Enhance the Flavors of Your Game Day Party Foods and Get New Ideas with TABASCO

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Tabasco Original Red Have you ever noticed how drastically our food preferences change as we grow from being children into teenagers, and then again as we soar into adulthood? It’s as if along with the rest of our bodies and our intellect, our taste buds suddenly one day decide that they do in fact enjoy the taste of brussel sprouts and hey, where are you going with that marzipan and weren’t you going to offer me some? It’s pretty bizarre, if you’re one to devote a good, long time to contemplating if your taste buds have teeny, tiny minds of their own. Well, that’s precisely what happened with me and spicy foods.

I have always disliked spicy foods. Any and every food item that would even give the hint of a tingling sensation on my tongue never got a second chance with me. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. That is, up until about a year ago. Something inside of me shifted, matured if you will, and with it came the love and appreciation of hot, spicy foods. I now not only enjoy the tingly-tongue sensation and feeling my nasal passage open a little more with every bite, but my body has begun to crave it at times. One of my new-favorite foods that satisfy the spicy cravings I often have are tacos. Yes, tacos. I know, tacos are old news; everyone has had them thousands of times and they’re really not that special; that is, until you have had yourself some fire tacos.

Admittedly, I am not much of a cook. I do less than a quarter of the cooking in the house, if that. Luckily, my partner enjoys cooking and is pretty fantastic at it. To combat my desperate pleas for hot and spicy foods, he started experimenting with a wide assortment of hot sauces, trying to find the one that we both liked more than the others, and with what foods a specific hot sauce tasted better on. Through his experimenting, we now have fire tacos; simple, straight-forward tacos with cheese melted and mixed in with the meat and about a quarter of a large bottle of TABASCO sauce. They are fantastic.

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a large bottle of TABASCO┬« Original Red and it’s no wonder why it still remains the most popular flavor of all the TABASCO sauces; it tastes delicious on so many different things, especially our fire tacos and pizza.  Instead of just making your mouth feel like it’s on fire, like some sauces out there will do, TABASCO Original Red enhances the flavors of some of your favorite foods while also giving off a good amount of heat.

With the Super Bowl coming up in just a few weeks, party planning and prep is on the to do lists of countless football fans everywhere. While there are definitely some true Super Bowl party traditions, incorporating TABASCO Original Red into your menu is easy–and delicious! Check out the Game-Day Party Menu for new ideas and exciting twists on your favorite party foods, like wings, chili, dips, and an assortment of finger foods. Of course, no Super Bowl party is complete without pizza, and for that, TABASCO has you covered with their Pizza Perfected page, which includes ten different variations and flavors of pizza that are sure to be a hit with even your pickiest of guests.

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