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  1. Shannon Anderson says:

    I actually stay up later to get my me-time, even though I still have to wake up before them. Sometimes it is just worth less sleep to have that time.

  2. Jennifer Speed says:

    I grab a cup of sweet tea, my blanket, and lay down and watch tv.

  3. Sara M says:

    To get a little me-time, I set my alarm clock 10 mins earlier and get up when the house is still quiet to enjoy my coffee and get a few pages read in my book!

  4. H Abe says:

    I love to sit back and enjoy a nice peice of dark chocolate after everyone has gone to bed.

  5. Michelle Forbes says:

    I turn on the fireplace in my chick cave and read a book with a nice hot cup of coffee.

  6. Teresa Thompson says:

    I sneak to the porch swing with my kindle and a cup of coffee.

  7. beth says:

    I take a bath and read a book

  8. Jennifer Pittman says:

    I like to drink a cup of tea, read a book, or watch a movie!

  9. Jesse says:

    I enjoy reading on the new kindle I got for Christmas!!!

  10. Tanya Holland says:

    I get up at least an hour and 1/2 become my kids get up and enjoy my coffee and do a little reading.

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