was never the conversation within a story line and it was never a punchline. In fact, she went on to have a love interest, marry Jackson and they had three children by the end of the series. While it is true that she was cast as the quirky best friend of the main character, a plight most fat actresses fall victim to if they are cast at all, she did evolve throughout the series and came into her own, bringing her own story lines along with her. Gilmore Girls did not allow Melissa McCarthy’s character to be portrayed as merely the fat, unlucky in love, pathetic, unwanted or presumably ugly best friend whose only future was to attach herself to the life of the main character in hopes of staying relevant.

Nevertheless, Melissa McCarthy’s Emmy win should bring about new opportunities to advance her career and perhaps the next one she picks will not involve playing a character that relies on making fun of herself, as directly or indirectly as it may be, in order to find work.

Melissa McCarthy Emmys

Here’s hoping.


Did you watch the Emmys last night? What were some of your favorite wins?

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