Gilmore Girls

EVERYONE REJOICE! ‘Gilmore Girls’ is Coming to Netflix

Gilmore Girls

Even though the popular series aired its final episode in 2007, I am still shamelessly obsessed with “Gilmore Girls.” I first started watching when the pilot aired in 2000, I never missed a single week when it was on air, I still watch and re-watch the DVDs in bed at night, and I have even been known to watch the syndicated reruns that air on ABC Family on the occasional lazy afternoon. I simply cannot get enough of the fast-talking mother-daughter duo from the fictional Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

While I still watch “Gilmore Girls” on a nearly constant basis, and have multiple sources for my GG fix, I am still 50 TRILLION PERCENT excited about the news that all 7 seasons will be added to Netflix on October 1.

Although if we’re being honest here, I think Netflix should only add the first 6 seasons in protest.

The last season of “Gilmore Girls” was disappointing in writing and character development. The work had been laid out for the new team that took over when the original creators and writers of the show left, but the last season started up and suddenly characters we’ve been watching for 6 years — who felt a little less like characters on a screen and a little more like friends we’ve come to know — were doing totally bizarre things their former selves never would have done. But I digress, because I could very easily carry on this one-sided conversation for hours, and I don’t want to give away anything to those of you who haven’t yet treated themselves to the gem that is this show.

A lot of people have put together recommendations for what they deem to be “must watch” episodes. I’m not going to do that because it is my hope that if you haven’t yet seen “Gilmore Girls” start to finish, that is exactly what you must do.

“Gilmore Girls” is a very special show. Not just because it was witty and heartwarming, but because it was simultaneously complex and messy. It is a show that has a lot of important things to say.

“Gilmore Girls” has sparked feminist awakenings, fostered a deep appreciation for all things pop culture, and didn’t shy away from being tough and opening a dialogue about some very real subject matter. Just off the top of my head there’s: teen pregnancy, single parenthood, family conflict and the complexity of shattered family relationships, class issues, gender roles, culture diversity, death, sex (in general, with your boyfriend, with your married ex-boyfriend, with the man you had a child with over two decades prior, and so on), step-parenthood, flailing that can happen after failure, being arrested, child custody battles, the determination one must have to work towards and achieve ultimate life goals, and of course, the messes people can get themselves into because of and in spite of romance.

You can begin streaming all 153 episodes of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix October 1. I know what I’ll be doing, how about you?

Gilmore Girls it's a religion

3 thoughts on “EVERYONE REJOICE! ‘Gilmore Girls’ is Coming to Netflix”

  1. Hi Holly:
    I LOVVVVVVEEEEE The Gilmore Girls!!!! I never missed an episode either! I now love watching actress Lauren Graham on Parenthood. Thanks for this exciting news!

    1. I am a huge Parenthood fan, too! I have been watching since the first season, and it is such an inspiring, heartfelt, but most importantly, REAL show. They truly cover aspects of most families out there, including the unconventional. In addition to seeing Lauren Graham on there, it’s also really great seeing Peter Krause again. I loved him in Six Feet Under that used to air on HBO. Loved that show SO MUCH.

  2. Solid show but man Melissa McCartney was annoying here too…. I will have to check out the season I missed! thanks for the heads up

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