Enter a Wonderland of Hypnosis, Fantasy and Fetishes

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Erotic fantasies are completely natural and could very well spice up your love life and satisfy you in ways that you had never anticipated before. A great deal of people are a little put off by the erotic fantasies that they have; they often have feelings of shame about them and think they are too weird to vocalize, especially if they happen to fall in the alternative lifestyle category. It could take a while for people to feel comfortable divulging their most intimate and erotic fantasies to their partners, but if you find someone that either likes the same things in the bedroom as you’ve been thinking about wanting to try or you find someone who is very willing to carry out your fantasies for you, well then you just may find yourself floating on Cloud 9.

There are many people who are very into the alternative lifestyle scene and the reason why it is called ‘alternative’ or is considered ‘underground’ is because society has not yet opened its eyes to really see that fantasy and fetishes are actually completely normal and very rewarding between consenting adults. This is also the reason why when you walk into your run of the mill sex shop, if you’re not too shy to walk into one that is, you will find a great deal of toys and sex-life-altering objects that are mostly geared towards men and what men like–lots of girl-on-girl adult films, Fleshlights, and very run of the mill sex toys for women which can be satisfying for women, but is not the end all and be all of sex toys. A lot of people want more and sex toy shops, operating within the harsh glance of society have yet to take the needs and wants of people who enjoy fantasy and fetish play seriously. It can be very difficult to find a safe space to shop in when looking for toys and gear of this caliber; a great deal of people look online because in the online world, almost nothing is off limits and you are free to explore your most intimate desires; but even a great deal of online sex toy shops are lacking in this particular category. That is why I was so pleasantly surprised to find Mind Mistress’ Transformation Castle, which is only part of an entire brand that encompasses everything you could ever want when it comes to erotic fantasy, regardless of sexual orientation or preference or gender identity.

girls-r-us Mind Mistress Linda is a professional hypnotist who has created an entire magical wonderland of delight; a space for everybody to be free to be themselves in a safe space and to either start or explore the stops on their journey to sexual discovery or fantasy. She has successfully created an outstanding adult entertainment space for the alternative lifestyle community that so very often feel that they have no space at all to truly explore their fetishes and fantasies and also discover how to become the person, practically or strictly in the bedroom, that they desire to be.

Mind Mistress’ Transformation Castle is your all-in-one, one-stop-shop for everything you could ever possibly need or want on your journey; from sexy games to play with your partner, party and holiday fantasy and sex kits, lingerie and other bedroom apparel and accessories, beauty products, lingerie, bondage wear, restraints, sex furniture, whips and paddles, sex toys, and also what just so happens to be her specialty (note her name), hypnosis CDs and DVDs.

trance Mind Mistress’ Adult Hypnotic Wishes is perhaps the most in-depth line of erotic hypnosis products I have ever seen before. You can see the passion Mind Mistress Linda has for the work that she does and the belief that every single person with a “weird, freaky fetish” should have a space that they can feel totally safe in. I commend her so much for creating such a space because while I have seen adult erotic hypnosis websites in the past, I have not seen one so dedicated to the alternative lifestyle community. She offers adult hypnosis for just about anything you have either fantasized about or have made a lifestyle of, including slave girl hypnosis which increases submissiveness in submissive women and feminized males, French maid training, slutty schoolgirl training, hypnosis training in how to become an exhibitionist, as well as many others. She has also created a line of hypnosis trainings for practical use, including weight loss and how to stop smoking. She is also available for live, one-on-one phone or in-person hypnosis trainings.

Mind Mistress Linda’s entire line of websites, hypnosis CDs, products and apparel can all be access by the Entrance to Wonderland and Wonderland is certainly the best name for what she has created. I also particularly love how right on her website, are several sections debunking hypnosis myths with all of the things people skeptical to the concept of hypnosis say when the topic arises, such as they can’t be hypnotized or that it only works on weak people and won’t on them. In Mind Mistress Linda’s Wonderland, anything is possible and available right at your fingertips and if you don’t believe her, she’ll show you how.

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  1. Thanks for such a great post on hypnosis! I’m so happy to find your blog. People don’t realize how powerful self-hypnosis can be. It doesn’t have to be so mysterious, and I think once people understand how easy it can be, they could change their lives forever. I love the audio mp3?s and highly recommend them! I use them, and they work!

    I wrote an Underground Hypnosis Review that some may find interesting as well. More fun stuff that people can do to manipulate any situation. 🙂 I wish you continued success. Thanks for putting together so much easy to understand material!

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