Essential Oral Care Items for Traveling

Traveling is exciting, but it can also throw off our proper dental hygiene practices. That’s why it’s important to pack some essential items with you on your journey to make certain your oral health doesn’t fall by the wayside. These travel sized oral care items will make it easy for business travelers and vacationers alike to keep up with their dental needs.

Travel Toothbrush (and Accessories)

Many opt for travel toothbrushes, which often come with convenient carrying cases to ensure that they remain intact during transit. Cases can also prevent toothbrushes from coming into contact with any foreign substances in suitcases and bags, along with providing a place to dry after use.

Travelers should also be sure to¬†pack floss and toothpaste. This is especially important if you require a special type of toothpaste, which may not be accessible once you reach your destination. During flights, it’s recommended that these items are kept in carry-on bags to increase ease-of-access.

Water Bottle for Rinsing

Dry mouth can lead to a number of ill effects, from unpleasant breath to general discomfort. Fortunately, taking a water bottle during your trip will allow you to rinse from time to time, which can have a significant effect on overall oral comfort and health.

A water bottle is particularly helpful during long flights when frequent brushing may prove inconvenient. A quick rinse is also beneficial after eating or drinking, especially when imbibing sugary drinks like soda or juice.

Healthy Snacks

While it may seem counterproductive, certain snacks can greatly improve one’s breath, while also doing away with dry mouth. Some snacks can actually serve to gently scrub and strengthen teeth while eating, including the following:

  • Carrots
  • Apples
  • Celery
  • Strawberries
  • Cauliflower

Snacking is highly important during lengthy gaps between meals, as this can help combat stale breath and dry mouth. Accordingly, you can rest assured your breath will remain fresh and pleasant when on your way to your destination.

Chewing Gum (Minus the Sugar)

Sugar-free gum affords an even more convenient option than healthy snacks. A piece of chewing gum can provide the same benefits as the above items, while also taking up a lot less room in a bag or purse. However, it’s extremely important that the gum you choose is sugar-free to receive optimum health benefits. Gum containing sugar will only serve to damage teeth, thereby adding to decay when unable to brush and floss for an extended period.

A Bright and Healthy Smile Will Take You Far

No matter where in the world you may end up, a healthy smile is the perfect accessory. With the above items in tow, you can rest assured that your dental hygiene won’t be neglected during even the lengthiest of trips.

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  1. Thanks for your informative blog article.
    I would like to mention few issues. If you travel domestic , then you may carry fruits or vegetable. However, if you travel overseas, you should avoid fruits or vegetable or prohibited food items. Each country custom has certain criteria for specific foods item.
    Happy Oral health and travelling

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